By: thewoman2468
Best Little Hair House In
I went to another salon about three months ago and they totally ruined my hair! it was broken off and cut all uneven!! My friend told me to check this place out so I did! i am so happy I went to this salon! When I came in I was greeted right away and they told me exactly how long I had to wait only 10 minutes!!!! I apologized for not having an appoinment and they said I NEVER had to have an appoinment! I could walk in any time as long as I didnt mind a wait or I could make an appointmet if I wanted too! What a wonderful idea! I used the 10 minutes to look through all the hairstyle books that were in the waiting area....that was nice too! Soemtimes wheni go to a salon the do not have any style books..strange I know?? I found a new style and the stylist actually sat down with me in the waiting area and discused my new style with me in detail!!! And there were other people waiting! She gave me 100% undivided attention and listened to all of my likes and disikes! She REALLY listened to me! I know this because she cut it EXACTLY how I wanted it!! I was SOOOO...... happy! Then a random stranger waiting for her haircut stopped me and said how nice my hair looked! I said I could not believe I actually got what I asked for! She said thats why she comes to the salon because its the only place that the stylists actually listen and don't cut all her hair off! The Kicker!!! I only paid $9.99!! Yes ten bucks!! Unbelievable??? Believe it!! The bottom line is it doesnt matter how much you pay its the people behind the chair!!! Holding the scissors! Love this place and hope they never go anywhere!! Thank You!!!!!!!!Sandy M~
By: Luci C.
Peter Allen's Italian
Some years ago I discovered Bravo Franco quite by chance--a theatre outing brought me to Pittsburgh without dinner plans and as I walked down Penn Ave., the view from the restaurant window beckoned. Without reservations on a busy theatre night, there was no chance of a table, but a seat at the bar was available, and there I slid into a warm, congenial setting, the memory of which lingered for a number of years. Returning to Pittsburgh for a conference, I was delighted to learn that Bravo Franco was close by and "my" seat in the bar was still available.The bartender, hostess, and wait staff were extremely gracious and welcoming--attentive with an easy courtesy, but never hovering. The dinner was a three-course affair--an exquisitely prepared martini with classic aridity, a wonderful salad with the house balsamic dressing with fresh blue cheese and fresh pepper (the balsamic did not overwhelm, as so often seems to be the case), and a course of zitti with tomato-basil sauce. The latter was not extraordinary, and the price might lead you to expect that it would be, but the total effect of the meal was very satisfying. And I love the setting . . . will surely return!
By: Fancy C.
Peter Allen's Italian
After a disappointing dinner at a different Italian restaurant a couple of weeks earlier, my wife and I decided to try Bravo Franco on Penn Ave. I must say, it was a very good choice. I had the Linguini Pescatoria and my wife had the Bowties and Salmon. To say the least......both were excellent! Our server was very knowledgeable on the preparation of the food. Greatly appreciated when there are so many choices. Nice change from those servers that think that taking your order and bringing the food out from the kitchen is worth 15%.The food was wonderful, the service was great and the prices reasonable. Kudo's to the gang at Bravo Franco! And......A special thanks to Carol for treating us so nice........we'll bring friends the next time Carol!!A tip to first timers......if you're not going to one of the shows, you'll miss the crowd if you plan on dining after 8:00 p.m. The place is very busy on show nights.
By: hannah.surmick
Cost Cutters
I have always gone to this cost cutters foe walk in eye brow waxing and occasionally when I want my hair colored. Lately I've noticed it is going down hill fast. The stylists are catty and always seem to be in a bad mood. I am perpetually waiting 10 to 15 minutes to get waxed because half the staff disappears on breaks. I have been sitting there waiting to be seen only to hear stylists complain loudly that they need a break, clock out, and leave, making me wait an extra 15 minutes to even get in a chair. It takes them between 5 and 8 minutes to wax me. I've also been turned away at the door on weekends because they feel there won't be enough time get do my hair before closing time and don't want to stay a minute late. Although I have enjoyed their services in the past, I feel this cost cutters has way too much attitude for my liking and will be taking my service elsewhere.
By: Randy B.
Peter Allen's Italian
Carol the Hostess was quite pleasant and genuinely appreciated our business.. then dinner... Our waiter was clueless... we arrived just as the theater crowd was leaving and there were 4 wait staff for just 3 tables of guests, the rest of the evening and service was poor at best. The waiter wanted to take our food order before he brought us drinks which had been sitting at the bar for a quite a while. Overall food quality about what you would expect at a cheep wedding.. Waiter asked if I wanted soup or salad, and potato or pasta. I said salad and pasta. Could I have Pasta ala olio? I got dried out pasta with red sauce and the salad had brown spots. He of course disappeared after that. My wine on the menu was $8. on the bill it was $10 and he charged me $8 for the pasta??? will not go back
By: Unique T.
Queens Hair Studio
The atmosphere at this salon is very relaxing, and peaceful. This judge free salon is located on the business circle of swissvale so theirs plenty of parking spaces available. Queens studio exceed my expectations everytime I leave. Must I add he owner always make sure the clients are satisfied, happy and able to maintain the style at home. However I have to disagree with the first review . From my experience for one year and a half of being a clients their time and managements skills are better then most salons and their customer service skills are genuine and you can tell they really love what they do. The owner Tia and her vision for the salon will make a women Dream again and feel like they belong to the world and make us feel free and Sexy! I love it
By: Eimile W.
Peter Allen's Italian
I went with my husband to get lunch at Bravo Franco on a wednesday. As expected, it was almost empty due to the time and day of the week. The place itself looks very fancy and well decorated but as far as I know they don't have a dress code.We started with mussels in marinara sauce and they were the best I've tried so far. Then, I had chicken marsala and a house salad, both were excellent. My husband had a pasta entrée with meat sauce and He absolutely loved it.We finished with a tiramisu, very soft and not too sweet, I really liked it.The only thing I didn't like was that our waitress forgot to bring bread to the table and we had to ask for it. She also forgot to give us/offer cheese for the entréesGood experience overall
By: Lisa R.
Smallman Galley
Smallman Galley houses two bars and four talented chefs and their unique concept in 6,000 square feet. Founders Ben Mantica and Tyler Benson developed the idea of a low cost, low risk opportunity to grow undiscovered chefs within a communal space in which experiences are shared. This combination food hall-kitchen incubator, once a tomato-processing plant in the 1920’s and then a nightclub, has restored the original bar and utilized reclaimed wood. In four aligned identical kitchens-one for each concept-you can see and smell the preparation for the day.Smallman’s bar serves up 20 craft beers, wine and craft cocktails with local spirits. A beer dinner series is offered.
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By: dette002
Bliss Hair Studio
Went for cut and color.. price was very right, but she had to redo the color (and had kind of an attitude about it). I tipped the girl VERY, VERY WELL (50% tip).. I've tried to get in for a brow wax and my stylist didn't have the time.. I tried for over a week and either no one answered the phone or they were busy. Today I stopped cause no one was snswering.. there was 1 girl working (in the afternoon midweek) and she was so snotty that I'll NEVER go back. They don't hire enough staff to run properly, and the ones that are there were young and dramatic when I was getting my hair done .. definitely NOT my type of salon.. I'd rather pay a bit more for a good salon.
By: Linday P.
Peter Allen's Italian
Our family was going to an event in the Cultural district and needed to make reservations for dinner before the show, we picked a winner. We were greeted with smiles and cordiality. Each of our meals were excellent. Our waitress, Sharon, is one of the best we have encountered in an age! She gave us suggestions, you could tell she knew the menu well and was so competent as to refill water, ask frequently about the meals and enquire if we needed anything additional. What a delightful evening it was. Great food, great service and all you could ask for in a restaurant. I hope we were not lucky and will go again soon.
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A regular eye exam focuses on the general health of your eyes, while a contact lens exam is focused specifically on how your eyes react to contact lenses. A contact lens exam tests how well you see while wearing contacts. Your eyes are also evaluated to make sure your tear ducts produce enough tears to allow you to comfortably wear contact lenses.
The cost of contact lenses depends on the type of lens being purchased and the vision problem that is being corrected. For nearsightedness, you'll be able to purchase a box of six lenses for roughly $25. Each lens needs to be replaced after a couple of weeks, which will require you to purchase 10 boxes of lenses each year, for a total of $250 per year. Contact lenses that treat other conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia are more expensive, and can cost $500-$700 a year.
Some people may experience certain side effects when wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes may result, and some people may experience eye or eyelid inflammation. Some contact lens wearers may also develop allergic reactions to the liquid contact lens solution that is used to clean and disinfect the lens.
The cost of an eye exam can range $50-$250 or more. The cost will depend on the tests that are included, and whether the exam involves a contact lens fitting. The cost of the test will also hinge on whether the exam is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
An eye exam typically takes 20-30 minutes. If additional tests are required, the process could take longer. Eye exams test your sight, but they are also used to make sure your eyes are in good health. During the test, your eye care professional will ask if you've been experiencing any problems with your vision. Your eyes will be examined using a device known as an ophthalmoscope, and the movement of coordination of your eyes will be checked.

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