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By: kmacpro
Dragon Gourmet Buffet
I gotta write a review to combat any negatives, in Broward County and I have been too all others, without a doubt this is the best panasian buffet in the entire county, The oysters on the raw bar are 'chewable' so sweet, and with the best texture, the sushi is very fresh compared to the rest, unique delights like Coconut glazed deep fried diver scallops (WoW!), the tastiest chinese fried chicken, freshest soups, freshest salad, and widest array with many authentic recipes. The price tag is worth it, it's just for most making the trip out that is somewhat challenging, also very fare prices on alcohol including Japanese beers and hot sake.There is rarely a night of foul food, at buffets some weekday nights tend to 'stick up the place' with weekday duldrums messing with the chefs, not here, there is no green tint in the air at this place, always fresh and with a good reputation to uphold.
By: coco.yu.5099
Dragon Gourmet Buffet
I'm not a buffet person, in fact, I cannot recall the last time I have been, but somehow I ended up at Dragon Gourmet Buffet Restaurant and I have to say I liked it. The biggest concern I have when I go to a buffet is, is it clean? And it was. The buffet was not only kept clean, but offered a wide variety of food options. The options included Chinese delights (Dim sum & Cantonese dishes), Japanese (Sushi & Hibachi) and many dessert options (they had some great ice cream flavors). For under $9 per person for lunch and under $13 per person on nights and weekends, I think it is a great deal considering the wide range of food available. Not only did I enjoy the food, but others seemed to enjoy it as well. The place stayed busy and people were definitely going back for more. And, even though it's buffet, the wait staff was very attentive, nice and friendly. I highly recommended it.
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By: Robert R.
Dragon Gourmet Buffet
this place has been around a long time, that speaks for it's self. no matter where you go somebody is going to complain about everything. if you can't find something you like then you don't like anything. very nice place,lots of food.
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By: Rajah W.
Zaatar Shawarma Falafel Station
Great food!! Tastes like autenthic home cooked Lebanese food! The place is very welcoming and the service was fast. Presentation could be better but that's the least of the worries. Good spot!!
By: Anthony L.
Five Guys Burgers & Fries
It's a very tasty burger. I wish they had more of a combo menu because I think it's a little too pricey but other than that I think the burger taste very well I also enjoy the cajun fries.
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By: Pat J.
Zaatar Shawarma Falafel Station
The atmosphere was good. It was my first time and the owner was attentive. Not to many people at the time I went, but the food tasted great! Overall good for my first time.
By: katie77k
Dragon Gourmet Buffet
This is the place to go. My friends took me to this spot for dinner and I have been going back ever since.
By: Emily B.
J. Alexander's
Wonderful restaurant, impeccable service. So pleased! Thank you
By: Fernande F.
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Love the burgers and the burgers are fresh and hot also real

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