By: bugmantim
Brick Oven
Great Pizza - Great Service - Clean Facility - Friendly ServersI waited until my second trip to write this review. Once I sat at a table and then the bar. Both locations within the restaurant I received great service. The first trip I came during a rush. Although a little more time was required, everything was great. The second trip I wanted to see what went on behind the counter. A lot can be said about cleanliness through watching the kitchen. Everything I watched was spot on. Sanitary, clean and organized is my observation. I own and operate a pest control company. I see it all. This one is "Spot On". Very courteous. Great food. Good atmosphere.
By: Kristie W.
Brick Oven
My family and I looked forward to trying this New restraunt in Poplar Bluff. When I saw " Brick Oven" pizza, I was under the impression it would be true Italian style pizza. Home made, Hand crafted crust, cooked in a brick oven. With imported sauces and cheeses. But, upon opening the boxes to 2 14" pizzas which I paid $30. for, looked like an Imo's knock off. the crust was like cardboard, had almost no sauce, cheese or toppings. and it tasted worse than it looked. Don't waist your money. I wont be. I'd rather make Chef Boy RD pizza myself.
By: candy.napier.7
Domino's Pizza
I have ordered 3 gf pizzas from the poplar bluff location. They have all been great! First was pepperoni, then extravaganza, and today the best EVER was the veggie!!! It was so delicious and finally felt like a real human enjoying my favorite food once again! If you ever have to give up gluten, I recommend Dominos pizza. Worth every penny!
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By: Lm K.
Myrtle's Place
Very good food prices are reasonable and service is very friendly must recommend to all for a good dining experience
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By: barbarahillisfiske
Brick Oven
BEST pizza in town!!! My family and I LOVE it and the friendly atmosphere!!! Keep up the good work
By: William R.
Huddle House
its the Huddle Houseits really good food has smoking and nonsmoking

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