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By: Ann M.
Jg Wentworth Home lending
Thank you so very much for all of your help in securing our loan for our new home! You were organized, thorough & professional as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just home loan customers. You stand above the rest, Tucker Mayfield! Our hats off to you!!
By: happiness678
Jg Wentworth Home lending
Tucker Mayfield talks a good talk and sounds like he knows what he's doing but when you actually apply for the loan nobody there seems to know how to get it done. This was such a small easy loan on a tiny vacation house with someone who's had a job for 29 years perfect credit and no debt ! First we had to change the closing after they failed to get everything done in time so we were kind enough to extend it an entire week and they still couldn't get it done. Nobody noticed they forgot to ask for all these documents so the day before closing you're asking us for all these documents they should've asked for three weeks previous. And then the appraisal never got done! Three weeks after they requested the appraisal everyone assumed it was done it's still hadn't been picked up yet by an appraiser. The morning of the new closing Tucker tells the lawyer that we're ready to go for 1 o'clock so my poor husband loads up a gigantic truck and drives an hour and a half in the mountains before I call and tell him to turn around. The lawyer never got any of the documents that needed so there was no way we were going to be able to close at one or two or three. It's as if J G Wentworth has never done a mortgage before. Don't waste your time falling for the good interest-rate, trust me it's not worth it if they can't get it done !
By: Tiffany V.
Stonelake Mortgage
I found out about this company from lending tree, i think.. i received an email from one of the RMLOs (i feel bad for doing this, so i wont say names). After looking up this company and few others i had received emails from, i liked what i saw about them so i called and got everything started. i am a first time home buyer, so all of this was new to me.. i get an email saying we are pre-qualified for x amount at 3.75% interest on an fha loan. after finding a house, i decided to see if we could possibly get a better deal with a lender that was referred to me. they couldnt beat them. so we proceeded. so a few weeks in after getting all of the documents in we come to find out that the interest rate was so low was because we would be "buying a point" with a larger down payment. if i could afford a larger down payment, i wouldnt be going with an fha laon.. so finding that out that far into the process was like a slap in the face. had i known that i would have gone with the lender that i was referred to. too late now, so we proceeded. our closing date was approaching (May 30th) and they decided they needed another bank statement that wasnt available until 5/24. 5/24 was a thursday and the 29th was a holiday, so of course our closing date got pushed back.. we were told next closing date would be 6/5, and then something was going on with underwriting and it wasnt going to be done by then.. so it got pushed back to the 9th (the day we have to be out of our apartment).. everything was going great, we got the preliminary closing disclosure signed and sent back.. THEN on the 6th, as they were about to "submit the final approval" they noticed that the seller had purchased the house within 6 months of selling it and is getting a 100% profit off of it.. well apparently when this is the case and the buyer has an fha loan, 2 appraisals have to be done on the house!?!??!? WHY WAS THIS NOT SEEN UNTIL THREE DAYS BEFORE WE WERE GOING TO CLOSE?
By: Brenda S.
Bluesky Lending
I have know John Campo at BlueSky Lending in Plano, Texas for over 15 years.John is one of the most qualified Loan Officers in the DFW area. John is well apprised on all types of loan products, qualifying requirements, and rates. John keeps up with the ever changing mortgage loan market and understands the importance of staying current in knowledge and how this applies to his clients.I would recommend John at BlueSky Lending for all of your mortgage needs; he understands that each borrower has unique needs and he will focus on those to fit them into the best program.Brenda S.
By: Jennifer H.
Bluesky Lending
Blue Sky Lending has some of the top talent in the mortgage industry, with most loan officers having 15+ years of experience. Blue Sky works with challenged (difficult loans) to excellent credit borrowers. We always strive to meet closing deadlines but as in all things, each borrower & situation is different. Blue Sky has a reputation for taking on tough loans that other lenders wouldn't even consider, much less put all the extra effort and time into finding the best rates and lowest fees. I have seen first hand people that are grateful and astounded that they are getting to buy a home despite unfortunate circumstances in life.Blue Sky Lending has a long history of excellence regarding FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, Commercial and Investor Loan Programs. In reading prior reviews it is also relevant to point out that Blue Sky Lending never gives up on difficult loans. They do not stop working on a loan until all resources have been exhausted/tried.
By: derek.mckinney.9
Stonelake Mortgage
Madison Kelly was very helpful and responds back in a timely manner. Very profess-Ional group of people.
By: jminkin
Nationstar Mortgage
This is the worst company. They call you from this number (214) 396-5551 .... which is out-of-state for me. When you call back there is no name or company name. If someone does pick-up, they don't announce themselves ... they just breathe ... which can creep you out. This is not the first time I have issues with Nationstar. They don't email you, send a letter, or mark notes on the online account info page so you never know what the heck they want or what's going on with your account. I'm so glad that I no longer have a mortgage with this outfit and would never recommend them. Time to throw them under the bus as I have had enough with Nationstar. Hope they get their customer service act together since the lack one.
By: tlehmann
Stonelake Mortgage
My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home but we went to lender after lender and seemed to be going nowhere. They were not helpful, would take days to respond to emails or phone calls and offered no help on where we needed to be with down payment or what debts we should pay down. I am thankful that I located Drew on Zillow because, without him, I am absolutely sure we'd still be looking for a home instead of living in one. He was always available to speak with me and, the very few times he wasn't, he called me back within 30 minutes. He walked us through every step of the process and explained exactly what needed to get done for us to get approved. I followed his steps and, when we found our perfect home, he was able to make sure that we closed in under 30 days. As I mentioned, we were first time home buyers and the whole process is a bit overwhelming. I felt completely at ease with Drew and the rest of the staff at Stone Lake Mortgage. I will be recommending them to anyone who mentions they are looking at buying a home.

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