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By: chrissystedler
Campbell Court Apartments
I was happy that I had a chance to get an apartment in this building. The location is one of the best in Portland. The only complaint I have is that the parking can be tough. I did end up renting a spot... and unlike that other gentleman I dont mind walking 1/4 block to the front of the building to get into my apartment. The management is great. They take good care of the building and were reasonable when I had to move. Even though I had to break my lease they were able to get my unit rented within a week. Since I left the apartment in good shape they were able to let the new person move in immediately and they didnt charge me for breaking the lease! I think I remember that Jerry guy... he left a dingy materess in the hallway outside my apartment and yelled at the management when they asked him to remove it. I think I recall they eventually charged him for it and some other stuff. Jerry was a slob and kind of mean. I totally disagree with his statements abotu Kate and Tim and Campbell Court. If I didnt have to move back to Idaho I would still be there.
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By: Jing S.
Dawson Park Apartments
If you want to never sleep this is a great place for you. I have a neighbor who plays loud music at night. Only after we called the police and the police submitted a report, the manager did something. The impact was moderate anyway, since they still play music in night, but at a lower volume. We still weak up at 3 am because of the vibration of their stereo. The same neighbor has the bathroom fan on all night. We can't sleep because of the noise and the vibration. The manager says they can't do anything about that. The manager treated me impolitely when I brought it up and only after multiple complains they decided to do some maintenance on our neighbor fan. Result: we still don't sleep because we can still hear it all night. Other neighbors are also noisy. We often have to ask to turn down the volume of their TV, stop using their exercise bike after 11 pm, stop talking loud when smoking in the parking lot. Finally, the garbage truck at 3 or 4 in the morning! Impossible to sleep!
By: mari0976
Wimbledon Square
I moved after 5 years because there was a lot of crime going on. We personally had an incident and when we told management they swept it away and did not warn any of the residents that there were attacks in the complex. When we moved they didn't return the deposit within 31 days and I had to contact an attorney. We did get the deposit back but it was a hassle. I was pleased with the apartments the first 2 years and everything went down hill after that. I am glad I am not there. I did enjoy the amenities and the complex being close to everything though.Thank you, Mari
By: bigestyle
Riverwood Heights Apartments Homes
Nice and beautiful apartment community. It has come a long way and it really shows that the staff cares about everyone here. Parking is adequate, but you know there is parking available even if I have to walk a little bit to my building. Maintenance really is great here, they will go in and take care of any issues that you have and are super friendly. The manager really cares about her community and has always worked with me the one month that I was late with my rent. I am really enjoying the style of my apartment. I definitely reccomend living here.
By: Danya F.
South Park Square Apartments
What a beautiful building. 100 walkscore So close to everything nice Portland has to offer. The staff and management are amazing. and the community is made up of wonderful people.
Stonebridge Apartments
Under new management as of mid-2012, We would love to hear your reviews!

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