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By: stewartresmer.
Crestmont Volkswagen
I brought this vehicle in because it had sustained water damage and after I addressed those issues I discovered that the factory immobilzer stopped the car from running.After reading up and informing myself about what it would take to resolve this issue I realized only a factory authorized repair facility could fix this.To be straight forward with you all about that? I own this car, I pay the bills on it. VW has absolutely no business stopping me from starting and driving my car in the way this system does that has resulted in tens of millions of dollars of Class Action Settlements over the 'Smart Key'.While at the time when I bought the car I was not aware of the issue, I am today, and despite a very good effort on your service departments part to re set the immobilzer and my having paid the bill and round trip towing, the car still will not start.If anyone in the VW network thinks that this helps your brand, let me re set your minset on that. It does not.What I have also learned from reading and personal contact, there are a few other 'known' issues with these cars that would appear still exist in your latest year models.Not the least of which are electric window functions. On Youtube for instance already there ar 2012 owners demonstrating unreliable window operation.In the example of my 2003 model there are hundreds of inter net comments about unrelaible window lifts as well as convertible tops that do not operate as every one would like them to.These known problems do not build consumer confidence, and will not help you at all. Yes,you might assure me that these issue are the exception and not the rule, and that I have a ten year old car with water damage issues any way, but such problems should not be occuring to begin with and yet again I refer you to the 63 million dollar class action sun roof debacle?I really like my convertible, but I have never driven it yet. And I want to.Thats why I bought a used ECU and have sent it to a company in Utah that will erase the immobilizer function altogether for me, and thus I anticipate being able to defeat the factory design, no because I want to, but because there is no other way to resolve the issue I am having economically and thats the problem.The consumer wants an affordable, reliable, automible in every way. This vehicle in my opinion is not that in these regards. But because I am an enthusiat, I have the disposition to oput up with these issue (to a degree)and while you may delight in people being enthusiatic about your product, the aper trail about the known issues that do not seem to have been resolved leave a legion of less than satisfied consumers at the side of the road, and immobilized.I will let Scott and Voitech know how the modified ECU approach turns out.Thanks for asking.RegardsStew
By: debratrentacosta
Crestmont Volkswagen
I brought my vehicle in to repair damages caused from an auto accident and was satisfied with the repairs themselves and my dealings with Dave. I was however dissatisfied with being required to pay for the cost of the car rental when I came to pickup the vehicle after being previously told that the cost of the rental would be billed directly to the car insurance company which was completely unexpected and caught me off guard. This has caused me financial hardship because its been 2 weeks since then and I have yet to be reimbursed by the ins co. I doubt I will bring my vehicle back to crestmont vw for similar repairs in the future as a result.
By: lindapalkow
Crestmont Volkswagen
We arrived without an appointment at Crestmont, 7/15/13.The indicator light for tire low pressure alerted us we may have a tire problem. After checking pressure for a few days, it seemed the right tire had a slow leak. Since we happened to be in NJ at the time, we stopped at Crestmont and were immediately taken care of without an appointment. Tire was fixed and we were on our way back home to PA.Service was fast and courteous.Thank you!
By: bob.gagauf
Crestmont Volkswagen
I was going to get Revo ECU upgrade to my R. But Service was not able to access the software from Revo's site. Dave tried repeatedly to contact them but with no success. So I am waiting to hear back from Dave after he does reach them as to what the problem was. But in spite of the fact the upgrade couldn't be done, I was happy with the way your guys tried.
By: mikemazzucca
Crestmont Volkswagen
Great follow through and communication. Very thorough and communicated how the service would proceed. Once service was completed, he reached out to me to let me know things were done, and a recall issue that I was unaware of was taken care of too. Just a great service exp. Glad I could find a new dealership with good service to handle my car from now on.
By: marybozenmayer
Crestmont Volkswagen
Everything was great!Ramsey was very pleasant, the work performed ended up cheaper than the estimate, and we were in and out in almost exactly an hour, which is exactly how long Ramsey said it would take!This being my first new-ish car (that actually is still under warranty), I am happy to know I can be confident in the service department at Crestmont.
By: rachaelengel
Crestmont Volkswagen
My experience at the crestmont dealership is always a good one. Employees are Professional and friendly, will go above and beyond to meet your needs. Waiting for your car to be serviced is also very accommodating. They have a cozy waiting area with nice couches, a television and complimentary refreshments.
By: Robert F.
Crestmont Volkswagen
My car broke down on the way to Boston. Your team provided immediate and exceptional service. You got me on my way in 3 hrs. That just does not happen anymore in this world. I am eternally grateful and would travel out of my way to buy a car from such a customer oriented organization Thank you
By: james.meringer
Crestmont Volkswagen
Always take care of me. Bob Baush and Ned Dolan made it possible for me to purchase my new Jetta TDI. I have 4 cars all VW serviced by Crestmont and always go to Dave Baker for service guidance and direction.Great team all the way around! And I'm a converted BMW owner (Park Ave for 21 years)
By: domenick
Crestmont Volkswagen
I was very satisfied with the service department's work. I brought my vehicle in for an oil and filter change and they took it upon themselves to rotate my tires, check and fill all fluids as well replacing a gasket that was needed. They also cleaned my vehicle which was a pleasant surprise.
Tips & Advices
Depending on the part and its overall quality, a good amount of money can be saved by purchasing aftermarket parts versus OEM parts. But aftermarket parts that are low in price might also be lower in quality and could do more harm than good to your car, or they may need to be replaced more frequently than a more expensive counterpart. This could lead to saving some money in the short term, but spending more than anticipated in the long term.
The type of tires being purchased is the most significant determinant of their price. SUV tires are more costly than average car tires. And high-performance tires are more costly than economy grade tires. On average, standard tires for an average-sized vehicle are around $100 per tire. Standard tires for an SUV are around $150 and pick-up truck tires are about $200 on average. Some dealers offer discounts if purchasing more than one tire.
Car inspections typically take about an hour. However the wait time can be longer depending on how busy the shop is. Call ahead for an appointment to avoid long wait times.
Depending on the manufacturer, certain aftermarket parts can be just as reliable as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. But one item within a vehicle, like oil filters for instance, could have multiple manufacturers and there could be inconsistencies in quality among them.
Costs of replacing a windshield can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors:
  • Vehicle make and model
  • How much of the cost insurance will cover
  • Whether the windshield installers come to your location or you bring the vehicle to them
  • Standard service costs of the windshield installers
Generally, newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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