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By: candidfeedback
Rider European Vehicles
I recently purchased a car from Rider European Vehicles. I went out there on a Saturday just to look and was pleasantly surprised at the great selection of high end European cars for very reasonable prices. The folks there were very nice, very knowledgeable and there was no pressure whatsoever. They let me take time looking over the car, driving it and addressed any questions/concerns I may have had. I left without buying a car but went back the very next day with two folks that know everything about cars. We spent about an hour prior to heading out there trying to find something on this establishment and/or car I was interested that may sway me from buying from them. Headed out to their shop and spent two hours mulling over the inside and out of the car I was interested in. Again, they were very nice, very patient, no pressure and after tearing the thing apart inside and out – couldn’t find one thing wrong with the car –and certainly had no complaints about the shop or the people running it. They give your space to look, drive and are extremely knowledgeable about the cars they take in to sell. They were very honest with me and even swayed me away from buying a sweet Mercedes Benz- indicating I might love it until something goes wrong and the cost to fix (since I am price sensitive), would blow my mind and I would not want the car. I was shocked at the candid feedback and found it very refreshing. I would highly recommend if you are in search of a nice European car and want a reasonable price- coupled with a staff of 3 that know everything about each car, with absolutely no pressure in buying, then this is the place for you! I have nothing negative to say about my experience and confident the car I purchased is well worth every penny spent. A+++++++ in my opinion.
By: P.
Silverline Automotive
I had an excellent car buying experience at Silverline. I was treated well, got a great deal and feel that they are upfront and honest. I bought a car with a branded title. I was provided a carfax and a list of repairs completed by Silverline. When I had the car inspected at the Toyota dealership, they confirmed the repairs as listed. In other words, there were no surprises. Everyone was patient with me and I never felt rushed. I had to go back a few times, as I changed my financing and had to cancel my service contract (for personal, financial reasons), and even then, after the deal was complete, they took their time to help me out. I had a few small repairs done after purchasing the car, using the 90 day warranty Silverline provides, and they performed the repairs quickly and were very nice about it. I think we all worry about being taken advantage of when buying a car. Having worked with Brad and the crew at Silverline, I firmly believe that they put reputation over a quick buck. They seem to be in it for the long haul and are therefore unwilling to lie or mislead people about what they are buying. Of course I was nervous about the car when I bought it, but it is driving like a dream, and as I said, the inspection showed that all repairs were done well and the car had no major, impending problems. And the best part is, I paid less for a newer car with fewer miles than any others I looked at! I definitely got the best deal at Silverline! I will look for my husband's next car at Silverline, and for mine as well. Thank you all for a great car buying experience!
By: Cynthia thomas ..
Broadway Toyota Scion
I called the Broadway Toyota service department ahead of time with a whole lot of questions regarding my 2006 Toyota Sienna affectionately known to my family as Lola. She currently has just over 90K miles on her. Lola had one thing that needed to be done which was replacing the serpentine belt. I wanted information about the services that I might be faced within the coming 5-7 years and which would be most valuable to do at this time in my cars life. Ronita was incredibly patient with me and took the time to answer each of my questions and negotiate how I could best use the $1300 I was planning to invest in Lola’s maintenance. I felt as if I really mattered to Ronita as we were working as a team to arrange the very best "care" for Lola. Ronita arranged for me to have a rental car for the duration of time my car would be at Broadway Toyota. She arranged for Lola to go into the "spa" (detail shop) in the evening so that she would have time to dry during the night after having her carpets cleaned. She really considered the details. When I came to retrieve Lola, Ronitas face lit up when she told me about my car and how John had done such an amazing job cleaning the carpets, detailing the leather seats and how great the headlights looked after restoring them. I truly enjoyed my experience with Broadway Toyota and working with Ronita to make Lola look and feel all shiny and new again. My car is like my second home. My family and I count on the safety and reliability of my car every day of the year and that to me is priceless.
By: Laura R.
Broadway Toyota Scion
The check in tech (I wish I got his name - he was fabulous) told me to go home as my car would be while, possibly not even ready until the next day. I must have had panic written all over my face (I had no ride and needed to get to work esp the next day!) and he calmly said, "let's make a plan. If I find you a car to use, will that help". My stress level immediately came down. I thank him for that. When I got a call from Carl a few hours later telling me the cost of service (more than double than I had in my head) or he could "introduce me to a nice sales rep", when I asked for an hour to think about it, he gave me more than that and was calm and patient with me on the phone. I appreciated that. When I finally determined it was time to buy a new car, Carl's co-worker (again, didn't catch his name) asked if I found a sales rep yet and I said "No, do you have a mellow, calm one who won't talk at me" and he hooked me up in the internet dept. Dan was fabulous. When I asked him to just leave me be for a bit after hearing his descriptions of cars/options, he did. He let me take 2 test drives of the car I eventually purchased. He was a perfect fit for me on that extremely stressful day. My car wouldn't be ready for a day or two so that arranged a loaner for me. I love Broadway Toyota and am so appreciative of the gental way they dealt with me that day.
By: Dami D.
Luxury Motors Online
Fantastic experience. Took a day off of work to drive 3 1/2 hours to view a Lexus at Luxmoto. Had an very clear idea of what I was looking at and what they would give me for my trade - trying very hard not to waste my time, or their time. After a relatively sleepless night, with my boyfriend in tow as my wingman - we drove to Portland. Loved the experience. Low key. No pressure. I'm in the personal business of buying a quality used car - and they are in the business of making a few bucks - that's how life works. Both myself (early 50's, single mom) and my boyfriend (later 50's) were very impressed with the experience. I am very happy with my purchase and the numbers Edwin gave me over the phone did not change. I am an honest person and expect that in return. Brian and Maegan were great. If I choose to look at another later model, low miles luxury vehicle - I will not hesitate to look at Luxmoto to fulfill my needs. Thanks, Luxmoto - a really nice car buying experience - finally!
By: R.
Silverline Automotive
I got a car from silverline automotive about 4 months ago. I must say this has been my best car buying experience ever I have had 4 cars all different dealerships and the customer service at silverline tops them all. I purchased an 07 black Subaru wrx Sti. They worked with me on getting me new tires and a lip for my car a new back seat because the one In the car I wanted had a burn they also gave me the stock bbs rims I wanted. So overall when I got the car it was amazing! Then 3 months after getting the car with no extra warranty purchased my turbo went back and smoke started coming out of my car. At this point I'm upset and think I'm going to have to put out 1200 out of pocket for a new turbo. I called silverline and talked to Leo and with no questions asked he told me to bring the car in and replaced the turbo no cost.. I was so happy and I would recommend silverline to anyone I know ! Thank u silverline and Leo u guys are great and will forever have me as a happy customer!
By: Dio C.
Luxury Motors Online
I spent about six months looking for a BMW 7-series in the price and condition I wanted. During that time my wife and I looked at a lot on overpriced vehicles in less than advertised shape. We came across Luxury Motors Online when they advertised a 2004 745Li that seemed "to good to be true." Nevertheless, I called Brian and he immediately convinced me the vehicle was everything he was advertising and the price was extremely competitive. My wife and I drove down from Tacoma, WA (about 140 miles) to look at it and we were ready to buy it. The car was better than we expected and dealing with Brian was a real treat when buying a car. He totally believes in his business model and his product and he sold us on it, too. We did the test drive and they took care of the all the financing, prep and delivery in under 2 hours - on a Saturday morning, no less. The service was outstanding, friendly, low pressure and the quality and pricing sold the car.
By: Gerald seligman ..
Landmark Ford Lincoln
I have a Morgan Roadster, an English 2 seater sports car and had it towed to your facility because of a failed cooling fan causing the engine to overheat to a point that I could no longer drive it safely. This car has been serviced in the past by Parr Ford in Bremerton WA. (the car resides in Poulsbo WA). A faulty relay was discovered, replaced and apparently got the fan working. Unfortunately this simple repair did not work, and after starting back home to Seattle where I live the car once again heated up, eventually requiring a very expensive tow back home even with AAA. Chris has indicated that he will request a refund to me because the problem was not solved. Hopefully that will be done. Otherwise the service etc. etc. was excellent. It was the unfamiliarity of the vehicle that was the problem and they tried their best, considering the circumstances.
By: Slate L.
Bretz Rv & Marine
We had a great experience with our purchase. Terri and Rick from Pheasant Ridge RV in Wilsonville sent us to BYOUNG after they bought a new 5th wheel. So, we came to BYOUNG and found the perfect motorhome (Tiffin Allegro) with Andy and Jack's help. We got our RV just the way we wanted it! Thanks guys, you were great! Then we worked with Polly for the financing. She did so good for us. Down to the wire, we weren't sure about the financing and Polly found us a full 1% cheaper loan through WPECU. That put a few more penny's in OUR pocket! Thank you Polly!Finally, when the RV arrived, Stacy (Happy Birthday, May 3rd) showed us everything and did a wonderful job getting us acclimated! Best wishes with your new baby girl!As you can see, BYoung RV is like our family now! Thank You! We are sending everyone who loves our new RV to you! Get ready! :)
By: Kari powers ..
Broadway Toyota Scion
I can't say enough about how great our experiennce has been so far with our purchase at Broadway Toyota. Whether in person or by phone eveyone I have been in contact with has been very friendly, helpful, and professional. Our truck buying experience was great and hassle-free (minus the problems related to the power outage in the building). Hamid was fabulous and very personable. The service department as impressive clean and all the staff I had contact with from scheduling, greeting, getting my loaner vehicle, etc were FABULOUS. The only thing awe are still waiting for is the additional set of keys (its been almost 2 weeks)for our truck that have yet to be located. We are hoping this wat does not sour the great experience we have already had. Hopefully we will be contacted by staff soon to pick them up.

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