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By: Melody S.
Walmart Neighborhood Market
I typically shop at Safeway, Winco etc, however on 8/5/2014 I decided a change was needed & I would give Walmarts Market a try. Wow, big mistake. So the downfall came the very second I walked into this store. It had a very empty lonely feel to it, boring & sort of eerie feeling. At anyrate the big issues came up when I was observing & waning to purchase some bacon. Right off the bat I notice three packages of bacon was a ugly gray in color & didn't match the other packages coming from the same company same expiration date etc. I take the bacon up to the cashier to address the situation and the cashier totally agreed with me & stated the bacon looked real bad. So it doesn't stop there. I find two packages of lunch meat with the expiration dates of 7/04/2014!! Again I take this up with one of the employee's and they pull it off the shelves. There was another item that was way expired it was Lloyds pulled pork. So for a third time I take the product up to a employee. So I can see and get past one item being to old to consume. But three?!?! This tells me that this store lacks teamwork & overall care for there store. Needless to say I will never shop here again. One nice thing I can say is that the employee's were super nice guys . But being a nice employee is only a small portion of what it takes to keep a customer coming back. Walmart Market needs to get it together!
By: Michael J.
Checkers Mart
All this nonsense about the store owners being racist is a complete lie. A girl was smashing the store up like an animal and an employee of the store got into a confrontation with the girl. The employee said, this is how black people act. Girl lied and said the enployee said the n-word. Employee was fired by the owners. Now girl is lying and saying it was the owner that said it. Just another criminal playing victim and using the race card. The owners of this store couldn't be nicer. We should support this business and other hard working Americans.
By: Debby G.
Trader Joe's
When i lived close to the Trader Joe's on 39th, i went there all the time but now i live in Gresham, and the one on 39th is to far out of my way. Please build a store in the Portland/Gresham area. I know you you get a lot of customers and like me will be happy.
By: Jeffrey K.
Asap Market
the employees try to overcharge items and when I confronted him he looked at me and said your wrong. Then he looked and said your right will never go back. The employees there don't know the prices on their products that's really bad
By: Regina I.
Quality Food Center
This store is being redone, however I was quite impressed with the quality as well as quantity of items it has. The fruits and veggies were plentiful and fresh. Great wine section, cheese section and meat. Very nice clean store.
By: Cindy H.
Barbur World Foods
I go here ever weekend and go get anything that I need and want, the surprising thing about this place is that they have everything that I need and I want, with so much more.
By: newyorkspider
Union Market
There's a great selection of everything here! The clerks are very, very friendly. This place is the best for getting your groceries. Overall, you'll love shopping here.
By: Stephanies S.
Barbur World Foods
This is where we purchase our groceries from time to time. Never had a bad day here. Customer service personnel makes sure you get the best experience possible.
By: Adam B.
Market of Choice
Great staff, very high quality produce and meats...and nowhere near the price of Zupan's at the bottom of the hill. Also a solid craft beer selection!
By: Mohamed S.
Hamar-Weyne Food Market
love the place and the parking is... uhh.... so AMAZING!!!! Five Star Market and best employees with help from when you come in!!!!!!!!

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