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By: Melody S.
Walmart Neighborhood Market
I typically shop at Safeway, Winco etc, however on 8/5/2014 I decided a change was needed & I would give Walmarts Market a try. Wow, big mistake. So the downfall came the very second I walked into this store. It had a very empty lonely feel to it, boring & sort of eerie feeling. At anyrate the big issues came up when I was observing & waning to purchase some bacon. Right off the bat I notice three packages of bacon was a ugly gray in color & didn't match the other packages coming from the same company same expiration date etc. I take the bacon up to the cashier to address the situation and the cashier totally agreed with me & stated the bacon looked real bad. So it doesn't stop there. I find two packages of lunch meat with the expiration dates of 7/04/2014!! Again I take this up with one of the employee's and they pull it off the shelves. There was another item that was way expired it was Lloyds pulled pork. So for a third time I take the product up to a employee. So I can see and get past one item being to old to consume. But three?!?! This tells me that this store lacks teamwork & overall care for there store. Needless to say I will never shop here again. One nice thing I can say is that the employee's were super nice guys . But being a nice employee is only a small portion of what it takes to keep a customer coming back. Walmart Market needs to get it together!
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By: Angelika B.
Don Pedro Inc
This is for the SE 181st & E Burnside Don Pedro only. I heard so many good things about the SE 188th Location that I had to try the new location and I was not dissapointed. I came in the afternoon and ordered a Breakfast Burrito which was so good it put me in hoggie heaven. Second time went back for the Taco Salad with chorizo, yum, yum. 3rd time I a Chorizo Taco again yummy. 4th time is where it goes wrong: Two weeks later new cooks. Taco Salad with steak. But what is that?? The shell was only half the size as the first time filled halfway with a mealy substance and the few minute bits of steak tasted sweet (going bad). Yesterday ordered Chorizo Burrito. No Chorizo, Rice just the disgusting bean paste drowning in Tamale sauce (Tamale sauce in a Burrito? What? Will I go back to this location again? Never even through it is only 2 blocks away but I will visit the 188th location hoping to get good food. PS Don Pedro is expensive the only cheap thing is the $4.99 Burrito.
By: kevin.gienty
Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant
Large menu, fun atmosphere and tasty Mexican food! It has a casual dress code and family-friendly. This place also has a decent size bar area and great drinks. Prices are cheap/very reasonable, portions are huge (dieters beware!) and atmosphere is festive and bright. This is a place to indulge and have fun! Regarding the service: I have always had friendly service and the wait staff pays attention to your needs. It's a great place to bring a bunch of friends and hang out/talk/drink/eat, especially in the summertime out on the front patio. Everyone I've brought to "Mazatlan Restaurant" raves about the food and especially the drinks, even their desserts are delish. Highly recommended for a casual and fun night out. Also, they have plenty of parking, which is in high demand in the NW area
By: Jeff G.
La Bamba Restaurant
I have traveled throughout Mexico and have done a fair amount of complicated Mexican cooking. LA Bamba is very good. Don't order the regular strip-mall stuff like tacos. Go for the shrimp dishes (like the very good Camerones Veracruzanos) or a mole (like the Mole Negro con Pollo that I had recently). The staff is super nice, and the decor is good. If the restaurant was in a more trendy area it would be really week known. I highly recommend it. (I wonder about the negative post about a location that was on Sandy Blvd. Did the reviewer get mixed up about the name of that restaurant? I never saw a La Bamba on Sandy. In any case, my review is about a restaurant on SE Powell, and it has been very good for years.)
By: Michael J.
Checkers Mart
All this nonsense about the store owners being racist is a complete lie. A girl was smashing the store up like an animal and an employee of the store got into a confrontation with the girl. The employee said, this is how black people act. Girl lied and said the enployee said the n-word. Employee was fired by the owners. Now girl is lying and saying it was the owner that said it. Just another criminal playing victim and using the race card. The owners of this store couldn't be nicer. We should support this business and other hard working Americans.
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By: Sandra S.
Fred Meyer
Nice store is being ruined by the people who shop here. The Max train is a big part of the problem. The homeless wander in and eat what they want; others beg in the parking lot..dogs are welcome to come on in. I watched one man yesterday eat out of a container of fruit off shelves of packaged cut up fruit..then put it back for us to buy. I talked with customer service and they said they cannot fix the happens all the time. Happy Shopping peeps!
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By: Richard G.
Amiga Del Sol
It's a family-run business that got excellent Mexican food and Latin food the really friendly they're really helpful if you're indecisive of what you want me personally I love those Super Burrito with steak are there breakfast burritos with chorizo and eggs and potatoes and all the food is very well priced not too expensive even someone with a minimal amount of money to afford this place they're really good
By: espressosnob
Better Days Coffee
Small local drive thru shop. Baristas are polite, chatty and attractive and NO they do not wear bikinis! I do not like many small shops like this but you can tell they care about the products they serve and I've liked everything I've ever gotten. Oh and they have a ton of sugar free flavors. Nice to have several options instead of just vanilla and caramel like everyone else.
By: dick.gorenflo.1
Nuestra Cocina
If you want true Mexican food, this is the place to go. This isn't your typical beans and rice South of the Border joint! This is the real deal, cooked by a trained chef and assistants, no phony Tex-Mex stuff here. Have the fish steamed in banana leaf for a real treat! It is my favorite restaurant in a city full of great restaurants!
By: Matthew R.
Por Que No
Real solid Mexican food. Had a couple of pretty tasty tacos al pastor and shared a couple of tamales with a friend. Two of their margarita’s made me happy that we walked to dinner instead of driving. Great ambiance and people watching. The evening we went was very lively.

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