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By: pamelaw50
Bentley's Dog Wash & Fine Grooming
I think this is a genious concept, and I wish I had known of it about 50 messy dog baths ago! I like to keep my dog bathed, but the idea of cleaning her, as well as multiple towels and the entire bathroom after? Not so much. :) My (large) dog and I visited Bentley's for the first time on a very recent Saturday morning, close to 8:00 a.m. My first impression sadly, wasn't spectacular. One of the employees walked past me, heading outside, as we entered. She did not so much as make eye contact with us, much less greet us and make us feel welcome. I shrugged it off at first, but then she passed us multiple times after...quite close by (as I was sorting out how to work things)...and again would not even glance at us. I have no choice but to presume she did NOT make eye contact, for fear I would require something of her if she did. Either that, or she was too good to be bothered with us. Call me picky, but I don't like to be made to feel as if I am either invisible or a bother, when I show up at a place of business to turn my money over to them. If you can look past the disregard of the staff though, it is a quite painless way to bathe your dog. Surprisingly, my dog went right up ramp into tub, and stood there fairly calmly while I bathed her. Where bathing her at home would consume huge amts of time and energy, we were in and out in about 20 mins. No fuss, no muss!! *Word of advice: Notices indicate it takes dryer about 30 secs to warm up? It never warms up. Air is quite cool, so you could end up feeding in a lot of $$ to dry your dog. In future, I will just bring my own towels.
By: princessemp
Serenity Salon & Spa
The staff is very friendly and very welcoming. I had a mani pedi done as well as a facial. The first part (pedi) was great. They used clean tools and also Anna was a very sweet and friendly person. She was very gentil and she did a great job my feet. Also she was very attentive and would grab me drinks and was always trying to please me as a customer. And far as the mani. She was also great my cuticles are perfectly cut and my polish was also perfectly applied. As far as the facial I cannot explain how happy I am with it. Luda Zavzion helped me out. She is literally the best!! She was very welcoming and very friendly. She was also gentil and she left my skin feeling and looking like a million bucks. I would recommend both of these ladies to EVERYONE. This spa was amazing. I've been to a couple of other spas before and nothing compairs. They treat you with respect and they are very classy and cleanly. Honestly they both is a great job. I will be coming back and I would recommend this to everyone. My only complain is I couldn't stay longer! Lol. They really are great every one is very warm and sweet also you can tell they difference between a spa like this and any other spa. The quality is 100% different. They are amazing. I had a rough week and these amazing people helped make my week!
By: missystyle
Serenity Salon & Spa
I have been going to Serenity Salon for the last 3 years. Donnella has been doing by hair. She does a fantastic job. She takes her time and asks me if I would like a change or do I want the same style... I really appreciate that! I like to change my style-up from time to time and my last stylists DID not get that!! Donnella always gives me a fresh new look and color every time I am ready for a change. I am exceptionally happy with Donnella and would recommend her to anyone...... She also has started cutting my husbands hair. He said she cut his the best of anyone he has ever had...
By: Michelle H.
Serenity Salon & Spa
I am forever a customer of Gabriel Ortiz. He is not only professional, personable, but extremely talented. I have very long, thick, hard to color hair. Gabriel is able to achieve both the cut & color I am wanting each appointment. He listens & takes the needed time to style my hair & I always leave feeling confident & beautiful!
By: sarah.hammer.18
Serenity Salon & Spa
I've been seeing Andree for over 4 years now and she always does a great job. She's so nice and she genuinely cares about the work that she does. Everyone at Serenity is extremely welcoming and helpful. I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone in the Dallas area.
By: rudy.parra.92
Serenity Salon & Spa
My family and I have gone to Andree for more than 12 years and she has always been very professional and has always done an excellent job. We moved away from the Plano area almost 10 years ago, and still seek out Andree whenever we're back in town. She's THAT GOOD!
By: sadef.zandi
Serenity Salon & Spa
I received a fantastic massage there from a woman named Nikki who was just great! I RECCOMEND Nikki for anyone who wants to get a high quality relaxing massage to relief pain or just forget about your problems! The rest of the staff was nice as well! MAGIC HANDS
By: Vlad S.
O Spa
Lovely spa!The prices are affordable and the place is extremely clean.I had a facial with microdermobrasion in Ospa and the results were amazing and much more than i expected.I would recommend this to anyone who wants their skin to look younger.I will be back !
By: tam.perry.92
Serenity Salon & Spa
I visited this spa on a Girls Weekend in Dallas. It was fabulous! The staff was very friendly and very helpful. We all enjoyed 90 min massages, pedis and manis. We were very pleased with everything. We definitely will do a girls spa day again at this spot
By: Galinka S.
O Spa
I had recently found a new opened Skin Spa situated in Preston Park Village and I was very pleased.Relaxing atmosphere, soft music, delicate touch of Elena make it all welcoming. Will come back.Reasonable price, flexible schedule.
Tips & Advices
Some pet groomers have viewing areas where owners can sit and watch their pets being treated. Most prevent owners from being in the same room as the pet, however, as the owner's presence might cause the pet to become too excited.
Pets that cannot interact with strangers do not make good professional grooming candidates. Sometimes medication can help, but some groomers don't take animals that have been sedated. If a pet becomes too unruly, a groomer may end the session entirely.
It's best to fully vaccinate pets before bringing them to their first grooming appointment. Dogs should receive the DA2PPC vaccine, which stands for canine distemper, canine andenovirus type 2, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza. It's also a good idea to vaccinate dogs against Bordedatella (aka “kennel cough”). In fact, New York City requires dogs receive both DAPP and Bordetella shots. Cats, meanwhile, should get the FVRCP vaccine: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, and panleukopenia. In addition, all pets should be up to date on their rabies shots. Owners should wait at least 24 hours after getting their pet vaccinated before bringing it to the groomers.
Technically, there is no such thing as a pet that is too old for a professional groomer. In fact, older pets with joint or mobility issues often can't groom themselves and need someone else to clean them. However, pets that are blind, deaf, or have serious medical issues might not do well at a groomer, especially if the person is inexperienced. Owners should feel free to ask potential groomers about their understanding of elderly pet issues. Often, older pets will exhibit puppy-like behavior and squirm or yelp during grooming. Alternatively, they might not be able to stand for long periods of time. As such, grooming an older pet usually takes more time than grooming a young one.
Puppies and kittens should be at least 10 weeks old before their first professional grooming session. They should be used to being gently handled by strangers and comfortable being separated from their owners for a few hours at a time.

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