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By: Euneshia L.
Scented Dragon
I wanted to tell you about my experience I had at The Scented Dragon a few months back. I was driving down the road after leaving my doctor's appointment and seen the store. I kept having a feeling I was to go back to the store, so I did. Once I went in I started talking to the lady behind the counter, because honestly I don't know anything about anything. I went on to tell her my problem with this spirit in my house. I've always been able to see and feel spirits. But this was the first time one was actually strong enough to throw a ball at me and I was a little scared for my kid's. ( as soon as he threw the ball I told him we wasn't allowed to scare my kids. Me and him has had words before about pulling covers off my nephew and scaring him. This was about 6 years earlier.) The lady behind the register said let me go get someone so you can talk and let her know what's going on. So she went over and told Rhonda Jean Korpar that I needed some assistance. After several minutes she came to me and asked what was going on so I told her. She went on to tell me about this guy and that he's just angry and reassured me that he wouldn't hurt anyone. That's when she looked at me and said you know you have two spirits, I said yes a woman... she said yes your grandmother and she's there to protect you and your family. By that time I'm full on crying like a baby. I can't thank them both enough, I feel more at peace now knowing that I'm not going crazy..LOL..

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