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  • Better than Dr Scholls, but EXPENSIVE !!!

    I tried Dr Scholls custom inserts, but they weren't comfortable. They only fit 3/4 of the shoe so you feel the seem when you walk.

    Arch Fitters charges $150 for 1 or $300 for 3 custom shoe inserts that are made specifically for you.

    While this is really expensive, I'm not able to walk without them as I can't find a shoe with the right support. Now I can buy almost any shoe and just change the insert with Arch Fitter insert.

    Yes, $150 is REALLY EXPENSIVE for a piece of foam rubber, but it's custom made and it works.

  • Worst Service Ever
    susan beetle

    NO STARS!!! Beaverton Store review, which is not listed. Same as another reviewer, no refund, only store credit. Very few shoes in stock to try on. If they have your size you are lucky. They did not have a shoe I liked in my size, so the saleswoman let me try on the pair she was wearing (????) (different details, but same style). When I got them 2 weeks later, they did not fit right. Returned them. Much tsking and frowning on her part, no sympathy or apology from her. She begrudgingly ordered from another location 2 sizes of a shoe I tried on that did not fit but that I thought might work. When they came in, I tried them on, said they didn't fit perfectly, to which she replied, ""Does anything fit you perfectly?"" I was speechless but recovered and politely told her to just box them up, give me my receipt and I got out of there as fast as I could. I will NEVER, NEVER go back there. My husband's doctor told him this is the worst store ever for arch supports especially after he got arch supports from them that hurt his feet terribly. I should have heeded that warning. I don't know if these shoes will work, but at least I have something for my $125. I have never had such rude, non-customer oriented service ever! Do not go there!

  • Horrible

    Well Vancouver went out of business that ought to tell you something. Bait and switch tactics. I was told that my $400 ( You read that right FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR) piece of hardened plastic crap was going to be covered by my insurance company and that my part would be $70. WRONG. They billed me $292.50 and they said I had been billed in the past (even though I never received anything) I wore these things for three weeks and they nearly crippled me so I threw them away. Save yourself time and money. Go get the Dr Scholls Orthotics in the Wal-Mart pharmacy. $49 and my feet have never felt better.

  • Avoid Arch Fitters if at all possible!

    No stars! I rarely make the effort to go online and post reviews, but having had such terrible experiences with Arch Fitters, I feel it's necessary. This company has been a major source of frustration for many a customer, and if you are looking for orthotics, just don't risk it - do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Between being overpriced, refusing to honor Arch Fitters coupons, refusing to let any customer speak with the owner and making mistakes on product orders, Arch Fitters drops the ball. Seriously, stay away.


    No stars. If you need orthotics, find a competent chiropractor -- you'll pay much less and be much happier with the product. Would never do business with Archfitters again. Beware of the bait and switch salesman!

  • No refund, no kidding

    Beware the NO REFUND policy. They mean it. They insist on advance payment, even on shoes you?ve only seen in the catalog. You prepay to have the pictured shoes brought over from their inventory. If you don?t like them, they?ll let you try on every other shoe they make. But there?s a finite selection, and they?re mostly, let?s face it, potato shoes. Can?t find anything you could bear to wear? You?re out of luck, pal. You done paid already.

  • Great customer service

    I went into Arch Fitters due to a bad case of Plantar Faciitis and after numerous visits to my doctor to try and correct or even better my pain and discomfort, Arch Fitters was able to heal my pain and discomfort in one try. They were VERY friendly and the salesman went out of his way to make sure that all of my concerns, questions, and needs were met. I would never even think about going to any other business that specializes in foot care and orthotics.. As far as I'm concerned, there is no other business or company better than Arch Fitters. Arch Fitters is truely an amazing company..
    Thank you for all of your help Arch Fitters

  • the worst experience ever

    This shop practices classic bait and switch. Low prices advertised for custom orthotics. But somehow those low prices aren't available.

    The orthotic took 4 trips to get it even close to right. Each time the staff was rude and dismissive about my concerns. It still isn't right, but I finally gave up trying.

  • Poor Customer Service, Bait and Switch Tactics

    While browsing the small shoe selection, I was approached by a friendly salesman Anthony. Anthony basically went over the benefits of orthotics with me. There are so many styles, types and prices, and of course they had a ""sale"", he told me he would offer me a great deal and 2 different products, one being a higher end product. Measured my feet, offered me a great discount on 2 separate sets of of orthotics. What I was offered and what I received were 2 different products all together..When I called him on his bait and switch tactics, he pretended not to remember me, and then when he remembered me was insulted that I would say such things....BS

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