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By: Kathy C.
Creative Health Service
if there was a negative star I would rate -5 , they can't even get their phone system right ! I showed for 2 scheduled appointments and therapist was a no show . I had a dui thanksgiving night and due to hid no show, the court said I had not completed treatment. the place has a turnover rate of employees that is laughable. never wanted to hire a lawyer but, will do so after dealing with these quacks !
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By: Mary grace N.
Changing Closets
The clothes and prices at this place are unbelievable! I had driven past this place for years and thought it looked like a place I'd never want to stop. I'm a huge consignment store shopper, besides. Anyway, I went in, and I couldn't believe the quality of the merchandise, as well as how great the prices are. It's a gem, and the area's best-kept consignment store secret. Go in, I promise--you won't be disappointed!
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By: Rob I.
Changing Closets
Great clothes but very rude customer service. Called to see if they still had a certain skirt and before I could finish what I was saying the lady said no we don't have it before I ever told her what one! Guess I will have to go see for myself.
By: Bones M.
Creative Health Service
I was seeing docter Stolar for PTSD,major deppresion, and ect.He was the Top Docter there and was prescribnig my xanax for my PTSD and one day I came in for my Appt and they said he was gone???.The gave me a new Docter named Docter Viquar and he wouldn't give me my xanax and offered me two different drugs that were so toxic I was told I would have to have my liver checked every month!!!!.This guy was a crackpot Docter and was rude and he even went as far as making a joke about my religion if you can beleve that!I now have my regular Docter giving me my meds that I've been on for 20 years or more.I never abused my xanax ever!!!!.I have seen people killed in front of me and many other terrible things no person should have to go thru..My social worker there is wonderful but as far as the Docters go I wouldn't even give them a half star!!.The worst I've ever seen in 25 years or more of therepe.y except the Docter that molested me at age of 7 years old until I was 11 years old. .These Docters are grandious and think they're little GODS!!!!.I've never seen such incompetence in my life!!!!!..Dr. Stolar was great and now I see why he's gone.I think he knew what kind of Docters he had to work with and left!. The other Docters were and left.I was told many different stories about why he left from family emergency to ect edt.It's hard to beleve they have these Docters and the overzelous nurse working there.In my opinion they are all very incompitent.I wrote to my Stae Rep, and the PA medical board,and the US Attorneys office of Southeastern,PA. I spoke to some others as well and hope this will bring some change to the day to day operating procedures at Creative Health..Good luck to all patients.Don't give up ever there are plenty of Docters out the that took an oath to help people not like these jokers there..By looking at the docters there now they don't look like they even take care of themselves.I pretty sure overeating is a disorder if you look at the DSM4 book.That is a book used by shrinks to give people their disorders.I think most of the Adderall in Pottstown and Montgomery county comes from Creative Health.There is no test for ADHD or ADD so any person can walk in and get it.Adderall contains Amphetamine salts and is highly abused and is speed!!!...It's all over the streets of Pottstown and evryplace else in PA.It's very dangerous.They hand out alot and do not even do urine trsts!!!.The whole story of this place is scary.Behing all the track lighting and artwork there is some realy bad stuff going on.I wouldn't take my dog there for treatment.God Bless all of you that go here.I hope you can find a better place
By: Paul B.
Creative Health Service
Very poor Services. Whats nuts is the truth, not being told about your therapist's credentials. What's worse is the peer specialist that work there also can tell you horror stories too. Took four months to get in front of a doctor. Before I even got to sit in his chair I had already change therapist twice. They administer a test upon your intake and treatment plan updates, and run wild with it. Not all cases are the same with this though. However some questions you can answer and they are not even warning flags. For instance: Do you talk to anyone about drugs in the past two weeks? Hello I am in recovery for seven years straight I hear about drugs all the time! I think that is mentioned at my popular 12 step meetings I attend! I scheduled an appointment for two months after seeing a doctor. I am on a medication that requires withdrawal. They told me to address the problem to their Nurse Debbie, Who apparently twice now to said date of this review. Treats me like a addict who is still using. Not once did my file get pulled up or reviewed/ viewed at all. When I informed one of my friends one who is in the mental health field, and one who has a MD in front of his name they could not believe it. However good news NAMI, the people to whom had free space to use @ the Robinson Street Creative Health facility, that are no longer there, (wonder Why?) I was informed the level of complaints from consumers at this place is very popular and a weekly ritual there. They found me a doctor who would be able to see me as a individual rather then a case load. After NAMI caught wind of my valid complaint I had a new appointment within a hour with a new doctor. What is really scary when I was waiting out side of Nurse Debbie's office I overheard Nurse Debbie giving a person whom seemed to be Mentally Re-tarted an injection of a medication, I overheard her says: "to stop being a baby then told her to count". Keep in mind I was told to wait outside of her office door. So much for Hippa and patient privacy. I guess the music there is to drowned out the screaming that comes from her office/ room. Look, Call NAMI they will advocate for you and get you a better doctor referral for you by peers. For the parents take your kids to the McDonalds on Shoemaker Rd. At least you know what service you are getting. The place is nice and comfortable to be in. My doctor did a tremendous break-through {Vicar} with me, My therapist who has great credentials was great too {#5 within a year} the service there is poor and a nightmare. Due to the fact that somehow I was not in their computer for December 4 I will be without pills till Dec 27, 2013 From this review read their Mission Statements and etc. Hey don't take my word for it read the other reviews. Do the math on this please. Find another place for your child, yourself, and loved-one. Mental Health has come along way and if they get on top of it right away it will encourage a healthier character and many more things for your child, and you or your loved one can restore your quality of mental-Health. Just don't do it here. Hats off to you Creative Health! Indirectly you force people into advocating for themselves! I guess some good did come out of your low level of professional conduct and the great integrity of so-called care you offer. If our Insurances only knew. But I am sure there is a Standard Operating Procedure at a moment when audits hits your front door.
By: tatareemom
My children have attended this center since it opened 7 years ago. The staff is caring, loving and the kids love them. The education they received in this center has prepared them for public school. I would recommend this center to anyone.
By: sandy.kepner
Creative Health Service
Be careful; they do NOT TELL THE TRUTH when a Therapist leaves...Mine of over 2 yrs. is no longer there & not 1 of her clients have been told why! I asked if she is coming back & was told, they (the staff) ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO MENTION HER NAME)! This is Not Fair, in any way! SHAME ON THEM!!
Tips & Advices
Group counseling is when one or more counselors lead a group discussion, usually between five and 15 people. The group may focus on a shared experience or situation, and provide support and encouragement to the other attendees.
Each state defines its own requirements for what licenses and education are needed to be a counselor. It's common for counselors to have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a similar field, as well as a master's degree. After that, counselors should obtain their state license, and can move on to achieving other licenses like the:
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC) license
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) license
  • Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) license
  • Forensic Health Evaluators (FHE) license
  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) license
  • Certified Family Therapist (CFT) license
This all depends on the patient's goals and circumstances. Some people are happy with their results after just a few sessions; others continue to meet with their counselors for years. There is no right or wrong length of time to go to counseling.
Anyone can benefit from counseling services. Counseling can help you gain greater insight into yourself; deal with feelings of sadness, worry, depression or anxiety; as well as work out relationship problems, trauma or addiction. Not every type of counseling service works with every person.
Yes. Except in very specific situations, a counselor will never repeat conversations from a counseling session. Situations where information from sessions might be shared include:
  • If the counselor believes the patient might harm him or herself, or someone else.
  • If the counselor wants to get a second opinion on the patient's treatment. If this is the case, the counselor should seek the patient's written permission before consulting another professional.

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