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By: carroll02
Tri-Valley Orthopedic
Over the years of seeing Dr. Behzadi, I have developed a strong trust in his treatments and guidance. The staff is responsive and supportive.
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Tri-Valley Orthopedic
The element of trust, built up over time, is Key to the successful outcome of any surgical procedure. I have great trust in Dr. Behzadi .
Tips & Advices
Hearing loss is diagnosed using a multipronged approach. The ear care specialist will interview you regarding your medical history. The specialist will also observe your behavior, and take note of things that may indicate a hearing problem. Finally, you will be given examinations that are designed to help provide a clear and accurate assessment of your hearing.
There are four types of hearing loss. The first is referred to as an auditory processing disorder, and it takes place when the brain has difficulty keeping up with the information that's contained in sound waves. Conductive hearing loss is triggered by problems with the outer or middle ear, such as earwax buildup or a punctured eardrum. Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the hearing organ or auditory nerve. Mixed hearing loss is essentially a blend of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.
A digital hearing aid is one that digitizes sound input before boosting the volume of the sound that has been received. In contrast, a traditional analog hearing aid simply increases the volume of the sound input without any digital conversion. The digital technology used in digital hearing aids makes it possible for ear care technicians to craft customized programs for the device that address unique hearing challenges.
The best type of hearing aid is one that does an effective job of providing the improvement in hearing that you seek. To evaluate a hearing aid's effectiveness, it's recommended that you use it in a variety of program settings and environments before committing to a purchase. You should also see how the hearing aid works when you are using your cell phone.
Audiologists are able to perform procedures that relate to the non-medical treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. Audiologists can conduct tests that assess and diagnose these conditions, and they can prescribe and dispense hearing aids. They can also design programs to help conserve your hearing. However, they cannot provide pharmaceutical or surgical care. For this type of treatment, you must turn to an otolaryngologist.

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