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By: mike068662gmail.com
Just Termites and Pest
my son came home for 2 weeks when he left we found bed bugs i called 4 pest control places just termites was the only company that was on time the same day. Sales guy was in uniform the truck had company info i did read all the reviews and i wasnt sure but no one showed up but just termites. Next day another guy came and i told him im not going to pay till he was done just to make sure he told me he wasnt going to ask me for a check till the end and if i wasnt happy i can keep my check. after 2 hours he left the next day a lady name billie called to make sure i was happy and set a follow up for the week after. No more bed bugs now for 2 month im very happy that i went with this company and by the way orkin showed up a week later and wanted 895.00 all i paid was 470.00 i know who to call next time i need service.
By: andrewmdeerfield
Just Termites and Pest
Found Swarming Termites in 1 Bedroom called Just Termites. There schedule for that day was full but gave me an appointment for the next day.They showed with up 2 nice technicians. and showed them the problems. the spray/fogged the attic, drilled, foamed and patched the walls. and saw termite signs in the floor. said would be best to spray the subfloor. I agreed and they left and said call them when vinyl floor was gone. called later in the day and they came right back. and hosed down the floor. they returned for a follow up a week later and resprayed the floor. very happy with price and service no sign of termites and has 1 year guarantee
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By: Michelle M.
Waste Management
My question is why is the dumpster not been dumped in over a week!? Now the trash is blowing in front of the complex. It needs to be dumped!! Who puts the dumpster in the space? If it's WM then they need to mark the spot so no one will park there and then they can get it dumped! I know that's the biggest problem!! But, something has to change! The PM doesn't do a freaking thing. He tells you what you want to hear but then nothing and sometimes he won't answer the phone. Who can I call to resolve this problem. There is a lady with a child and one on the way the dumpster is right there at her window. I mean come on please help
By: rpcondos
Just Termites and Pest
We are a LARGE scale condo community of 671 condos. This company sprays the common grounds, our office, the clubhouse and individual units that we own. They've been AWESOME at response. The office staff is extremely cooperative and responsive. The guys who actually come out are friendly and always call ahead. I use them at my OWN home and would recommend them to anyone. The owner is truly one of a kind. People should be LUCKY to have them in their phone and able to call at the drop of the dime, even after hours if needed. These guys ROCK!!!!- Property Manager for large condo association.
By: Bobbie jean C.
Plumbing World Inc.
My boyfriend & I went to lowes to find valves for our bathroom. It's an older set up, so lowes didn't have the piece. I looked up plumbing shops in our area & found plumbing world. We walked in & showed the gentleman behind the counter our valves. He walked into the back & came back with our exact valves! We were completely surprised seeing how they date back to the origin of the house (the 50's), so we were almost certain we weren't going to be able to find them. He was efficient, knowledgeable, & honest! We will definitely be back! Thanks Plumbing World for your help!
By: Web G.
Just Termites and Pest
I would highly recommend Just Termites. When I first called them they was very professional and helpful over the phone. He also has a lot of helpful information on his web site. THey provided a service from the start before I even hired him to do the job. When it was all said and done I decided to have Just Termites do a termite treatment for me. He was punctual and got the job done. He also provides a lot of other services that I would consider having him do for me in the future. Thanks to Just Termites I was "treated" right!"
By: leulate
Just Termites and Pest
This company came after hours for me, because I work banker's hours. The man was super friendly and explained to me the bugs I was facing. He only has to come out 4 times a year, as a precaution, because the product worked THAT well. Everyone in the office has been great and productive with me every time I call. I even get my bill emailed to me each time, versus wasting paper. They're ECO GREEN!! I would recommend this pest control to anyone who wants peace of mind for their home. Thanks Just Termite & Pest Control Team!!!
By: Jose Q.
Just Termites and Pest
Awesome company very fast, reliable, got my house tented my rep was David great price i dont know why people are so difficult on this reviews i was understanding about the weather and the Fumigation crew did there job and respected my home and was very carefull with my plants i would highly recomend this company to any one out there they tent with vikane and they dont sub contract there work thank you guys me and my family will continue to do buisness with Just Termites
By: Joshua R.
PIP Termite & Pest Control
I had bed bugs I called pipthey offered to come out but they told me I would at least have to have 3 treatmentsthey offered the Do It Yourself pest controltelling me I would get more for my buckwith the bedbugs package they sell at the shopthey were very helpful told me where I should dispense the treatment. they took their time we're very courteous and insightful I would definitely recommend p.i.p to my family or friends awesome people
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By: Neil B.
All Around Builder
Jordan and Robert were wonderful to work with on my family's kitchen remodeling project. They were professional, displayed great work ethic. They kept their workspace clean. Both of the guys were very helpful with our questions, and even helped us save money deciding on tiles. Best of all they were punctual! I highly recommend them and would rehire them if I had another home project.
Tips & Advices
The cost of trash pickup often depends on the size of the garbage container and whether the service is being handled by the city or a private company. The monthly rate for weekly pickup of a 48- gallon garbage container can run around $20 if this service is handled by a local municipality, while pickup for a 96-gallon cart can cost roughly $22. Rates are often higher when working with a private company.
A compost cart is used for the pickup of compostable items. The list of compostable items includes yard debris, such as branches and plant trimmings; a wide variety of food products, including everything from baked goods to poultry to fruits, grains, and sauces; non-recyclable paper products such as used paper plates and cups; and miscellaneous items, such as cotton balls, hair, and wooden toothpicks.
Trash should always be placed in a trash container when possible. However, if you have more trash than you're able to fit into your trash container, some trash pickup companies will accept the trash if it is bagged and placed next to the full container. Many trash pickup companies will accept up to five extra bags at no charge.
The most common residential trash container size is 96 gallons. A 96-gallon container is large enough to meet the needs of the average family, and it's generally able to handle weekly collection cycles without overflow. This is the largest residential trash container that a garbage truck's automated side loader can accommodate.
Paint cans should not be placed in regular trash bins. Paint and paint thinners can be hazardous to the environment, and these items require special handling when it comes to disposal. If you have paint cans that need to be disposed off, call your trash pickup company to make special arrangement to have them removed.

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