By: Michael C.
We used CitiTurf for the summer of 2014. I sometimes travel for work so the summers that I am going to be travelling a lot I usually hire a lawn service. This summer was a little different in that we were relocating and I wanted to get my house ready for being on sale. I hired CitiTurf because they had all of the services i was looking for weekly mowing, weed treatment, hedge trimming and flower bed clean-up and mulching. All of the prices for the work were reasonable and I received weekly statements outlining the work and charges for the proceeding week. The work was great the weeding and bed clean-up were fantastic, we have some unusual plants in our gardens and have had trouble with yards services in the past pulling out some plants thinking they were weeds in the past. CitiTurf crews were knowledgeable of the differences and none of the garden plants were pulled only the weeds. The weed control was great as well the weeds in the lawn were under control in just a few weeks and this was accomplished at the height if the summer heat/water restrictions. The hedge trimming was done well too. I have no complaits about any of the work they did for me. In addition to great work the crews that come out are very efficient and complete their work quickly. It's not just one guy and mower that comes out it's a crew of three or four that can mow my yard in about 30 minutes. This is great for my family since we have a dog that gets a little worked up when there are strangers around. The quick work limits the time he would be agitated. the only drawback fro me was that my house sold quickly so that my relationship with CitiTurf was only a few months, I wish i had called them in the past instead of the lawn services I did use. I had thought that with their large crews and fleet of vehicles they would be expensive which is not the case at all. So if you want a lawn service that does great work, works quickly, is on time, communicates/responds to you as a customer, reasonably priced and provides all of the lawn services you would need choose CitiTurf you will not be disappointed. I could not be any more satisfied with the prices and work provided by CitiTurf.
By: jessicaanderson2
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
This is a professional remodeling company,We own several rental houses around the UTD in Dallas. We hired New Era to remodel 4 of them this summer. We are planning to sell these houses now. They started very quickly, worked diligently seven days a week for 6 weeks until the jobs were done successfully and on time. They did a superb job. The repairs included replacing the old roofs, repairing doors & windows, removing ceiling popcorn from all ceilings and retexturing them, removing or modifying some interior walls, adding or eliminating some interior doors, remodeling some bathrooms, replacing several plumbing fixtures and stopping some water leaks, installing some recessed lights and ceiling fans, painting the entire interior and exterior of the houses. They also repaired the severely damaged hardwood floors in several locations and resurfaced and re-polished all hardwood floors. They installed shutters on all windows of these houses. There were some brick and stone work involved too. Finally, they fixed the problems associated with the sprinkler systems, trimmed the trees and bushes, weeded the gardens, planted flowers, fixed some broken fences, and mulched the gardens. We will hire them again as we still have several more old rental houses to remodel and sell. New Era is a full-service professional remodeling company. They can almost fix anything and everything around the house.
By: Douglas D.
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
Professional, Courteous, and Friendly Contractor:New Era Remodeling & Repairs was recommended to me by a neighbor. I had just had an upgrade done to our home by another local contractor that was nothing short of a struggle. Needless to say I was very Leary about how to select another contractor for any additional work on my home. I asked David if he would be interested in giving me a bid on repainting my wrought iron fence around the yard. He arrived promptly, took only 10 minutes to survey the job and provide me a verbal estimate. We agreed to a price and when I asked him when he could to the job he responded "How about tomorrow" (Saturday)... As promised that afternoon he delivered the paint and products. As promised his crew arrived at 7:15 a.m. on Saturday to start the job. His crew was professional and very courteous and friendly. They complete the job by 1:00 p.m. as promised. My wife and David went over several other jobs that she requested bids from him on. The first job he did was flawless. We will no doubt schedule a few more projects for David and continue to evaluate his work. But for now, based on the first job, I can recommend him as a very skilled and competent contractor that will perform exactly as he tells you he will. I look forward to working with him in the future and will update my review as jobs are completed.
By: Lisa A.
Amazing experience with CirtiTurf! Everyone we have ever dealt with over the years has been knowledgeable, understanding, and has not only given their expert opinion...but also what is the best deal. i.e., we wanted to sod our yard and they said at that time it was not the best time with the low water situation and probably inability to establish a good root system. They could have very well just sold me a "yard" and not been so kind as to help me not spend the money for something that they knew would not be in my best interest, I cannot tell you what that means to me...that they had our backs and stand behind what they sell. We have not only had yard service as mowing but had them out to do pruning and yard clean up and they fixed a problem with our sprinkler system. They are fast but take pride in their work...we also have them do weed control and that has been a huge help in our yard. It has been wonderful, especially since adopting two babies, to have my husband not have to worry about yard work and be able to spend extra family time with us all! We could not be happier and recommend them to all that we can....we plan to be with them forever...if it ain't broke...don't fix it....we are a customer for life! Thank you so much CitiTurf....you have one loyal and happy customer with us!
By: Dave E.
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
Life Saver / Great Contractor:We only had a week to prepare our house for sale because my husband got a new job in another State. NewEraRepairs.com was referred to us by a friend. We also read a lot of good reviews about this company online. Without any hesitation, we gave the house key to David Sabet, the owner of New Era and hit the road. David kept us informed by emails on daily bases and sent us pictures as the project progressed. They fixed some cracks in walls & ceilings and painted the interior of the house; fixed some doors and windows; re-finished the kitchen cabinets, the front door, and some varnished steps of the stairway which were badly scratched by our dogs; did some beautiful landscaping; did some electrical and plumbing as well. They worked very well with our Realtor too. They worked around the clock to get the house ready on time for the Realtor. Amazingly, the house was sold in 2 weeks after the repairs were done. David is a life saver! Five stars are just too few for these guys – they deserve 10! Oh, by the way, their price was fabulous and the quality of work were confirmed by the Realtor to be great! What a great experience! What a great contractor!
By: jimbrown455
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
Great Handyman,Recently, I found a few PCs of shingles on my lawns after a windy day. I had a few other improvement jobs in mind as well. So I decided to get them all done at once. My wife got a tip from one of her friends that New Era was a full service company and could do a good job on all the tasks. It was Sunday morning when I called them and surely they came out that same Sunday afternoon for evaluation. By Sunday night, we received an email message along with a detailed written estimate. We responded the same night and gave New Era the project. David, the owner of New Era and his helper started on Monday morning. They worked at our house for 6 days to finish all the jobs. The jobs included repairing the roof, caulking and painting the trim woods around the garage door, painting 2 patio doors, repairing the walls of a shower due to cracked grout and mold & mildew problems, fixing some cracked ceiling sheetrock, fixing a leaking toilet, and re-grouting the tiles of the backsplash walls in our kitchen. They conducted themselves very professionally and cleaned after themselves constantly every day. Their price was a bit high but it was worth it.
By: Barbra A.
We have been customers of CitiTurf for at least 5 years and we are incredibly satisfied for some many reasons.1. We live next to a field where weeds are incredibly invasive...CitiTurf has made sure that those weeds 'don't cross the line"2. We have cut down on the frequency of mowing since only grass grows and not annoying weeds.3. We have won yard of the month on a few occasions thanks to CitiTurf.4. Our children have been spared the chore of pulling weeds (and now have other jobs;-))5. Our children have also been spared from being attacked by fire ants thanks to CitiTurf.6. I can always count on CitiTurf to be on time, leave excellent instructions on how to care for the yard after a treatment, be one step ahead of all weed and insect issues and faithfully send me reminders of when they are coming.7. I love that if I spot anything other than grass growing in my yard, CitiTurf is out to save the day!CitiTurf is something that will remain on our budgeted expenses for years to come. They have saved us time, money and the headache of caring for a large lot.So thankful we found CitiTurf.
By: Sandy S.
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
Good Roofing Contractor:Hired New Era Remodeling & Repairs to do some roof repairs. Because the roof was leaking, they first repaired our roof for a nominal fee. Then, they suggested that we contact our insurance company and ask them to pay for replacing the entire roof as our roof was about 20 years old. Surely, our insurance company agreed to pay for the replacement of our roof and the gutters. New Era replaced our entire roof and gutter system at no cost to us. They even gave us credit for the initial roof repairs. They covered our deductible too. This roofing job cost us absolutely nothing – not even a penny! We are very pleased with the way David Sabet, the owner of New Era, and his workers conducted themselves. We will certainly use their remodeling services again for our home improvement projects and will not hesitate to recommend them to our relatives and friends.
By: pattynelson
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
Professional Painting Job,We have hired New Era a few times in the past for various home repairs and improvements. This time we hired them to fix some sheetrock cracks in some walls and ceilings and to paint the interior of our house in several places. As usual, they did professional quality work. Our family is always very comfortable with seeing these guys work in our house. They clean up after themselves every day and put everything back where they belong on daily bases. Their written estimates are always detailed and clear. Their prices are very good for the quality work they do. We feel that we are very lucky to know this professional remodeling and repair company. We’ll continue to use their services on as needed bases since they are a full home improvement service company and can professionally do everything from landscaping to roofing and everything in between.
By: jack66
New Era Remodeling & Repairs
As Good As It GetsMy husband and I have been repairing and upgrading our house for the last few months and we are exhausted. We decided to take a break and let a contractor do the difficult jobs that we couldn’t do ourselves. We found that New Era Remodeling and Repairs had a lot of good reviews online - so we asked them to bid on our project. We asked 2 other companies which also had good reviews to bid on the same exact project. We were impressed by the professionalism New Era showed. They showed up on time for an initial visit and we had a good 1 hour discussions. Their bid was very detailed and clear. Although their bid wasn’t the lowest, we still decided that we wanted them to do the work. They did a great job and finished the work on time as they had promised. This is as good as it gets. We are very pleased with our experience with this company.
Tips & Advices
Irrigation system advantages:
  • Lowers water bill and maintenance time with scheduled watering
  • Evenly distributes water
Irrigation system disadvantages:
  • Professionally installed systems cost between $3,000-$4,000 for a quarter-acre lot.
  • Some do-it-yourself systems cost up to $1,500 but are difficult to install.
  • You may need to call a professional electrician and plumber, adding $300-$600 to your project.
Some plants can stand up to the cold weather, like kale or pansies. These can be planted in the autumn or early winter. Other plants need to wait until the soil is warm and ready. Plant perennial flowers in mid-autumn or mid-spring. If you're planting from seed or sprout, you can generally find information about planting conditions on the package.
Why get artificial grass?
  • Cuts down on lawn maintenance
  • It's environmentally friendly since there’s no need to water.
  • Artificial grasses may be more attractive than real grass in drought-stricken areas.
Why stick to the real deal?
  • Artificial grass has a high upfront cost - $15 to $20 per square foot.
  • It can be difficult to install.
  • Inexpensive options might look unnatural.
  • It gets hot in the sun.
First, determine which pests you're dealing with. Mounds or tunnels indicate moles or voles. Apply castor oil to your lawn; they'll find another digging spot. Determine which bugs you have by pouring a bucket of soapy water onto the lawn. The bugs will surface so you can identify them. Milky spore and nematodes keep grubs and other bugs at bay. Insecticidal soap also works. The best way to prevent pests is with good yard maintenance. Certain bugs prefer overwatered lawns or yards with thatches. Regular mowing, watering, and dethatching discourage pests from moving in.
Fertilizer isn't always necessary, but it can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. Use fertilizer with slow release nitrogen so it doesn't encourage weeds to grow. Keep in mind that overfertilizing can spur weed growth. However, under-fertilizing can result in weak grass, which gives weeds more space to take root.

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