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By: Betty L.
Mary's Jewelry
I was in need of a watch to give as a gift to one of my friends so I went in here. Luckily, I was able to find what I need. Thank you and see you again soon.
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By: lleahy2
Margulis Jewelers
Margulis Jewelers is so wonderful - a Portland Landmark. Unique, one of a kind custom pieces. Love, love this place
By: Paul B.
Malka Diamonds & Jewelry
How to define customer service.For me a business’s customer service is defined by their actions when something does not go right not when the process goes as planned. My dealings with Malka jewelers and David in particular should be a case study in how to live up to your reputation.My wife has had a solitaire setting since we were engaged. I have often encouraged her to find a setting that she liked and we would make it happen. We have browsed over the years at different places but we were usually overwhelmed in large jewelry stores. Finally, this year as our anniversary was approaching I started looking for a jeweler that we could make this happen. The Malka showroom is small and intimate, with just the right amount of selections to highlight several different styles without feeling overwhelmed with selection. David helped us with a selection we were both very happy with and the ring was ordered. It took longer than expected to arrive but when it did, my wife loved it. This would have been the end of our story but NOoooo. Not more than two weeks later I received a frantic e-mail from my wife, she woke up and her center stone was missing ; two of the completely sheared off. Luckily, she found her stone in the carpet by our bed. We contacted David and arranged to bring in the ring in to his shop. He looked at the ring and right away new that something was not right, the prongs had sheared off low and in a straight line. He described it as a casting flaw or void.He offered to fix it in house or send it back to the manufacturer for replacement. We both agreed that the manufacturer should see this and off it went. This process took several weeks and in that time, my wife and I had time to reflect on the situation. Finally, my wife sent David an e-mail describing her angst and subsequent apprehension with this same ring. David’s reply cannot adequately be described as just doing the right thing by his customer. He reassured my wife that her feelings were justified as he too has misgivings with this manufacturer given our experience. He gave us two options at this point, the first option we had to read multiple times, it was beyond generous and neither my wife nor I felt comfortable accepting it. We are not the kind of people who expect something for nothing and realize things sometimes do not work out as planned. His second option was to design a ring based on the original rings style with some added features to make it unique. This option made my wife very happy and relieved all of our apprehensions that we had made a mistake choosing this jeweler. After the design, review and manufacturing process we could not be happier. Not just with the ring but also, more importantly we having the chance to meet David and to know that there is still businesses that make customer satisfaction a priority over profits. I am sure the way this worked out heavily cut into Malkas profits, not once did David ever mention compensation after our initial dealings and he made us feel that making us happy was his highest priority. I cannot say enough about our experience and how pleased we are. You cannot go wrong selecting Malka as your jeweler and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
By: christopher.hansen.771
The Jewelry Buyer
THE PAWN SHOP NEXT DOOR PAYS A BETTER PERCENTAGE FOR PRECIOUS METALS AND ARE MORE HONEST THAN THESE GUYS ARE. ANY PAWN SHOP PAYS MORE OR AT LEAST AS MUCH. I went to the Jewelry buyer because I was not happy with the price I was offered by the Lending Club where I had been doing business for years scraping gold and silver. I brought in an ounce of 14k scrap gold jewelry to test them out. The guy said two of my pieces were 10k even though they were clearly stamped 14k and had tested them myself before I bought them. They offered me 72%, even less than the Lending Club did. When I told the guy that I could get more for pawning my jewelry, no matter how much I brought them, and would have the chance to rebuy what I pawned within the next 90 days if the price went up enough to be worth it he kicked me out of the store while ranting that whoever would offer me more was doing illegal business and he would not do illegal business.
By: billdude2212
The Jewelry Buyer
I called this guy to ask if he did chemical testing on silver to determine if it was plate or not. The guy was very rude! Refused to disscuss the idea of chemical testing. He just went on about stamp marks and how you would not not put one on if it wasnt real.
By: natasha.reinhart
Marx Jewelers
Just want to say THANK YOU Slava for being my family jeweler for all this years!!!! My engagement ring was a work of art! I really appreciate the fact that you were able to incorporate some of the diamonds that my husbands grandmother and mother pass on to us :) It has an extra special meaning to me!!! The earrings you have made for me to go with the ring are absolutely stunning! I am dazzling every special occasion wearing them. My daughter's first teen B-day we settled on pair of pearl earnings, and she wears them to an every important event in her live:), next Sixteen B-day! Her diamond pendant is exquisite piece that she will cherish all her life!!! I am looking forward to the graduation surprise :)
By: jennyryan
H & B Too
check out your bad review By golden coin and Jewelry and decide what you want to do. They left bad reviews on over 300 jewelry stores in the Area under the names of MorrisFive and others like Naaserus
By: jennyryan
Medallion Jewelers
check out your bad review By golden coin and Jewelry and decide what you want to do. They left bad reviews on over 300 jewelry stores in the Area under the names of MorrisFive and others like Naaserus
By: steven_w
The Jewelry Buyer
These guys are exactly how the other reviews are. They are friendly, nice, no pressure, they listen and they pay out pretty well. I love that they finger print people selling stuff - if you didn't steal it you have nothing to worry about right? :-)I'm so glad I went to these guys. If you have some gold you're selling - give these guys a look.:-)
By: sisupaintinginc
Empowered By Jewelry
Marla from Premier Designs Jewelry hosted a party at my home. I thought this would make for a nice social gathering, but I never dreamed I would have such a great time. All the guests had really nice things to say about Marla, and four guests committed to hosting parties of their own. This is the first real experience I’ve had with Premier Designs, and I have to say I fell in love with a much of the jewelry. But, what really caught me by surprise was how much half price and free jewelry I received for hosting. I’d heard mention that you could earn free jewelry, but really didn’t give it much thought. So, when the end of the evening came and Marla tallied up the sales and told me how much I was getting for free, my jaw must have hit the floor. And, the greatest part was that I could order anything out of the catalog that I wanted. Marla has a great story to share and I would definitely host another party with her.

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