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By: t.holaday
At Ease Games
The previous review is absurd. I have two kids (10 and 14). The store is and has been perfectly good for kids. Unlike most gaming stores, I don't hear tons of swearing coming from the gamers. The store is clean and neat. It has a functioning, clean bathroom. (These are rare things for game stores, so I feel I need to say them.) I have NEVER gotten the impression that the owner smokes weed. The store IS primarily geared toward miniatures, but my son and I play magic there and they put us at the big, nice tables. The events are well run, start pretty much on time, and the players are friendly. I have a few qualms but in general it's the nicest, most family-friendly of the stores I have available to me in this area. (Comparisons are Artifex a.k.a San Diego Games and Comics and Game Empire - which are also pretty good game stores.)

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