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By: Yael D.
United States Bakery
I have fallen in love with this company's Franz Bake Shoppe Ginger Snoppe Cookies, and I do eat them. I get them at Albertson's on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle. They are delicious, but there is one BAD problem with them: the ingredients include palm oil. Palm oil comes from Borneo, to which orangutans are native. The growing number of palm tree plantations for harvesting that oil is pushing orangutans closer and closer to extinction as their native habitats are turned into plantations. PLEASE, Franz Bakery, use a different kind of plant oil in your recipe, to lower the threat to the orangutans. The more of the wonderful species out there we lose, the more damaged Earth's biosphere -- and our own chances of survival -- become. Thank you, Yael Dragwyla, Seattle, WA (polaris93@aol.com)
By: brittbrat63
Voodoo Doughnut Too
We went to voodoo doughnuts as out of towners to see what the hype is all about. It was easy to find with fast and friendly service. The shop and workers were clean and courteous, especially given that we had a list of many we wanted to try. Prices on some were a bit outrageous ($8 for the cocky-n-balls) but all in all, they're great doughnuts and not something wed find in the small town were from. from
By: Jean S.
Best almond croissant and fresh full flavored macarons!I tried salted carmel + earl grey macarons - I dare to say it's better than lette, bouchon, and Jim patisserie in LA. They use local heart coffee which I love. I can't wait to try all flavors - this is a must visit in the city amongst bakeries.
By: jeffkimlahaie
An Xuyen Bakery
THE BEST cake I've ever tasted! It was so light & fluffy. Not overly sweet either....well balanced flavors. Had the pistachio & was amazed at how tasty it was. I couldn't stop eating it!
By: afelesina
Lovejoy Bakers Inc
Wandered in because of the crowd of people outside. Was delighted by the selection of food and drink. Noticed that a individuals, families, and even pets visited. Comfortable atmosphere.
By: rikki_rawson
Bliss Bake Shoppe
I come here often to get their gluten free/vegan cupcakes. They're amazing! Moist and full of flavor. I don't usually have a lot of luck finding good, gluten free baked goods.
By: Connor P.
St Honore Bakery
If you are near town come and visit this place and I'm sure that you'll not get dissapointed with what you'll get. They make some good stuffs here!
By: Olivia B.
Brian's Bake Shop
Good stuff! I like it in here! There are so many loaves of bread to choose from! There are also so many good pastries in here, lots to choose from.
By: Joey Z.
Portland Specialty Baking
What I love about this shop, is that they are able to customize their cakes to what you desire! This shop is definitely worth the recommendation.
By: Jackie D.
Evelyn's Bakery
If you need cakes for any occassion, it will serve you better to visit this shop. They sell some of the nicest cakes I've ever seen.

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