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DHL Express, a part of DHL International, offers a range of international services. It provides DHL same day, international document, and worldwide priority and import express services. The unit also offers DHL supplies and packaging services for boxes, pouches, envelopes, tubes and packs. DHL Express provides shipment value protection and way bill, customs and government documentation preparation solutions. It offers delivery duty paid, special handling, neutral delivery and thermo express services. The unit provides door-to-door delivery services for nondutiable shipments, such as documents, invoices, contracts and reports. DHL Express offers international mailing services to more than 220 countries and territories.


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  • False Delivery Attempts
    Edited: 02/05/2017

    1st Lie - Package due for delivery on May 1st, 2008 ... no delivery made on the 1st, but DHL driver updates web site to indicate delivery attempt was made - FALSE.
    2nd Lie - Second delivery attempt was made per DHL driver on May 2nd, 2008, no delivery was made, but DHL driver updates web site to indicate delivery attempt was made - FALSE.


    On 12-26-08 my package was over nighted to me. Well this is 1/06/09 and they are still telling me they will get my package to me as soon as they can. I have called them 5 times already and the shipper has called them three times. They will not ship my package to me. They also have lied to me and said three times it wason the truck and i will have it that day. WORST COMPANY EVER


    10/28/2008 @ 4:24pm - Called DHL to make sure my package was going to be delivered, because I waited at home all day for it. The woman told me that my package wasn't scheduled to be shipped until the following day (10/29/2008), but it was out "with delivery courier", so I waited.

    10/29/2008 @ 7:03pm - Called DHL again to tell them that no one stopped to deliver my package & that the "Delivery attempted; recipient not home" posted online @ 6:34pm was a lie, because I was home all day. The woman on the phone told me that it will definitely be delivered the next day as it is scheduled for delivery on 10/29/2008.

    10/29/2008 @ 11:40am - Called DHL again to find out why the online tracking showed no new updates on my delivery. Found out that it was because my package was NOT EVEN OUT FOR DELIVERY, depsite the fact that it was scheduled for delivery today. I asked why my package wasn't being delivered & the woman told me that an attempt was made yesterday, but no one was home. EXCUSE ME?!?! Explained the situation to the woman, wondering why a 2nd attempt was not being made at all, & she told me she sent a request for delivery for this afternoon after 3pm. Seriously? I have to "request" for DHL to do their job?

    10/29/2008 @ 3:19pm - Called DHL to confirm that my package will be delivered today. Woman on the phone said that it will be included with the afternoon deliveries, which I doubted it would be. I emailed DELL to inform them of this problem with DHL & noted that if my laptop is returned to them, "please resend my laptop using a different courier service".

    10/29/08 @ 6:17pm - Had my boyfriend call customer service. The package was "supposedly" out for delivery, but they were "running behind" on their deliveries. After waiting an hour or so, DHL called my boyfriend's cell to say that the package was returned to the facility & it is scheduled to be picked up!!! NOT ONCE DID DHL ATTEMPT TO DELIVER THIS PACKAGE! NOT ONCE! Their online tracking service showed no movement of this package since it arrived the DHL facility at 6:34pm yesterday. Tomorrow, my boyfriend will have to take a 1/2 day off of work to pick up the package, because I already missed a whole day of work waiting for the package on Tuesday, 10/28! How do you expect people to pick up packages from 11am-5pm Monday-Friday?!?! Closed on Saturdays & Sundays?!?! RIDICULOUS!!!

    How many want to bet the package will be out for delivery when my boyfriend goes to pick it up? Any takers?


    After customer service called my boyfriend at around 7pm last night to say "Pick up the package tomorrow", I received an email notice this morning saying: 10/30/2008 8:31 am With delivery courier. He asked for a 1/2-day off of work just to pick it up today. I'm glad I warned him before he left! Did I call it or what? Anyone else win that bet?

  • Horrible service

    I receive horrible services from DHL.

    As a shipper, they charge me for the packages I did not send, and I had to call them 4 times to have the problem solved.

    As a receiver, they did not deliver the item as promised. They always try to find some excuse for their service, having me waiting at home, but fail to deliver the package on the correct date. Horrible !!!!!!

  • Rude Driver

    This complaint has nothing to do with me shipping anything. I am disabled and rely on handicap parking when I go doctor. I live in Austin, TX and the Driver Number of the truck was 361540. On September 18, 2008 at 1:23 PM, I pulled into the parking lot of my doctor's office right behind a DHL Delivery Truck. Just guess where the DHL truck parked?! Of course, the only Handicapped parking spot left in the lot. I had to park a very long way from my doctor's office. I sat in the car and waited for the Driver to return to his truck, thinking that maybe, just maybe, he might be handicapped. However, I can't image DHL giving a delivery job to someone that is handicapped. Anyway, I digress, of course he had no handicap that was visible to the eye. You would think that when they were in training, if they are trained, they would make them understand that even parking in the Handicap Spots for 2 minutes is too long. I would think that they would hire people who were smart enough not to have to be trained for such a thing! I did file a complaint and the gentleman was very nice, I just hope the driver is at least talked to about the error of his ways.

  • The email and webite tracking ...

    The email and webite tracking shown that our package was delivered to our house on sept. 15 at 4:21 pm, left by the front door. After searching our house suroundings the night we couldn't find the package and called the DHL several time. It turned out that the package was not delivered as the company claim. What a mess.

  • Horribly Inefficient Service

    If DELL has now made DHL their main delivery service, they should certainly reconsider. I have ordered from DELL in the past, when they used another delivery service. I always received my items before the expected delivery date. The delivery of my latest order from DELL was very disappointing and horrible, which is through DHL. It took 2 days for the items to be delivered from California to Williston, Vermont. It has now sat there for 3 days, waiting to be delivered to the Plattsburgh, NY area (about 30 miles away). I called after the second day at the Williston facility, and DHL promised that the package was on the truck and would be delivered the following day. After not receiving it the next day, I called again and was told that they couldn't fit the package on the truck. I asked if I could pick it up myself, but the facility is closed on Saturday and since Monday is a holiday, the package will not be delivered until the following Tuesday. It is outrageous that this package should sit at the Williston, Vermont facility for almost a week before it is finally delivered. This is 1 day after DELL promised its delivery. I really do not have any faith that it will be delivered on the Tuesday that is being promised! I will make sure that I never order anything again from anyone who uses DHL as a delivery service and will also make sure that any of my acquaintances knows how horrible this service is.

  • DHL: Terrible Service

    In the future, if I order from a company that uses DHL as their carrier service, I will just cancel my order. It's just not worth the aggravation. About 4 weeks ago I ordered a printer from Dell, and unfortunately, Dell uses DHL for their carrier service. I received the first notice that the carrier stopped by my house, and I called the local DHL office that same day to tell them that I would stop by the next day before close to pick up my printer. When I went to pick up the printer the next day after work, I was told that my printer was back on the truck, and that a second delivery had been attempted. Well, that made me angry because I had left specific instructions not to attempt a second delivery because I would pick it up. Well, before I left the office, I requested AGAIN that a delivery attempt not be made, and I would come to pick it up. Funny thing is, when I got home I did not see a notice on my door even though DHL claimed they made another delivery attempt. I went back the next day during lunch, and I was told that a third attempt had been made earlier that morning, and because that had been the third attempt, they sent my printer back to Dell. I was pissed, and I made sure to let them know in a nice/nasty way that I was not pleased and that I would file a complaint. Well, the manager was just as much a numbscull as the employees that worked for him. I asked him what he planned to do about my printer, and he just stood there looking dumb and told me that there was nothing he could do and that I'd have to take that problem up with Dell. No one wants to take responsibility anymore when mistakes are made. I predict that with this type of customer service, I give it about another 5 years and that company will definitely be out of business.

  • DHL courier lie!

    DHL delivery courier is LIE. My Parents and I waited for DHL delivery

    yesterday and today outside of my door. The courier has not pass by my

    door. I checked online the trecking history;8/19/2008 3:57pm, NO DHL

    delivery show up.8/20/2008 12:44pm No DHL delivery show up too. If they

    don't want to deliver; just send me a postcard. I pick up at DHL customer

    office. Or return to the sender.

  • Horrible Nightmare!

    What a nightmare and horrible service. The manager Chris Gallenger was unprofessional and the company failed to get me my package on the day guaranteed, and claimed they could not get it to me today over 24 hours late!!!!!! because the driver today does not deliver to residences only businesses. I spent two hours on the phone one night and more time the next day. I needed my cell phone in that package. I urge everyone out there to use US Postal Express or Fed, Ex. This has been and contiunes to be a nightmare!!!!!

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