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By: Unknown N.
Loving Hearts Child Care & Development Center
OMG!!!! The owner is very unorganized and unprofessional!!!! I feel like she treated me as a dollar sign. You set up appointments with her and she doesn't show up, No phone call to re-schedule or even apologize. You can call her for MONTHS and you will never get a reply, You just get the "she will call you back" Or "I told her the message" but let you owe some money you get a written notice ASAP! The teachers was teaching the children but a bunch of mothers including me was complaining about how their child is coming home with diaper rashes. Turns out they only check your child diaper or pull up every 2 hours which explains the diaper rashes and that is very unsanitary!! If you were trying to potty train your child poor child would be confused!! and obviously they were not trying to help with the potty training, most likely wasn't asking your child does he or she have to go to the potty. I knew my child wasn't getting changed regularly because I counted the number of diapers then pull ups I sent daily and only 1 or 2 was missing when I picked my child up SMH! The older kids listens to music that isn't ideal for the younger kids so the younger kids are exposed to such music & dancing. They provide meals which is good BUT my child eats sweets everyday for breakfast like a pop tart or just jelly toast. I don't think that is a healthy breakfast at all!! They also had a problem with letting my child have access to my Childs cup throughout the hot summer days! Every time my child came home my child was thirsty, drinking like my child didn't have a drink all day! I found out my child barley did because whatever was in my Childs cup when I dropped my child off it was in my Childs cup when I picked my child up! I feel like I pay WAY TOO MUCH as a single mom for all this to be going on. I understand daycares are not perfect but this is unacceptable!! I do not recommend this daycare to a child that is not potty trained or can not speak well enough for your child to tell you what has been going on! This daycare is a prime example of don't judge a book by its cover!! Its looks nice but what goes on is not!! FYI My child has been going here for almost a year and I have NEVER met the owner although I have set up plenty of meeting to do so!! I'm not trying to bash this daycare, Just letting people know how my experience went. If they get these issues under control they would get a 5 star!
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By: Jessica W.
Loving Hearts Child Care & Development Center
The daycare looks nice and is clean majority of time that my kids are there. However, there was a lot of issues when it came to billing. I was told more than once for two months that I had a past due bill, each time I asked what was the amount no one could tell. They told me the owner would have to tell me and it took forever for me to even get in touch with her. After a while she told me not to worry about it and just gave me a current bill. The main reason I came to this daycare was because they were 24 hrs, without any notice she switched back to her regulars hours and that put me a tight situation. A few months later she decided to shorten the hours of operation even more and I had to go look for another daycare and then she changed her mind. The owner is very nice but very unprofessional and unpredictable. They come out with all kinds a rules that you were never told about and the managers are always quitting. And once they quit the owner finally decides to show up. The staff is okay. You have some really good ones and some not so good. I have seen so many people quit this past year, that I began to become concerned. Right now there is only two people left that my kids like and I don't like the odds so I'm in the process of looking for another daycare. All I can say is be careful.
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By: Kevin K.
Paul's Auto Interiors Inc
The car had to go back 3 times to make sure the repair was done correctly, they cracked my center console and there was a big gouge on the piece that is between the trunk and the cabin. Other than that the repair is done but 3 trips is irritating especially after having the car damaged by the shop. Go over your cosmetics with them before you drop it off with them.
By: maryleight
Paul's Auto Interiors Inc
They are so nice and easy to work with. They repaired the seat of our 1967 Galaxie 500. IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Thanks for a fine job! Less than ten days too! Very affordable as well. I would recommend them to everyone. They do boat interiors too. Thanks again!
By: officerdod
Loving Hearts Child Care & Development Center
Safe, Clean & professional. This place really loves children. The staff is professional and they actually teach children through out the day. The hours are great and price is reasonable. They also accept state aid... Love it here...
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By: Monica J.
Loving Hearts Child Care & Development Center
The daycare itself is beautiful and the teachers are amazing with the children. The owner is very unorganized. Instead of giving out bills weekly she gives them out on a monthly basis and they are incorrect
By: Angela A.
Stuffed Bun
This place has the most delicious food as well as friendly service. The portion size will definitely wow you, the wait time and early closing time are the only negatives here. A++
By: Mercedez M.
Nick's Corner
Some of the best whole wings I've ever had. The only thing I have to complain about is sometimes it takes a long time to get your food.
By: Viktor P.
Perry Street Grill
Great restaurant. Best breakfast and sandwiches!

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