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By: Teri M.
Catholic Charities
Many years ago, when I was 15, my mother was ill, and my father not around. My younger brother and sister and I needed help. Couldn't go to the "authorities" (I.e. Welfare) b/c with my mother in a coma, the authorities would have separated us (no competent adult in household). I had .gotten 2 jobs, but wouldn't be paid for 2 weeks. So I desperately needed short term help for groceries. I went to Catholic Charities in Poughkeepsie, explained I need some groceries. The woman helping me asked if $30 would help. I was overwhelmed b/c I knew I could buy 2 weeks of groceries for $30 as long as we stuck to the basics (this was in 1960). Anyway, I wrote down my name and address (I had already disconnected the phone to save $$) and the kind woman gave me $30 in cash and a lovely smile. She did not make me feel humiliated....I just felt humbled by her kindness.

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