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By: Judy H.
Evan Nine Entertainment
I Simply do not see how Evan was rude to this bride. I have used Evan on more than at least a dozen events as far as weddings go and he is the consummate professional. As far as what she is saying that the bride do all of the communicating with him, it has to be that way because if you have 1/2 a dozen other people trying to order a DJ around, he will have absolutely no direction at all. Usually 99.9% of the time, the bride is the one who communicates with the DJ. Phone communication is extremely very important with all of my clients as a wedding planner myself because each and every bride is extremely very different in what they want and there are lots of times that an email can not specify these types of things. You could have given him the benefit of the doubt especially since he bailed you out of a situation where you had no one at all for your event and he saved the day, especially knowing also that he flew in especially to do your event earlier that day and could have sent another one of his associates to do the job. I have personally known Evan for over 25 years in the industry and has a flawless reputation in the wedding industry. He is a perfectionist and accepts nothing less. You obviously must be some over the top bride because I can see why this other DJ cancelled on you as he did not want to deal with you at all. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such harsh words about such a kind gentlemen who works very hard at what he does. It is brides like yourself who ruin peoples lives especially when they bail you out of a situation like he did. You should be thankful that he did this for you. Myself as a wedding planner certified by The Knot.com, have never had a bride be so harsh on a client as you have on Evan. You have badgered him and it would not surprise me if he takes legal action against you in the future, I know if it was me, I would. I hope you enjoy your holiday and are happy that you ruined someones reputation at the same time and hope you truly sleep well at night.......
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By: Frank D.
Evan Nine Entertainment
We have contracted Evan to provide photography and DJ services for our daughter's upcoming wedding. I was immediately impressed at his professionalism, thoroughness and openness at our first meeting. His ability to see a situation and immediately offer the best solutions with respect to the entire event, not just individual issues is a most welcome attribute. He has a complete understanding of the entire process and was willing to share his experience and offer meaningful suggestions.After ironing out the details of his responsibilities at the wedding, he stayed well over and gave us invaluable information and referrals on everything to do with the rest of the wedding from florist and tuxedos, to the chairs and linens. Everyone he recommended was pleasant and eager to help, and all spoke very highly of Evan. Even now, in the weeks before the date, he is in constant contact and working above and beyond what would be normally expected. I have no doubt that this will be an evening to remember and that will be large part to Evan.
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By: Terra A.
Evan Nine Entertainment
I had many guests complain that he was rude. He was utterly inflexible, insisted that the bride do all the communicating with him, even when that was impossible, and sat about looking bored for most of the reception. He also started packing early, which was embarrassing. I also found his insistence on phone communication to be outdated in this modern age, and often inconvenient given my busy schedule. I am however, giving him three stars for swooping in and saving the reception from having no DJ at all after another performer broke his contract to do another event, leaving us with no one.
By: kenneth.mayr
Sound Choice DJ Service
Just want to say thank you for an awesome time last night! It was exactly the night I had hoped for, Eric did a great job and many people commented on his professionalism. The party wouldn't have been such a success without the help from you and your crew. You all were truly a pleasure to work with and I'm so happy to have chosen Sound Choice DJ Service for our surprise 60th birthday party. Everyone had a blast! People were on the dance floor all night. The sound quality, the lights and the selection of music was great! Again thank you for a memorable night.
By: Mike M.
Evan Nine Entertainment
This guy was really amazing. From his professionalism to his fun attitude, he really got my guests up and dancing all night long. His professional skills and great choice of music made for a perfect wedding for both my wife and myself. I would highly recommend him to everyone in my circle of friends and family.
By: S R.
Sound Choice DJ Service
Best DJ in town! If you are looking for a DJ for a wedding or party give Todd a call.

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