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By: casesnoe
Bar Avignon
We just moved to Portland and had a long day of unpacking. We were looking for a place that was open late on a Sunday(10pm-ish). This place fit the bill, we were greeted by the co-owner (Nancy). She ended up being our waitress as it was a surprisingly slow night. However, we have returned several times to find this place with a small wait. The food was superb. Hands down the best mussels we have had to date (9 out of 10 times, I will order mussels if on a menu). The pork chops are tender and flavorful and the warm olives hit the spot on a chilly evening. I will spare us all a little time raving about the the rest of the amazing eats and ambiance at this place. My advice is.. make sure this is on your "Great food & beverages that I/we must enjoy while in Portland" list.A few comments on previous reviews. We have never experienced an extra bread charge. We have been offered bread on several occasions and never noticed additional charges on our. However, we do typically order appetizers, dinner entrées and drinks. Typically, turning down dessert indicates the conclusion of a meal. At that time, I find it customary to inform the waiter of additional interests, perhaps in lieu of dessert perhaps we will have another glance at the wine menu.
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By: Yael D.
United States Bakery
I have fallen in love with this company's Franz Bake Shoppe Ginger Snoppe Cookies, and I do eat them. I get them at Albertson's on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle. They are delicious, but there is one BAD problem with them: the ingredients include palm oil. Palm oil comes from Borneo, to which orangutans are native. The growing number of palm tree plantations for harvesting that oil is pushing orangutans closer and closer to extinction as their native habitats are turned into plantations. PLEASE, Franz Bakery, use a different kind of plant oil in your recipe, to lower the threat to the orangutans. The more of the wonderful species out there we lose, the more damaged Earth's biosphere -- and our own chances of survival -- become. Thank you, Yael Dragwyla, Seattle, WA (polaris93@aol.com)
By: Matthew R.
Salt & Straw
Some of the best and most innovative ice cream I’ve ever had. Narrowing down to only two selections was incredibly difficult. In the end, I opted for what may seem the most simple: Freckled Woodblock chocolate and single origin Amadeus vanilla. So, chocolate and vanilla. Rest assured, they were anything but. Both were amazingly creamy and the flavor had a lot of depth. The scoops are generous for the price. I was happy to hear they opened a shop in Los Angeles!
By: brittbrat63
Voodoo Doughnut Too
We went to voodoo doughnuts as out of towners to see what the hype is all about. It was easy to find with fast and friendly service. The shop and workers were clean and courteous, especially given that we had a list of many we wanted to try. Prices on some were a bit outrageous ($8 for the cocky-n-balls) but all in all, they're great doughnuts and not something wed find in the small town were from. from
By: Jean S.
Best almond croissant and fresh full flavored macarons!I tried salted carmel + earl grey macarons - I dare to say it's better than lette, bouchon, and Jim patisserie in LA. They use local heart coffee which I love. I can't wait to try all flavors - this is a must visit in the city amongst bakeries.
By: Aaron A.
Pho Hung
Super Bowl, good food, reasonable price. I have experienced staff acting racist towards white customers when they have been busy by seating, serving, and giving otherwise preferential treatment to Asian customers. Not the best Pho in Portland, but good enough for me to come back.
By: Aaron A.
Pho Gia
Good Pho, but do not try other dishes. Have been disappointed with anything but the Pho. Prices are high, but service is usually good and Pho is better quality than some competitors. Decor is nice, seating is fairly open - you can take a date here!
By: snoee1
Pho Gia
Quality food and worth the price. Most appear to order pho, but they offer a variety of stir fried and specialty dishes. Oh BTW.. "Pho" is pronounce similar to "uh", instead of "oh"... Think ~"Phuh", not "Phoh"
By: snoee1
HA VL Sandwich & Cafe
Some of the best Pho in Portland... Only 2 soups/pho to choose from each day. So, look at the day's menu before your make the journey.. It can get very busy on the weekends and on occasion, they do run out..
By: jeffkimlahaie
An Xuyen Bakery
THE BEST cake I've ever tasted! It was so light & fluffy. Not overly sweet either....well balanced flavors. Had the pistachio & was amazed at how tasty it was. I couldn't stop eating it!

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