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By: pickeyeater420
Jet's Pizza
Wow. Great food. It's not the drunken food Crave quality. It's like eating gourmet pizza but for pick up and delivery. They have everything from wings to subs and salads to there mouth watering pizza. All made with premium mozzarella cheese that's actually grated in house. The dough and sauce are also made there along with the italian and ranch dressing. Even the sub bread is made there. Most all the produce is diced there too. It's absolutely amazing. I only know all this because a young gentleman, who was very helpful, told me this upon my first visit. He said he was the shift leader and by his outgoingness and charisma he has made me a repeat customer. He took him time with me and my girlfriend when we didn't know what we wanted and he applied multiple coupons so that just made it all the better. I hate it when he's not there because there is this one heavy set woman who has a mustache and smells like dirty sweat who is sometimes there and she is loud and rude. I've heard the way she's spoken to other customers, not that I was trying to listen but she was so loud, and it kinda puts me back. Luckily I've been seeing this other young looking gentleman there lately and he's wonderful. So polite and so easy to talk to. Ive also met the owner a few times. Hes a great guy. He also applied coupons to my order and threw in some of that amazing ranch for me. I seem to only see him in the mornings though. That manager woman needs to shave and shower and take notes from the other guys. She's not always there and she's not normally rude so I keep going. It's amazing what customer service does to someone. I've loved jets since I tried them and met that guy. Deep dish it's my favorite, btw.
By: Todd T.
Papa John's Pizza
I ordered a pizza 4/18/15 at around 3:00 PM. 1 hour later I received a email that all pizzas were 50% off today for the Rangers game. I called back not because of the money but the principle. The kid told me if I didn't mention it when I ordered, I was not to get that promo. I ordered online and did not know about the promo for a hour after it was delivered.. I thought the kid was rude but I will contact corporate. Just thought the business was dirty rude and I will not order there again..He could not get off the phone fast enough..
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By: homeocsg
Italian Bistro
Italian Bistro has only been opened for a week and was a surprise! The chicken piccata was marvelous! The service was equally as good. The prices were a little on the high side for a small restaurant. The air conditioning was on the warm side and the owner's 4-5 year old little girl was running around barefoot through the restaurant the whole time we were eating. Although she wasn't a badly behaved child it is not very professional and detracting for patrons.
By: kaamil.veerjee
Jet's Pizza
Yumm, so good. Best pizza in town, the new manager and the other young man are you nice and have amazing customer service. I had to wait a little long for a pick up because it was a larger order and because my daughter wanted a sprite and I didn't want to get it, the guy just gave it to her with my permission. And they have crazy good house made ranch. If you haven't tried them, you have to. Ohh, and deep dish is the way to go.
By: Hans S.
Nicola's Ristorante
We went for a very special occasion and the whole team made us feel as if we were family.I was very impressed with everything we ordered. We were sat right away and the chef and manager greeted us all leaving us extremely comfortable. My dinner was outstanding and the wine was wonderful. I felt as if I was in a dream, it was so beautiful....Outstanding service, delicious food......Thank you Nicola's!!!
By: montepair
Joe's Pasta & Pizza
I have been going to Joe's for several years. His prices are so low, it is unbelievable. Everyone there is friendly, good is good, prices low, service fast and excellent. If you bring your own bottle, there is not a setup charge. For a great meal at bargain prices, Joe's is the best in Plano. In fact the expensive places are not as good as Joe's. You must be a grumpy if you complained about Joe's.
By: Jay T.
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Good experience. Slow, yes. Family friendly? Yes. Business friendly? Would not come here for business. People should realize that italianesque restaurants do not normally equate to fast casual. (Though they are now attempting to.). Parkside service is the real evil here. They will shirk you on portion size, sauce, its pretty dismal!
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By: dfwdean
Urban Crust
Caesar Salad was he best wet lettuce I've had (aka tasteless and bland).Pizza crust was underdone for just a thin crust baked in a wood oven: it was tasty but could have spend another 30-seconds in there. I had The Godfather and the anchovies / cheese combo toppings were delicious.
By: carlyne
Brooklyn's Pizzeria
Nice to have a Pizza that's different than the average Pizza Joint. Not only great Pizza but also a huge selection of other old country favorites. Stromboli's can't get any better. And you'll never find a better Tiramisu (and I've had plenty). You will enjoy Brooklyn's
By: Angela A.
Maggiano's Little Italy
The food and service has always been good at this Maggionos location. They offer a nice lunch special which includes "buy one, take one home". The portions are usually very large and probably enough to share for most.

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