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By: tiakworth
Sharper Service Solutions
I called sharper to fix my washing machine and was told on the phone when I made the appointment that it would be $80 for labor and about $80 for the part needed. So I was planning on spending no more than $180 total with some room for price changes. The guy arrived on time and took off his shoes when he came in and was polite. But after he diagnosed the problem, which I already knew what the problem was, he told me it was going to be $175 for labor and service and $80 for the part so $255 all together. And he asked for the money up front before the service was finished. I paid he began working and I called sharper service and told them of the price difference and they said that they leave it up to their technicians to decide on the price of labor. So the guy finished and he was only there no more than 20 minutes total and he must have heard me complaining on the phone about the expensive labor cost so he gave me $40 back. Still about $30-40 more than I thought I would be spending. He seemed kind of embarrassed like he knew he was charging too much in the first place and was ripping me off. Anyway... Probably won't be calling them again.
By: susie04
Smtronix Tv Repair and Electronics
I am really happy of how fast and affordable Smtronix repair had offered. I had a broken 42" Samsung LCD screen. Had called around to get a quote but the prices to replace the screen itself is more than the price of my new tv.. I almost gave up on searching until I called Smtronix. The technician said he can replace the screen at cheaper price. To me, the price is more cheaper then most repair shop has to offer. I was really surprise with the service, since I got my tv back the same day! I will be his longterm customer to fix my electronics since he is affordable and trustworthy...
By: Chris P.
Bachelorz's Electronics
I had broken the antenna connection on my tv and thought I'd have to buy a new tv. This business is very close by and I took the tv in to see if it could be repaired. The owner said he could take a look at it and hoped he could fix it. The next day he had it fixed at a reasonable price, and saved me from having to buy a new tv. The owner lives above his shop and isn't always in during business hours. So he posts his phone number on the door. I would suggest a door bell, so a customer wouldn't have to call if he's not in his shop.
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By: Betty N.
Sharper Service Solutions
Sharper service solutions staff are very knowledgeable in what they do. I have done business with them on a couple occasions and each time they are very polite...the service guy today even took off his shoes as he did the repair to my washer which he was friendly and just a good person.if your look for great service and staff to fix your items call sharper solutions.they'll treat you right and do the job right the first time.thanks sharper service solutions.
By: Sarah S.
Bridgetown Electronics Repair
These two charming young gentlemen are surprisingly smart. They are widely-versed in electronics and 'The Industry'. Everything I ask, they knew the answer/s in depth. Plus, they're honest and modestly priced !!This is sadly rare these days. So, for talented-pointy-headed geek help, in the BEST sense, go visit them. You'll rarely find the depth of knowledge they openly share. Plus, your device will be properly repaired. sarah
By: Adrian A.
Bridgetown Electronics Repair
They replaced a ton of parts in my Macbook Pro for a reasonable price. Battery, Trackpad, Hard-Drive (Upgraded to SSD and it was a great decision; it's so much faster now). I also had them replace the battery on my iPhone 5 and it's working great. I'm a photographer and they are going to be helping me organize my Lightroom Catalog so that it can be safely backed up too! Can't say enough good things about these guys :D
By: isaac5562367
Metro's Best Electric
We have been very happy with Metro's Best Electric. We need to have insulation put in, but needed all new wiring in our 100+ year old house to do that safely. They did a great job, we have much safer wiring now and they do a yearly check for a nominal monthly fee. If we have any needs, they respond quickly. I love family owned businesses for that reason.
By: zachbenderk7ltf
Ham Radio Outlet
Been an HRO customer for years , esp the portland location. good staff great service. Prices are competitive to AES and Gigaparts. I personally like doing biz with them since I am in Washington state and can get things the next day in most cases. With a few exceptions it is rare I don't find what I am looking for or need at HRO.
By: Kc M.
Bridgetown Electronics Repair
The staff are super friendly and well-informed. They showed me how to do a repair myself and even walked me through the process. I tried and failed but it was a good learning experience. In the end, they did the repairs for a great price and the work was top-notch. Great experience and couldn't recommend these guys any higher.
By: S F.
Sharper Service Solutions
Was sent Sharper to service my electric stove top through the extended warranty program from Lowes. They arrived when scheduled, determined the problem, ordered the part, and returned 3 days later to install. On both visits, the technician was prompt, professional, clean, and solved the problem. I had a good experience.

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