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By: Keauntay C.
Garden Home Apartments
Beware this apartment complex. Its run by C&R management group and the head manager is Carolyn. Her daughter Christina lives in the complex and has complete immunity from eviction or repurcussions for her actions. Living here we have experiencedDeath threatsIntentional vehicle damage for which the police are still looking to arrest her for.Extremely loud music all day and night 7 days a week.Banging on our door in the middle threatening to stab us.Other neighbors have had their cars keyed.Complete threatening behavior and management (mom) does nothing! Beware!!
By: Bri K.
Scott Mountain By The Brook
Overcharged on rent, then emailed me opportunity to rent from them for 200.00 per month less. Then claimed that is only for new renters, yet they sent it to me.Homeless problem nightly raiding our dumpsters and if you walked by they hit you up for money. Office did not stop it.Office charged me monthly for apt insurance even though I already had renter insurance - office left msg late October they would refund me. No $ rec'd to date; no documentation of payments made in my behalf were rec'dVery odd office mngr. We rec'd move out bill on 12th, we overpaid on 18th and got msg call from mngr 3/2 stating pay now or collections 3/6.Collections also called 3/2 wanting money. This is an odd mngr. wonder where our final payments went.Live elsewhere, we are!
By: Adam B.
Sunset Summit
I lived here for a year. They do have nice apartments, absolutely gorgeous views...but WOW the on-site property managers are completely terrible. If you're not at least 40, they're rude, condescending and treat you like you're not good enough to live there. When we moved out the lady that shows the apartments actually had the nerve to suggest it's because we couldn't afford it and that "well times are tough, lots of people are losing their jobs". I didn't lose my job, I got a promotion and actually bought my own house just south of downtown PDX.
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By: Pra T.
South Park Square Apartments
Beware of these guys and their practices. I recently had a bad experience with my rental application process. I went to their office and found an apartment unit 805 available for $1329/month. I filled out the rental application form using the computer at their office. After I completed my application process and paid the $45 application fees, I did not hear back from the office for over a week. After checking with them, the manager called me to say that they had an error in the system and the rent is $1650. To say the least, they even did a hard check on my credit.If their online system cannot be trusted, then I am not sure why go through the hassle, or maybe the reasons for sudden change of rent is something else. Either way, be very cautious when dealing with these low ballers and their sleazy practices.
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By: Jing S.
Dawson Park Apartments
If you want to never sleep this is a great place for you. I have a neighbor who plays loud music at night. Only after we called the police and the police submitted a report, the manager did something. The impact was moderate anyway, since they still play music in night, but at a lower volume. We still weak up at 3 am because of the vibration of their stereo. The same neighbor has the bathroom fan on all night. We can't sleep because of the noise and the vibration. The manager says they can't do anything about that. The manager treated me impolitely when I brought it up and only after multiple complains they decided to do some maintenance on our neighbor fan. Result: we still don't sleep because we can still hear it all night. Other neighbors are also noisy. We often have to ask to turn down the volume of their TV, stop using their exercise bike after 11 pm, stop talking loud when smoking in the parking lot. Finally, the garbage truck at 3 or 4 in the morning! Impossible to sleep!
By: Mat J.
Russellville Commons
I didn't believe the reviews I thought these people were just angry I just moved into Russellville haven't even been here for a month and the list of issues and complaints would fill up the entire yelp website All "another review that says run" The management is the equivalent of a high school lunch table it's run by self-centered young on educated children who are snarky rude and dismissive and unprofessional just to list a few The biggest issue in this place is the noise without a doubt garbage trucks come three days a week as early as 4 o'clock in the morning shaking in banging the entire apartment complex Most of the residents are either so young that you think that you're living in a college dorm and wondering who's paying these people's rent or they look like some kind of hoodlum and you're wondering how did this person even rent an apartment Not to mention they want a lot of money for rent I'm paying over $1400 for a two bedroom apartment look somewhere else find a house get roommates do anything but move in Russellville I signed a 14 month lease and I already am kicking myself wishing I would've gone somewhere else if I hadn't just spent two weeks unpacking everything I go to a lawyer and find a way to break my lease save yourself the stress and time
Stonebridge Apartments
Under new management as of mid-2012, We would love to hear your reviews!
By: Chyna H.
Cypress Crest Apartments
This place was a face lift from HELL!!!!!! Literally the WORST apartment living experience I've ever encountered in my life. If you want a the lowest run down apartment in SW Portland, these are them. I found these apartments by word of mouth, and without deep research signed a 1yr lease. BIGGEST MISTAKE of my rental life. From the very beginning there were electrical issues and some minor issues. Dylen Chen & Monica Chen (manager/landlord), assured me those things would be taken care of no problem. Never happened. Then a few months into my lease, my apartment was literally FLOODING, kitchen sink would fill up with the upstairs neighbor waste, and the dishwasher would just POUR out water, regularly. My bathroom fan (the light and fan were connected), was RAINING, yes RAINING. We were never able to use the bathroom or the kitchen. I was constantly trying to contact Dylen & Monica by phone and written maintenance request, and they NEVER respond. Forget the only 2 "maintenance" workers, one of, who sits around and gets high all day (big white guy who keeps prostitutes in and out of his VAN) and the other does NOT speak a lick of english. (Ramone) I worked 2 full time jobs, modeled and had 2 children (5 & 7). We were never home except after 7, 8pm. Every time I came home, My house was flooded, and electricity was off (I paid the ridiculous amount of electric bill due to the unnecessary Heating/AC Unit). Not to mention the HEAVY drug activity that takes place on a regular basis. From known meth addicts who hang out in the parking lot yelling at people, to the pot heads who openly smoke everywhere. It got to a point where when I finally did get ahold of Dylen, he would FIGHT and ARGUE with me about contacting him to fix things! When the end of my lease came close, I was forced to have to file a small claims lawsuit, and he retaliated with a forceful eviction. No problem. I moved out. I then received a BILL from them for all kinds of BULL charges. Charges for water damage, charges for RATS CHEWING ON THE MOLDING AND DROPPINGS, Charges for ELECTRICAL issues (which by the way, i was NEVER able to use my refrigerator or stove) but my Court date for him was this last Monday.... Guess what happened.....? I WON! RUN FAR AND FAST, unless you dont speak ANY english, and are into the drug scene, this is NOT the place for civilized, comfort living. Nowhere near it.
By: Danya F.
South Park Square Apartments
What a beautiful building. 100 walkscore So close to everything nice Portland has to offer. The staff and management are amazing. and the community is made up of wonderful people.
By: mari0976
Wimbledon Square
I moved after 5 years because there was a lot of crime going on. We personally had an incident and when we told management they swept it away and did not warn any of the residents that there were attacks in the complex. When we moved they didn't return the deposit within 31 days and I had to contact an attorney. We did get the deposit back but it was a hassle. I was pleased with the apartments the first 2 years and everything went down hill after that. I am glad I am not there. I did enjoy the amenities and the complex being close to everything though.Thank you, Mari

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