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By: spideralamode
A-1 Electronics
My kid brother, Steve, is currently serving Life Without Parole in Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, MO. When living in a cell with another man, the value of a good T.V. is SO much more than what most people EVER think about. My brother has been "Violation Free" for about 6 years now. One of his most prized & cherished possessions is his T.V. His "link" to the outside. When it broke down on him, thankfully, his cellmate had his T.V. to watch. Recently though, his cellmate's T.V., the "on/off" switch broke, so now they had NOTHING. With the help of family, he sent his T.V. out to be repaired at A-1 Electronics. They followed all the rules of the prison and Steve recently got his old T.V. back, GOOD AS NEW. I can't begin to say how much that means to us, his family. We purchased that T.V. for him 15 or 16 years ago, and Steve has cared for it the whole time. Thank you to A-1 for not holding judgement on my brother or other prisoners, they all made mistakes and are making their amends to society. We REALLY appreciate a business like A-1 for taking their calls and fixing their electronics for them!! The work was done VERY professionally, and the lady that answers the phone (the Office Manager) is EXTREMELY friendly & helpful, too! Please, send your electronic repair business their way!!
By: Patty J.
Hefner Furniture & Appliance - Poplar Bluff
I received my bed set from Heftners and I did not get my head board or foot board they didn't tell me even when I talked to them that morning and the nightstand dresser drawer is off centered

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