By: Z M.
Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub
Came from Spokane for the festival and music. We decided to eat dinner there before the shows on Saturday. We were told by several people both in Spokane and Portland about how great this place was to eat at, I beg to differ. The wait was to be expected for the busy Irish weekend so no worries there. We were told we were being seated in the upstairs area which again sounded more private and less noisy. So we are a 4 person group (4 top) and we seated at a 2 top table, that is a table about 2 1/2' x 3'. At first I was not happy. I had seen a 10 top open just as we sat down and apparently it was reserved so no a big deal. Asked for another table and nothing was available and that if we wanted to it would be another 45mins. Fine, we are going to make it work. Order a tall beer, look at their large list of options, go to order a Kells Irish Stout and NO! Not an option upstairs. You only get 3 beer choices upstairs, lager, light and red. DID I SAY THIS IS AN IRISH PUB, HAS A BAR, HAS THEIR OWN BEER and I couldn't get their stout? I am getting more upset at this point. We go to order food, 2 people order their stuff, my gf and I order ours and they don't have the things that the friends order, in fact they HAD OLD MENUS, that's right 2 of 4 people had OLD MENUS. Um don't you throw away old menus or collect and store them?! Nope, put them out there on your busiest day to f with people. Order food, I ask for French dressing, waiter says no they have a balsamic vinaigrette, I said no do you have Italian, he says" no we have Balsamic vinaigrette, it's like French"!!!!!! So soups and salad come, all fits on our very tiny table, with 4 glasses of water, 4 beers and a bread plate. Now food comes, not finished with soups or salads! No damn room!!! I had to eat my salad on my lap and move others food to a spare chair. People, we are talking food orders of $14.50 each. Meanwhile, a 4 top table was available from the time we received our food to when we were finished, and the fore mentioned 10 top never showed. Honestly food was not too bad. I will say the service lacked experience, hostess lack experience, food a bit over priced for what it really was and all in all not what the hype was about. I wouldn't recommend it.
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By: Xtian L.
Bridge City Taproom
I really wanted to like this place. They're right down the street from me, the food is great and reasonably priced. But I've had too many bad experiences to warrant returning. During several visits at no point was I ever made to feel truly welcome. The wait staff, though courteous at a surface level, felt closed off upon further inspection. While the kitchen staff seems to be working efficiently, the servers aren't exactly prompt or attentive. The final nail the coffin for me was my latest experience where I arrived for brunch, was served coffee, and then promptly forgotten about. It wasn't particularly busy, yet still my server completely forgot my table was assigned to him. Over the course of thirty minutes where I watched other tables sit, order, and receive their food I managed to attract the attention of two other servers. Apparently they both were unable to direct my server to my table or take my order themselves. So I left, and sunny imagine returning.
By: Blake K.
Bridge City Taproom
Very nice & attentive servers that were good w/the kids. Food was excellent for the price. I had a special you wouldn't expect to see at a sports bar/restaurant it was a Coconut Crusted Salmon w/rice & stir fried vegetables. The coco cream sauce was insane! They had a kids menu, crayons etc. A ton of tvs & projector screens. Clean & casual atmosphere. Super chill. Best spot by far I've been in this neighborhood (Not corporate(-Thank goodness) not sure why anyone wouldn't like this place, friends told me to check Facebook & yelp...glad I did. I suggest ya do too-won't disappoint!
By: mixxymcgoogle
Slingshot Lounge
looks great, spacious, all the staff has always been cool, most even remember your name and drink (totally makes the bar experience.) punk rock shows, good tunes in the juke, good prices, unique drinks, air hockey! big comfy booths, and a large bar, separate game room with pool, arcade, etcplace rules - go there!
By: ron.patton.100
Sextant Bar & Galley
I totally disagree with what Jim Scott 2 said a year ago. We've been going there for over a year now and the service is almost always great (a couple of times it was very slow), and the food is always good. The prices are very reasonable and the outdoor seating area gives a great view of the river.
By: Adam B.
NW Growlers
This is *the spot*. All the bartenders are great, HUGE selection of quality craft brews...and the best part is they let you bring your dog inside because they don't serve food. (But you can go to any of the restaurants around there and they'll deliver your food to Growlers)
By: missylala
This is a GREAT bar!! So much fun on the weekends. Its the only place where you can go that has a DJ, Dancefloor and great crowd without paying an outrageous cover charge. I would recommend this bar to anyone it's the BEST!!!
By: Tiffany G.
Barrel Room
I love this place so much! I found it about 4 years ago and it still entertains me. The staff is always helpful, the entertainment is always amazing, and the security is always top notch! Keep up the great work!!!
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By: Tina S.
Triple Nickel Pub
So happy to see the remodel and new ownership with Triple Nickel! Great burgers, beer and long whiskey list! Try the GIANT life sized Jenga game! Amazeballz!!!! New favorite neighborhood bar!!
By: casesnoe
Bazi Bierbrasserie
Excellent rotating Belgium and Flemish beers on tap. The staff is really nice and the menu is very respectable for a Beer focused establishment. Mussels, Burgers, Salads, Warm Olives, etc.

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