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  • Best Bookkeeping & Taxes

    I have been going to A-1 Income Tax for the past 5 years. I have a fairly complicated return with 2 incomes and 2 businesses. I have never been disappointed by the service I have received at A-1. They have superior customer service and have saved my lots of money for a great price.

    I was shocked to see negative reviews about this company as I know that in addition to being great tax preparers, that these ladies are above reproach ethically and would bend over backwards to help a client. This is not to say that they are incapable of making a mistake but, I know for sure they would do whatever possible to rectify it. The bad reviews sound a little personal. I wonder what the real story is.

  • Update in 2012. Once again the gals at

    Update in 2012. Once again the gals at A-1 did my taxes. They are better than any other tax preparers. They take annual classes to get updated on all the latest tax information. How best to save their clients money AND they charge less than anyone else. They tell me it is their calling --- to help people to save as much as they legally can. They take a personal interest in their clients. There is a lot of good energy going on there at A-1. I asked them about the person who wrote a bad review and A-1 told me that the person was not their client. If I had a lousy tax person or an expensive tax person, I would go to A-1 because there is none better.

  • Do not take your taxes to this incompetent group

    This business is the WORST example of trusting someone to take care of your taxes. They lose paperwork, do not know the current laws, and are completly unprofessional. They messed up my taxes so badly I had to have them re-done twice. They did not return phone calls, told me they filed an exstension when they didn't, and then had the audacity to try to charge me $400. I have to pay extra this year just to have my new tax person try and make heads or tails of the mess they created. Don't be fooled by the homey ""mom and pop"" facade. You would be better off going on your own with a crayon and a calculator.

  • heather stewart

    the entire staff was very understanding and helpful. Excelent services at reasonable prices. The staff works well together and felt free to consult with each other regarding my return. I would highly recomend them to any one wanting a fast acurate service. Thanks to all of you at A-! you made my fearful experience much easier. Thanks for the reasonable bill that was much lower than the estimate. Gayl and Kathy you were great. Heather

  • Well never ever return

    DO NOT GO TO THEM!!!! I went there with my husband in 2005 and they accidently had the I.R.S deposited my refund of $5,000 to someone elses account! I had to beg the I.R.S to give me the information. Don't let this happen to you!

  • The whole team is great!

    I had such a great experience, the whole team is terrfic.

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