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By: Gymnasts I.
Walmart Supercenter
Horrible! I went in a couple weeks ago and the people were straight up RUDE! I was in a check out lane and the cashier said, "ma'am count your items" I told her I did and that I had 13 items. The cashier then refused to service me for my "snotty attitude". So I walked out of the store with no groceries and took my business elsewhere
By: Byron O.
Walmart Supercenter
A female manager who treated my retarded relative like crap ruined this place for me. What happened to the sheen? Used to be nice. Now in the clothes section it looks like a hurricane hit everything sitting out. And do NOT linger in that parking lot at night! Looks like Gangland USA!
By: ozarksjanet
My Mobile Store
Excellent inventory, low prices and not PUSHY! Very knowledgeable about all of their products. Nice to have smart people help when it's about electronics!

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