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By: Ira L.
Goodwill Stores
I have shopped bins with my mom since I was a child and now go with my kids and I've always loved the Milwaukie store such deals on clothing and furniture is priced so well. I was so excited when I saw the new Goodwill closer to my house opening I came early on opening day and the prices were just like the Milwaukie even for furniture. Now few months later Every thing is by the pound even super heavy metal items that should have a price tags. Furniture prices are insane. $250 for a small couch and an outdoor love seat frame WITHOUT cushions for $75, a dresser for $150? The Milwaukee store furniture doesn't go more than around $25 for these items which is the price it should be for an OUTLET. they've got their prices marked as a resale vendor which isn't what they are. You get your items donated for FREE. The reason people go to an OUTLET is because they can't afford the regular goodwill prices (or just can't find a good enough reason to pay the jacked up prices for free donated items) the prices shouldn't be searched online and sold as resale items but as OUTLET prices. Don't go there anymore, I would rather drive an extra 20 mins for the better prices and much happier and friendlier staff.
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By: Geoffrey M.
Goodwill Stores
I was in your store today and an obviously poor guy must have stole something a lady with a walkie talkie was zeroing in on him. I know stealing is a crime but somehow it struck me as wrong to arrest the very people Goodwill proclaims to want to help. I did warn him before I left. I can only hope that whatever happened turned out best for him.
By: nancy.prothro
Second Edition Resale Shop
I have been shopping at Second Edition for many years and continue to be amazed at their eclectic collection of items,including high quality women, children and men clothing, jewelry, and household items. I always find a treasure when I shop at Second Edition.

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