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By: runningman22
Geeks To Go
I got spectacular service from Geeks To Go...I got the FBI virus which really freaked me out with all these warnings about I'd broken the law and the FBI was coming for me unless I paid them $300. I was a little suspicious so I called around to some shops to see if it was legit. The first 6 shops I called were like "uhh fbi warning? Never heard of it." What a bunch of dummies. Then I came to geeks to g... view moreo and they were like "oh yes, we can fix that. It's fake and a virus. We've seen it loads of times." Hallelujah for the GEEKS! So I set up the appointment, they came to my house--very polite young man--and poof the virus was gone. All in an hour. Amazing.10/2/2013: Update: Man I love these guys! I used them again today to hook up my new all in one printer and they totally rocked...again. What took me 2 hours to screw up, they fixed in about 20 minutes. And now I can print from my iPad and my laptop, not just my desktop. I really love these guys.
By: jewlz7467
Happy Hamster Computer Repair
Working with Zac was such a relief. I was so scared that I was going to get the "technical" speak and I was so suprised and so thankful that I didn't have to get out my "windows for dummies" book. I know pretty much nothing when it comes to the operations and virus stuff that goes on with my computer. I push the yes buttons cause it sounds like what I am supposed to do but end up screwing up or deleting something that I shouldn't have. So once again I needed help and called Zac simply cause I liked the hamster on his logo. Made me feel like maybe I would find someone who would finally speak my language. He went at my speed and didn't get frustrated with my questions, like the other people that I have worked with. Now I have a great running computer, my virus protection takes care of itself and I can call anytime with questions. Definitely will do business with them again!!!!!
By: javatime38
Geeks To Go
Had a great experience with this company. My friend jessica told me about them. She used them twice before. I got a virus on my new computer. Only 5 months old. ;( I called Dell but they said they didn't removed viruses. They suggested I call some place local. I went on google and started calling. After calling my 5th repair place with no answer, I found the Geeks to Go. Not only did they answer the phone, but the man was very nice and sent a repair man to my house. The repair man was very professional and had a great personality. He took off the viruses and then gave me some pointers about how to use Windows 8 since it was still new to me and giving me some headaches. Since then, I love my new computer. It's fast and clean and I actually can navigate it pretty well. I definitely recommend this place. Oh and the price was nice, too.
By: scottj1958
Geeks To Go
I'm not smart when it comes to computers and i certainly don't know how to repair a computer. In fact, I mostly feel like an idiot around them. So when I messed mine up, I started calling for help. I musta gone through 7 computer repair places before I got one to answer. And it was like hitting pay dirt. The man was friendly, knew his stuff and the guy who came to my house to fix it was prompt and did a hellofa good job. I had opened an email from a friend who likes to send me jokes. Well, I guess the joke was on me. I called him later and his computer got hit, too. So anyway, steven at geeks to go got my computer all cleaned up and working faster than I ever remember it running. I say tell all your friends. This place is the best. Take it from me, I may be old but I know a good thing when I see it.
By: Janet S.
Geeks To Go
My search for a computer repair joint started off easy enough...or so I thought. Do these guys never work? They must not since they don't answer their phones. I called several places. Same thing. No answer or it was someplace in India pretending to be for the US. Finally I gave up. Then I started calling my friends to ask what I should do. Cheryl (best friend) gave me a place to call and said they were great. Finally! I called them and Eureka!!!! A nice man answered the phone on the first ring and set me up with an appointment. He was from geeks to go. And he was awesome. Cheryl was right, of course. My computer now works better than when I first bought it. So now I am telling all my friends about this place.
By: Chris S.
Geeks To Go
What a great find. My internet stopped working and I really didn't know who to turn to. I asked around and my neighbor had used geeks to go several times with great success. She even gave me their business card. So I called them and they came out and found that viruses were the culprit. They did a really nice job. Very friendly and professional. And the nice man was willing to go slow when explaining what he was doing so I didn't feel so stupid. My computer now works like new. No more viruses. And I learned a lot. Oh and he helped me find really good security programs so this doesn't happen again. I highly recommend geeks to go and will use them again if need arises.
By: naturegirl33
Geeks To Go
Listen, if your computer doesn't work right call Geeks To Go. They come to your house and do the work on the spot. I had all kinds of problems on my computer...popups, the mouse kept sticking, and then it would just lockup everything. It was soooo frustrating. Then I decided, okay...I'm either gonna throw this thing out the window or get it fixed. I chose the later option. Now it works great. Faster than a speeding bullet. Better than when it was new. And way cheaper than buying a new computer. They even hooked me up with virus blockers. You really have to call them. They're great!
By: scavenger
Happy Hamster Computer Repair
I just wanted to say that Nikita did a great job and the the whole experience felt fair, helpful and friendly through it all. You guys repaired my DC jack, and now it's working WAY better than when I had it repaired by another cheap company a few months ago (how cheap really if it broke again after 2 months and I have to pay to get it fixed again?). I wish I would have hired you guys in first place! Needless to say, I'll be using Happy Hamster in the future and recommending you guys to others. Thanks again!
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By: aeremetc
I needed some laptop computer repair work done when I was in Portland. Somebody at the place I was staying at recommeded Comprite Computer Repair. Any recommendation was better than none so I took my computer over to Comprite and I was pleasantly surprised. An incredibly knowledgeable staff. They didn't talk down to me. Got all the details of my problem and had my laptop back up and running before the day was over. If you need computer repair work I would consider Comprite.
By: lovemydog22
Geeks To Go
Woke up this morning for my usual routine. Computer wouldn't start. Oh crap I thought. Got out the phone book and started calling geeks. Found geeks to go actually answered their phone. Most of the others didn't. They sounded great on the phone so I set up an appointment. What a great find. Professional, quick and so sweet. They both had such nice manners. Rare to find anymore. Anyway, my computer runs better than ever and I am a happy camper.

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