By: Paul L.
Bank of Texas
I went in Wednesday to send an int'l wire. Since Bank of Texas had just closed my branch and at least 7 more branches in my town, I had to find the closest one from the only two that were left. This location is brand new. As I walked in, it looked like the bank was closed. It was dark and one teller was running the entire bank. But, he was behind the wall and out of site helping someone else at the drive in teller. As I yelled out to see if someone was there he came from the corner, was kind and apologized. As I told him what I needed, he promptly told me he would have someone come to help me because he couldn't do wire transfers, and he went back behind the wall. After waiting more than 15 mins. and no one came from their offices, I wondered whether anyone even knew I was there. I decided it was time to try to other location, just to see if I wanted to continue banking here. As I walked out, the person that was supposed to be helping me decided to stop what he was doing on the computer and tell me he was available instead of making me wait longer. I told him I would come back when they were better able to handle my business, and I left. I ended up going to the other branch, and I'm glad I did. They handled all my needs and were friendly, helpful and AVAILABLE. I'm paying my mortgage off soon and also had the mortage dept. contact me about a new mortgage for lake property/plot.However, it still concerns me deeply that the Bank of Texas has closed 8 banks "all of the sudden" in Plano and has only 2 left. Of those 2, they are operating on skeleton crews and the service reflects this at this location!
By: lorryli2011
Golden Bank National Assoc
i think it is very good even though i never go there.

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