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By: A T.
Alan's Firearms
I think Alan's Firearms have been given an unfair rap here with the negative reviews. There is no doubt he is very knowledgeable, especially where collector firearms are concerned. I will admit he can seem somewhat unfriendly at times, but I think that's more of his matter-of-fact demeanor than any intentional slight to his customers. There have been other gun stores with far worse customer service, and some which are better. Maybe if I worked in a gun store and had to listen to so many self-anointed experts who think they know it all, but regularly referred to a magazine as a "clip" and made references to the mythical concept of "knock down power", I would probably try to avoid engaging in too much conversation with people just to save my sanity. I have purchased weapons from Alan and had him do some transfers for me over the years. I have always found him to be professional, knowledgeable, reasonable, and accommodating. The man's personality should not be a reflection on the quality of the service or products you can expect here. And just for the record, sometimes I feel like he's a little standoffish with me too, and I have been doing business there for years. With that having been said, it would be difficult to find many people with the knowledge and dedication to this business that Alan has. If you watch his YouTube Channel, he had some fascinating and well-presented commentary on both rare and more popular, contemporary firearms. I have a great deal of respect for Alan and his business for the aforementioned reasons. If you're not too thin-skinned, go check it out. You may find something you're looking for, you'll definitely see some stuff you probably won't see many other places, and if you're not too much of an expert already, you may learn something too.
By: Alan S.
Alan's Firearms
1. Jason Carison is full of dog ends! what he describes never happened. we don't shoot at our TV or anything else. I am $50 to $100 less then any of my competitors, so I think he works for one of them.2. patv81 . I do remember this guy, He wanted us to evaluate 12 guns and tell him what they were worth. We told him if it was a written appraisal for an insurance company, we charge for that, if he wants to sell the guns we would buy them if the price was right. He said he just wanted to know how much ther were worth. to look up 12 guns to find a going price takes time and we would consider that an appraisal. he got mad at us because we would charge of our time and expertise and left. as for the book thing, no one knows every gun in the world and we do sometimes look up information as to year and rarety . That is for your protection as well as ours. 3. Montanagal1. not enough in what he said to know who he is or what happened so I can't really answer to this. I can say we have been here for 6 years and in that time 6 other gun shops have come and gone out of business, we on the other hand have the largest vintage firearm collection on the treasure coast. we must be doing something right. Come in and see us.
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By: John M.
Alan's Firearms
I needed help fixing my rifle and Alan was very helpful and helped me understand how to avoid problems in the future. The work was done fast and professionally as I waited. I was shocked to see the other reviewer here who gave him few stars because they didn't like his prices, (cheaper than Bass Pro shop when I was there today), or because he wouldn't inspect 11 guns for an insurance quote for free. That is very rude to expect a businessman to work for free for you because you don't want to spend money. How do these people think he eats and keeps the lights on? If you need work on your gun, or are looking for a used gun or antique give this local small business a try. He did right by me.
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By: Lorraine A.
Mamas Roti
Although the food is delicious it took way too long to reach the table. After 20 minutes of waiting, we were told that a dish we ordered was not available. There is definitely a lack of communication with the staff. The walls are naked and could use some pictures. It's not clear if it's take out only or dine in also. We were not asked and wanted to dine in but got our food to go. A little music would have made the 45 minute wait a little easier. All in all we would definitely go back but would order at least one hour before getting there. Good luck to your business ����
By: Ruthie B.
Wakim's Cafe Bistro
Finally, a Gourmet restaurant with sit down and take out. Might you be one that frequents Whole Foods and eats lunch from there food bar?? Well, here we have the best of the selections right here in a closer location. No run of the mill food here. Fits the chicken/meat/fish eater as well as us Vegan/Vegetarians! Thanks for opening up.
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By: Don O.
bella roma
Great food, great people, just love this place Just makes you feel that you are in Italy. Can't wait to go back for dinner. Don and Pat O
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By: James D.
Tutto Fresco
Lunch has a nice menu , dinner is a challenge , their menu has so many dishes and every one that I have tasted was excellent.
By: Jay M.
Machu Picchu Restaurant
The service and quality of food is outstanding! Every dish we tried, we loved!Only bad is there closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
By: Monica M.
Mark's Guns & Knives
Great store! Fair, professional and friendly. Nice services and classes. Will go there for everything I need.
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By: Maria B.
bella roma
Albert is the greatest, fantastic personal service, text me from Italy to confirm our birthday cake!

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