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By: Kelsey W.
24/7 Rapid Discount Towing Portland
When you have a flat tire and you need a tow, you tend to feel bummed out, especially if you've had a few bad experiences with tow companies in the past.. It would be easy to feel cautious. But when my car blew a flat last week I decided to call 24/7 Rapid Discount here in Portland and found them to be very responsive and quite reasonably priced. Like another family member of mine, I was wary of many Portland towing companies who say they have great prices and no hidden fees AND great customer service and they all got three strikes. I found 24/7 through Google + and after reading the positive reviews, I grit my teeth and prayed silently as I dialed the number. What a pleasant turn of events! The lady who answered the phone was sweet and professional. Extremely friendly. Portland tow truck services could learn a lesson from this great business. Was also the least expensive of all of the companies I had spoken with beforehand. I got a safe and reliable tow to the nearest tire station and got everything squared away on time and with as little pain as possible. Rapids driver even stuck around free of charge even after unhooking my car just to make sure that I was able to get what I needed at the station before he took off. The price for the tow was unbelievably cheap and much better then I had expected. I could not have asked for an easier time. When your stuck out and about you don't want to stress and this was the least stressful experience with a Tow service I have ever had. So, if you are reading this because your car died or you blew a tire, call 24/7. They will be there quickly and it won't cost an arm and a leg!
By: Jack P.
24/7 Rapid Discount Towing Portland
BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! 24/7 came in my hour of need and I couldn't be happier! I was in the dark, in the rain with a car that wouldn't start. I had to walk to the nearest gas station to make the call to Rapid Discount and the driver actually picked me up at the station and drove me to where my car was parked! When we got there, he wasted no time in hooking up and getting everything in order. I didn't have to lift a finger. Their driver was courteous and kind, treated me like a friend. Not many Portland Tow truck companies can boast that. I have had a few experiences and let me tell you, some of them were not too pleasant. This one however, exceeded my expectations. When everything was all ready we headed out. My house was only about 15 minutes away and the ride was great. I felt safe and secure knowing I was in good hands. When we arrived at my house, I was surprised to learn that the time that their driver spent picking me up from the station wasn't charged to my bill! I couldn't believe that a tow company would be that nice. Most would have charged me for that time but not Rapid Discount. Not only that, but the cost to tow my car was covered in portion by my insurance which totally made my day... or night in this case. I am so happy to have dealt with a company that worked WITH me to make my experience as pleasant as possible. No one likes to be stuck in the rain, especially me. What a professional Portland towing company to work with. I will never call another place again. Thank You 24/7 ! I will call you again when I need you!
By: Kendall R.
24/7 Rapid Discount Towing Portland
I've never had much luck with Portland towing services. Every single time my car has ever broken down it has been a nightmare. Instead of breaking down outside of my home in Gresham, I usually break down in Hillsboro or Beaverton. Some where 30 - 40 miles away from my house or the mechanic i use, that im starting to wonder how reliable really is. Ive called rapid towing Portland the last few times after having terrible luck with two other Portland tow truck services prior. Over the couse of about 4 years my 1982 Honda Accord has needed towed a total of 7 times. So i feel i know my way around Portland tow truck companies. I can with out a doubt reccomend the guys at rapid discount towing. So far ive dealth with Todd a few times and once with Travis. Both are a pleasure to work with and for how terrible the situation is, make it much better.
By: rosanna.terrill
Big Johnson Towing & Recovery
. After breaking down along a dark road in St. Johns, a friend recommended Big Johnson Towing and called them for me. It seemed like he was there in 5 min. Service was great and Ed was very helpful, when I was too stressed out to think. He recommended a repair shop and towed my car there for a reasonable amount of cash. He was friendly and polite, and I saved money all the way around. This guy is honest. I will always call on him when I need towing. I would recommend his service to everyone I know. He turned my nightmare into a pleasant happy ending. Thank you Ed Johnson and your amazing dog "Big Johnson" you both were my heros that night and I appreciate all your help.
By: rswolfe93
Sergeants Automotive
Until the State of Oregon changes the laws and makes predatory towing illegal then you cant fault a company for doing what they can to make money as long as they are within the guidlines of the current laws!! Plus, they are hired bt businesses, Apartment complexes, and property owners that request their services and they themselves decide on their own rules and regulations not Sergeants!! Pay the $7.00-$10.00 to park in a garage or lot and walk a few blocks for f**k sake!!!
By: David S.
Affordable Auto Towing Inc
Quick response. Came to my home to pick me up in the pouring rain before going to retrieve my vehicle then took me home after dropping my van off at the shop for only a small fuel fee. Could not have asked for better service! My highest recommendations and the price was unbeatable. AAA+++
By: Debbie B.
Hercules Towing Portland Oregon
We had a lot of snow in Portland and needed someone to tow our truck. AAA couldn't do it for us. Randy with Hercules Towing, came out right away. Even with the threat of freezing rain the truck was picked up and delivered to the mechanic. We would totally recommend him.
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By: Isaac H.
Paul Newby at Big Paul's Towing came in clutch today and helped me rescue my motorcycle! If anyone needs a tow, he's your guy! Can tow just about anything anywhere, has a REALLY fast response time, and GREAT rates!
By: Karen D.
24/7 Rapid Discount Towing Portland
My car broke down in the middle of i5 friday afternoon. Rapid towing was able to arrive in just 20 minutes and pull my card to my mechanic. Fair price. Will use again in future.
By: Teressa H.
Rip City Towing
Ray saved the day! I had car problems on the way home from work. Ray was quick to respond and even recommended a great local auto shop to make the repair.

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