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By: kevin.richter.9678
Jaspare's Pizza and Fine Italian Food - Portage
Jaspare's Pizza has had great success since opening in Portage in 2009. After outgrowing their little building on Kilgore/Sprinkle, the owners decided to move to a much larger building only two blocks south & that can seat almost 100 people. Jaspare's Pizza has won numerous Awards from the Community. Including: First Runner Up for WWMT NEWS 3 - Best of West Michigan: Pizza, Best Gourmet Specialty Pizza at the "Portage Pizza Fest", GRUB HUB Golden Grub Award, Best Kids Choice, Best Regular/Thin Crust Pizza, Best Overall Fan Favorite in Portage. My personal Favorites are the Sweet Memphis & the Buffalo Chicken. You must try them!
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By: Christine F.
Cottage Inn Pizza
I am a weekly customer , I order online every time , when the delivery time says 40 -60 minutes that is what I expect. With that being said , when my order is already 20 minutes late and I call and am told uhm uhm we are running later and the online ordering is not updating our delivery times , I think a phone call to update me -the customer - would be a good idea -great food , not great customer service . And when I call and say my first name and i get the repeated uhm uhm , some kind of compensation should be readily offered , I am a repeat and loyal customer . Should have ordered chinese .
By: mhedroug
Spicer's Pizza
I must say that I had one of the greatest pizza in Kalamazoo, I am a chef, therefore; I know what I am talking about. The grinders are loaded and pretty big that I will make a great lunch and snack for later on. The place only sits 16 people, and the dining room is so intimate that is perfect for business lunch-ons, or a softball team after the game. The food is honest, and well executed. They have great items for pizzas such as capicola, and great specialty grinders. They deliver too, a must try place.
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By: Fuktoy O.
Chicago Style Pizza
Overall apperance, at first glance you think this place is a dive. However DO NOT BE FOOLED.That chipper gentleman at the counter is a true artist and his works should be housed next to devinci, and the like. Do yourself a favor that will start a lifelong romance with that guy's Pies. I suggest the deep dish myself, seriously the best. You will find outside of italy.
By: Marshall C.
Mancino's Pizza & Grinders
Our family has gone here for a couple of years and it's one of our favorites. Their grinders are great. I haven't had their pizza yet but I always see people getting it. The place is frequented by many who are loyal to it. I highly recommend.
By: melissa.newcomb.58
Jac's Cekola's Pizza
I ate the great food growing up and I am still eating it today always the place to be :) thanks for being part of portage for so many years :) and thanks for picking me up when I fell :)....always thankful eat this food its amazing :)
By: Sarah D.
Went in there for the first time with my 2 young girls today, and it was amazing. They had a lunch buffet available and it was great... kids 5 and under are free! Our server was very attentive. We will most definitely be returning.
By: jeffwend
Erbelli's Pizza
Our office goes here for lunch at least once a week. The food is amazing and the service is great too. Don't be afraid to try something new here too. Everything they make is outstanding. I suggest trying the Disco Q pizza.
By: Tiffiny young M.
Breakfast At Tiffiny's
www.breakfastattiffinys.comI'm not sure why you had trouble finding it? I will definitely look into it.
By: Donna H.
Jaspare's Pizza and Fine Italian Food - Portage
Love Jaspare's Pizza, never had a problem with food or the employees....Great pizza and service :)

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