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By: sisupainting
Northwest Coaching Group
Sherry Jordon sat down with us and put together a business plan that quadrupled my sales in one year! We did what was outlined and were a success. I am such a believer now that I’ve attended her workshops and seminars; her accountability group is absolutely amazing, and I even use her for my personal issues. I have a painting company, and to grow my business during this downturned economy is amazing to say the least. Sherry helped me cope with the sudden growth and I honestly don’t think I could have handled all the pressure and problems that went along with growth without Sherry holding my hand the whole way. She believed in me and that gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself. This year we wanted to just maintain our sales and fine tune our processes and procedures. So, of course, we made up a new business plan for this year and I’m excited for all the opportunities to learn and grow with Northwest Business Coaching. I give Northwest Business Coaching my highest recommendation; a five star company all the way!I’ve had several counselors over the last few decades of my life. Most I didn’t like, a few were so-so, and a couple I found to be very helpful. I have found Sherry Jordon to be the best of them all. Sherry is compassionate, witty and brilliant. I like her approach, which is more about solving the problem and moving on rather than dissecting the issue, which just eats up big chunks of time, if you ask me and doesn’t seem very productive. For example: my partner; whom I love very much, would not get her driver’s license. I begged and pleaded and coerced and cried and whined and pouted, but none of these tactics worked. One (and I mean one) session with Sherry, and my partner decided to study for the test, got her permit, practiced and went and got her driver’s license. It was a life altering experience and I’m still pinching myself because Sherry did what I thought was impossible. I’ve been able to rely on Sherry’s advice and guidance and appreciate all she’d done to help me. .Nancy LongSisu Painting
By: sarahdoza
Northwest Coaching Group
What clarity Northwest Coaching Group brought into my business. Before I had ever sat down with Sherry Jordan one on one, I had attended one of her workshops. She was teaching about the nuts and bolts of strategic partnerships and how they contribute to a business growth plan. It was amazing how relatable and insightful Sherry was. I walked away feeling as though I had something real and concrete I could take back to my business and apply today. Also, I felt that I had the steps to put into the practice the concepts she discussed. I had to meet with her again and get specific to my business. As we started discussing my specific business, my specific challenges, Sherry Jordan provided me the answers and plan to execute. The depth of her experience in business operations and coaching is vast. She had a solution for everything! With the small tweaks, suggestions, and innovations Sherry has coached me onto a more successful plan to achieve my goals. Northwest Coaching Group is definitely a solid rock in the mix of consultants out there. I have used Sherry Jordan before through the company I work for and was happy. Lately I had been really feeling a bit stagnant with my career trajectory so I met with her again. What a different a couple hours with Sherry made. When she says she is a business coach & career counselor boy does she mean it. Her kind of knowledge only comes with experience of successfully helping many folks find the right career path. It really shows. She was really able to help me clarify how to look for opportunities inside my organization and prepare for them. She helped me to identify the skills I needed to develop and to offer me resources to assist in that development. As well as help me draw a clear picture my long term goal and really design the steps along the way to get to where I want to go. Whether you are a successful business wanting to take it to the next level, or a professional wanting to evolve, Sherry has the ability to guide you to your goals.
By: idayork
Northwest Coaching Group
I finally had a chance to meet with Sherry Jordan of Northwest Coaching Group, after having heard her speak at an industry meeting a few months ago. Sherry's office is located in SW Portland and she works with business owners to create business plan to propel a business to the next level. The day I met with Sherry, I was feeling anxious regarding a few up coming decisions I needed to make. So, our meeting started out with me explaining about my business, how I started and then we went into the issues I was dealing with. Sherry did not waste any time getting me to open up and asking questions like “what is the one thing you need right now?” My answer was, “more time.” Sherry asked a few more questions and in my answers came the direction I needed to take to get more time. From there, Sherry helped me set some black and white rules for myself, just a few but rules that are going to make a huge difference in my profit. Increasing my profit margin means adding on another staff member which would help with my time issue. It was wonderful to have someone understand where I was coming from and give me very real, tangible advice and direction. When I left, I had 4 things that once implemented, I would have more time. If you are like me and get caught up in the many hats you wear as a business owner, it's good to have someone who can reign you in and help you to focus on the next step. Sherry was that for me. At the following staff meeting I had with my team, I discussed what I had learned in my first meeting with Sherry and we discussed how we would implement it as a business. I can see that continuing down this path is a way to make small changes add up to large shifts.
By: tanyawilks
Chuck Wise Motors
I was looking for a minivan for my family (we were having a 4th child) and I was shopping online, came across two different vans that they had on special. They're prices were very cheap so at first I was skeptical but I called and talked to one of the salesman that was actually very literal in saying "it's just an older van that runs & drives good, we washed and vacuumed it, besides that you can see how it was treated." I asked if there were problems with it since it was priced cheap and to my suprise again he was very literal saying "every used car has problems but beyond one of the windows not going up or down everything else works as it should when we tested it out." My husband and I went down with a family friend that is mechanically inclined and when we got there found these two vans were the only ones they had. Apparently they deal with majority trucks so they only buy vans if they can price them really cheap and sell them fast, we were good with that thought. Our friend couldn't find anything abnormal for the van's age and mileage and we drove it twice both times were very comfortable. They wouldn't budge on price, but I couldn't really blame them since they were way cheaper then everyone else.Overall I was suprised they were so straight forward and not all "sales pitchy" compared to the other 3 lots I called. They left us alone and gave us all the privacy to talk we wanted. They were actually very funny too, all of them had plenty to say from they're 20+ years at the lot and the crazy things they've seen....Good people I'd say. I'd rather buy from a small realistic place any day so I give them a BIG 10/10.
By: jenniferreviews
Northwest Coaching Group
My husband and I hired Sherry Jordan as a business coach several months ago to help us with some well-needed business planning for our custom metal work business. I have worked with other coaches before and was drawn to Sherry because of her genuine and nurturing personality as well as her way of looking at small business ownership as just one aspect of a larger picture; i.e. how our business fits in and complements our larger life. She’s driven it home for me that you can’t have a thriving business if other parts of your life aren’t figured into the equation, i.e. family, health, stress level, balance, etc. We walked away with not only a solid annual plan, but also with new ways of thinking about running our business in a way that supports our health, happiness and larger life goals.We are continuing to work with Sherry on a monthly basis and love the templates she provides for goal-setting, planning and measuring. The analytic side of me loves how she keeps us honest in creating specific, measurable stretch goals. We review them each month making adjustments as needed. And YES, we are seeing our business grow at a much faster rate! I highly recommend Sherry Jordan.
By: abigaila
Northwest Coaching Group
I don’t know where to begin when talking about how great my experience has been with Sherry Jordan and Northwest Coaching Group. My husband and I have been running our own business for almost 4 years. We had been doing well enough on our own but recently realized we were stuck in a rut and we couldn’t come up with many new ideas or plans for the business. We went to Sherry Jordan and we were amazed by how quickly she grasped our individual and personal views of the business, what we are trying to accomplish and what we need to do to reach the goals in order to grow our business the way we want to grow it.Sherry has helped us put together a business plan, including specific action items, which are really helping to keep us on track and moving forward with our goals, no matter how big or small they may be. Sherry makes herself available via phone and email for our quick questions and she is always eager to give us praise when we reach certain goals. I believe that having Sherry in our lives is not only making us better business owners, but better people as well.
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By: Sandra C.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Started out a little rocky, but only because I had unrealistic expectations. My pick-you up was running a little late and I thought I would be peeved with them when they arrived. But, after speaking with my driver I found out the kind of crazy day they were having and the delay made perfect sense. I know I have crazy days too, so we enjoyed a conversation about people expecting miracles out of madness. Upon arriving at the rental agency, I patiently waited my turn and was rewarded with a very kind employee who showed me my options, got me out of the parking lot with a washed, clean and fast dream car and a smile to boot. The car was fantastic, it could not have been better!These same two employees were there when I checked back in four days later and recalled my trip details and asked about the adventures. Being kind and treating people with respect gets you a long way in life and this experience reminded me of that. Sometimes there may be a delay or something does not go to plan, but with the right attitude and some stellar employees the day can be saved!
By: Austin B.
Moda Cars
Moda Cars LLC and the owner and staff was an amazing experience. I got the exact car I was looking for and wanted and they made it happen very easily. I did a trade in and I was also extremely happy with the value of my trade that they gave me. I was two hours away and a lot of stuff had to be done over phone and text so I was uncomfortable at first but the staff was extremely professional and as well as personal in order to make sure I was getting what I wanted for the best deal. When I got to the dealership to purchase the vehicle, it was quick, easy, and I was always made aware of what was going on, I never felt "in the dark" at any point in time. It is still the same after the purchase, I am comfortable I can go back with any questions whether phone, text, or in person and they will help no matter what. Their vehicles are quality vehicles and they live by their word when they said that. I easily recommend anyone who finds a vehicle they are looking for at Moda Cars LLC to explore the option of buying it there.
By: luciasur
Northwest Coaching Group
I've used Sherry personally and observed her counseling another business person. She has an extremely adept means of using questions to get at your problems and to challenge you to think and develop possible answers along with her. She can be subtle or directive as the client requires. She has a background in therapy that makes her stands head and shoulders against all other business coaches, as she understands human behavior, body language, business and personal psychological issues, and adept ways at working with people to analyze and change behavior. She's worked in the corporate world and as a sole proprieter, so she's walked the talk and comprehends where you are coming from.Everyone can benefit from a business coach - to deal with frustrations, assess what's going right and how to retain that direction, and what's not and how to change it. She has clients around the U.S., and can help via phone! I'd never use another business coach than Sherry and I'd never go without one. Paul Sivley
By: Ed S.
National Car Rental
We were finishing our stay in Portland and wanting to drive to the picturesque Columbia River Gorge and then on to Seattle. Nationals airport pickup rates were significantly better then the the other rental companies with downtown pickup location. It was cheaper and really easy to take a shuttle bus to the airport to get the car. Since we are Emerald Aisle members we picked the car we wanted. There were not a lot of choices on the Aisle but enough to feel I picked the car I wanted. It drove great.Drop off at the National location in downtown Seattle was a little difficult because the address listed is the Main Street yet the entrance was actually on a side street. A positive is that they are one of the only car rental companies that had a procedure for late drop-off (after 5 pm). Hertz had many more locations but none could you drop off a car after 5 pm. Really poor on Hertz, Really good customer service marks for National!
Tips & Advices
Although special insurance isn’t always legally required for a moving truck, all auto insurance providers and moving specialists suggest you buy the special policy from the moving truck company. This is because most auto insurance policies have exclusions for covering vans and trucks over a certain size, and also because auto insurance will not cover the personal property inside a moving truck.
In order to drive a rented moving truck, a person must be on the rental agreement. Just as with rental cars, getting another driver put on your rental truck agreement may carry an additional fee per day.
Moving truck rental cost does not include the fuel cost. Make sure to find out from the rental company if there is anything to know about the type of gas the truck requires, as well as the location of the gas tank.
The rules about moving trucks and weigh stations vary somewhat by state. Some states do not require trucks to stop if the occupants are doing a personal move, not commercial moves. Others require all commercial trucks to stop, regardless of what they’re calling. When in doubt, stop.
Yes, pets are allowed in some moving trucks. However, all moving companies clearly state that renters should not put pets in the cargo area, and that pets should be in a transport carrier or properly harnessed for everyone’s safety. Moving truck rental companies all have clearly posted pet transport safety tips that you should review before moving day.

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