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By: Adam M.
Certifit Auto Body Parts
Came in to buy four parts: hood, fender, bumper, and valance. Each piece was brought out, and I loaded into my truck. After all four pieces were loaded, I paid and was on my way.Seven days later, I went to install. Took the steel bumper out of the cardboard, and noticed an quarter sized dent. Obviously, I did not install. Since it was Saturday, I had to wait until Monday to call. When I did call, I was told I was out of luck since I had taken the parts out of the building without opening them first and checking for damage. I was told this was written on the back of the receipt. Mind you, I was never told this, there are no signs posted relating to this policy, and I had received the receipt after everything had been loaded. In my opinion, it is not a reasonable assumption of the casual customer to know to open and check items without being told to do so, or having documentation in the store.Called corporate, they told me there is a 30 day warranty on defective parts. I needed the manager to see the damage and determine if it was from shipping or after I had purchased. He said it was damaged, not defective, and most likely after I had taken it home..."There isn't any damage on the box...this tear doesn't go all the way through, it wouldn't cause that type of dent." He also told me he did tell me to open them, which he did not. I also explained that I was given a copy of the policy after I had already taken the items out of the store, which he called "irrelevant". After basically calling me a liar, and insinuating that I was trying to scam the company, I made another call to corporate. We worked out that I would get an exchange, but pay a 20% restocking fee...fine.Manager brought out a second, new bumper. We both open it up, and low and behold, it has the same exact dent in the same exact spot. There is no way in hell that two bumpers have the same exact damage in the same exact spot, and it happening at different times. I stated I wanted a full refund, and the manager was all of a sudden awfully quiet. I got my refund, found a different distributor, and will never make a purchase from Certifit again. No company that calls their customers a liar and scammer deserves your business.
By: tambryan
Quality Contracting
This Remodeling Company does Great Work! Trustworthy and Honest, can be trusted to get the job done at a good price! Thank you
Tips & Advices
While there is not a standard cost for water extraction, the national average is   $150-$500. Yes, that is a wide gap, but you have to factor in the varying costs of labor, the size of the affected area, and the depth and severity of the stain and/or removal. Geography is also a factor as different markets mean different rates. It is always best to research and compare rates, and get a referral if you can. Also know that many smaller issues can be DIY projects if you are up for the challenge.
There are multiple indications you have water damage. Visual evidence, like fresh spots and stains on your carpet, are a big clue. Unpleasant odors in the room are common if the water has settled and mold or mildew has formed. Warped walls or floors are also an indicator of water damage. Do you have unusually high water bills while under normal consumption? That could be a sign of leaky or faulty pipes.
Water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that uses a machine to forcefully inject a water and cleanser solution into the carpet. The machine quickly extracts the solution back out, removing dirt and grime, and allowing the carpet to dry quickly. You can hire a professional to clean your carpet this way, or you can DIY by renting a carpet cleaner and following the instructions.
One way to remove water stains from a carpet is a vinegar and water solution. Use equal parts vinegar and water and apply lightly to the stain, enough to moisten, but not saturate. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and then gently dab out with a towel (paper or cloth). You might need to repeat the process to fully remove the stain. Make sure the carpet fully dries between applications. When finished, vacuum the area to completely remove any dirt. If this does not remove the stain, consult a professional cleaner.
There are several ways to extract water from wet carpet. Using a vacuum cleaner (make sure it’s capable of water removal--like a shop vac)will efficiently and effortlessly remove water. You can also go old-school and use towels to soak it up. Fans and hairdryers can speed up the drying process, and a de-humidifier can aid in the drying out of wet carpet. Be sure to check for wet carpet padding underneath.

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