Giovannis Pizza in Port Orange, Florida with Reviews -
By: Greg R.
Five Stars Pizza
I love pizza. In Florida there isn't much to choose from. But in my area I did find a traditional pizza place that I really love, but they are only open till 10pm and they are very expensive. I used to work for domino's 2 years ago and swore I'd never eat " Commercial fast food pizza again. but i gave in. the menu and the bargains look great. An Added bonus is they are open till 3am !! being an X New Yorker thats like being rescued from Gilligan Island. Anyway the pizza was great They offer custom ways to prepare it. In no way did the sauce taste tart and the toppings were real. This place is set up like a Domino's but in no way was the quality as such. I look forward to doing business with them when I get home from work at 11PM (when everything else is closed) or if I can't sleep and I'm hungry when I wake up at 2am. I look forward to ordering pizza in Manhattan time 2am LOL Very good highly recomend !!
By: Joe D.
Pizza City
I've eaten there enough now (delivery only) that I feel I can fairly comment on the pizza and Greek salad. Simply delicious and authentic. The pizza crust is (as I was told) shipped down from New Jersey, and it tastes like pizza crust is supposed to,a little chewy and that fresh bread taste. The toppings have never disappointed and the extra large two topping deal is a great one. My only complaint is now I'm spoiled and don't want anyone else's and my wife and I can't get passed the pizza to try their other products. Great job!
By: guest39
Luigi's Pizzeria And Ristorante
From the quality of the food and the people who do so well with treating you with such graciousness, it has been a great place for my family who have come from the north and felt at home. It wasn't easy to find a place who could match the taste of a real pizza here in Florida til I was giving the advice from my mother who before she past came here on Saturdays before there ventures to go out for evening entertainment how she enjoyed every bit of this place!
By: penney.poncer
Slim's Giant Pizza, Subs and Wings
The best food in florida. period. this is coming from a former new yorker. and boston persons. my huband and i could not believe the how awesome the steak subs were, the pizza and the chicken. great portions and great prices. i would go several times a week if i could. we found this place in port orange, near the rr tracks in a little plaza. what a find. and we feel like friends now. penney poncer fb. (mr and mrs ponce)
By: Valerie F.
Five Stars Pizza
Pizza was really good!Wings was really good! We were visiting Daytona beach Florida for vacation and was out late and decided we wanted pizza before we went to the hotel, we were looking for dominos but came upon five stars pizza and it had non reviews online so we were hesitant about getting it. We were so glad we decided to go ahead and try it because it was so good!
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By: Megan C.
Mellow Mushroom
The food is always so fantastic even though it does take a little long to get. The servers on the other hand... They all seem a bit spacey and tend to take a little long to get the ball rolling. Over service seems to happen often and then when you do actually need something they are MIA. Makes me wonder if it's worth my time anymore.
By: Katrina M.
Slim's Giant Pizza, Subs and Wings
Slims has a simple but good breakfast like eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, orange juice, & coffee! They also have the best variety subs, pizza, sandwiches, & sides. All their prices are adorable & the best around! Their also a very friendly/family orientated restaurant! Yall definitely have to check it out forsure!
By: Sherin M.
Luigi's Pizzeria Cafe
Great for the family to get together and eat real NY pizza, great service that you rarely find anywhere; try the meet lover puzza, oh God it hit the spot. Also, my sister is vegetarian and they did a super special pizza the way she likes. This is my go to pizzeria when I'm hungry.
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By: bch3095
Giuseppe's Steel City Pizza
Pizza is above average. It really depends on who prepares it, I guess, since I've gotten some below average pies on occasion. The rest of their menu is average to below average.
By: mschwartz98
Luigi's Pizzeria And Ristorante
I moved down here from New York 2 1/2 years ago. It took a while but I found the closest thing to New York Pizza. Pat (the owner) is from New York and knows what he's doing.

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