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By: angel040574
Montessori Children's House
We could not be happier. A year ago I put both of my children into this school. You can trust your precious children to the capable hands of Effie and her staff. They bring out the best in them academically, socially and artistically. The teachers of our 2 year old love, care for, nurture and engage the imagination and learning so well that she has taken off in her knowledge and confidence. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what this early learning would do for her. The academics and social development provided in the older classroom is astonishing. Each child is encouraged to learn to the best of their ability. My four year old is doing work my older child didn’t do until first grade. Both of our girls look forward to school. They have good friends and lots of fun. The school has thoughtfully provided extra-curricular classes onsite – freeing our evenings from running around for dance, music and soccer lessons. Moreover, the multi-cultural environment has taught our girls to appreciate people, traditions and knowledge of other cultures. Our children are being fully prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-increasingly globalized world. They are able to readily adapt and enjoy different places, foods, and customs. We looked at over a dozen different places for our girls. And every morning, as we drive past other schools that are a wee bit closer, we smile with the knowledge that we chose the right school.
By: anniea.
Richmond Hill Montessori
RHM has been a great experience for us. I was extremely impressed with the teachers and the curriculum that they follow. The classrooms are big and bright and well-maintained. This was important to me as a parent since we had been to other facilities nearby that had rooms half the size and more kids than they should be allowed to have. The Montessori materials are vast and keep the kids interested and focused. They have many teachers with a long tenure and all of them are equally precious. They provide lunch and snacks onsite too. Ms. Jayne and Ms. Vicki know all the parents and kids by name and are very involved in keeping their school top-notch. My 5 and half year old can read well above his grade level and the same goes for his math skills. Ms. Azra and Ms. Haleh are kind and encouraging and have nurtured his interest in science, geography, literature and other subjects. We are very pleased with his progress during his time here. My 20-month old has blossomed in more ways than one. She came to RHM a shy, quiet little girl and is now independent, clever and talks up a storm. I credit her wonderful, loving and patient teachers Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Janice for her change. As a working mom, it was a relief to find RHM, where I felt my kids would be safe and well cared for. We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts and will miss all of you!
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By: Emily C.
Preston Park Montessori Acad
Our son has been going here since he was 6 weeks old (he's now 2 1/2) and we are about to bring our second son into their care as well, so obviously we are big fans. The staff continually looks for ways to enhance their communication and has always been nothing but friendly and warm to me and my family. I'm greeted every morning with a smile, and every afternoon I receive a warm goodbye. I feel like they are family and they truly care about me and my kids.Every teacher we have had has been wonderful, and each time we move to a new class, I think there's no way this teacher will be as great as the last and they are. My son has learned so much from his teachers. They have a really wonderful learning structure, but also get the chance to just be kids as well. The teachers are always very involved and work with you and your child. I've gotten some great advice and feedback on behaviors as well as celebrated things like potty training success. You will get what you put into it, so I try to take my time to talk to the teachers about my son. I love how diverse the community is, because I think it's such a benefit to the kids, and they all really love what they do.We have been so grateful for our family at PPMA, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great Montessori daycare.
By: an6411
Primrose School of Plano at Preston Meadow
I will be very bluntly honest on here. I seen the reviews previously posted and I believe that is out right bazaar for someone to say that about this school. Now I want to tell that person they have no clue what they are talking about. Are the children coming home happy? Are they enjoying the ride to school everyday? Do you see a big difference in their learning abilities compared to a mom and pops daycare? The children are the main focus here and if they are happy and talking up a storm about how their day was at school then you know Primrose has been doing their part in acheiving their education goals. I am a parent at Primrose for years now and I have been to other schools and I appreciate this school more than any school in the DFW area. Now the other schools I would consider to be just a typical "daycare" where all they do is feed, change, and leave the kids to play. Where is the learning suppose to be taking place now? I love how Primrose can go all out and beyond to make sure that our children learn as much as possible. My child loves to learn 24-7 and that makes me proud to know that I have chose a good school for their learning needs. Thank you Primrose of North Plano you have made a amazing inpact on my child's life! Keep up the good work!
By: Caryn C.
Primrose School of Plano at Deerfield
Our daughters (5 and 19mo) started Primrose Plano at Deerfield Feb 2014 and it was the best decision we ever made. From the moment I waled in the door to view their facility I knew it was the place from them. The entire staff is welcoming and always there to answer questions or concerns. Our oldest will be starting Kindergarten in August and couldn't be more prepared. I am amazed everyday by the things she learns (Ms. Smith is amazing)! Our youngest started out not really talking, after only four months she has not only learned more words but also sign language (her teachers are beyond caring and the best). The facility is always clean and the kids love the menu items (a plus considering one child is very picky). I could go on and on about how much we as a family love Primrose Plano at Deerfield so I urge you to check them out, you will not be disappointed!
By: Cindy M.
Richmond Hill Montessori
This school provided an amazing atmosphere for my then 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Both of them have blossomed in the happy, calm and safe environment provided by the incredible staff. The teachers are always understanding, engaging, caring and more than capable of handling all sorts of situations. That's what makes them exceptional. Another important feature that makes this school great is that the classrooms are big, with many windows, which provide bright and happy spaces for children. I couldn't be more pleased with this school. My son was extremely shy and I have to credit the staff here for nudging him out of his shell in a manner that makes him shine. The only reason that I had to take my kids out of here was because we moved. I sure miss it!
By: ianmat
Montessori New Beginnings
I have had two children go through this wonderful school and I can't say enough great things about the educators and environment provided them here. I love that's it's a non-profit school, and the parents concerns are really heard. My youngest in particular has really blossomed as he has become a "mentor" to some of the younger children, which is just one of the fantastic attributes of a true Montessory education. M:NBA is a great school, filled with great people who will love your children and help them be the best version of themselves!
By: momloveskids
Montessori New Beginnings
We love Montessori New Beginnings Academy in Plano. It's a great school, great teachers and great staff. They care and love the students. This is a non-profit school so every penny goes back to the school. The programs at Montessori New Beginnings Academy emphasize work in practical life, independent and group learning, language using phonics, math using concrete objects, science, and geography. You will be amazed of all the materials they have as well as the huge outdoor learning they experiment every day.
By: Samantha J.
Richmond Hill Montessori
I put my daughter in this school a few years ago and have had an incredible experience. The staff goes out of their way to take care of your child and nurture them. Their warmth translates into a happy atmosphere for children. The many times that I've visited, i've always found it to be clean and well maintained. No complaints at all!
By: Harrison A.
Richmond Hill Montessori
My son attended this school before we moved to virginia.The school has a rich and educational environment and the teachers are well equipped to handle the children. The staff is very understanding and cooperative. However, I feel that they could improve their play area a bit. Overall , I would recommend this school to any parent.

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