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By: crick62
Asti's South Hills Pharmacy
Dan Asti is the consummate professional pharmacist. Customer service is top notch and everyone of his employees are dedicated, hardworking and polite. Any comments made here about Dan being or acting inappropriately are flat out wrong. He is a very busy guy - between servicing client prescriptions and answering client questions about meds - he simply doesn't have the time to act unprofessionally.We used Dan when he was the pharmacist at Eckerd and continued to use him when he opened his own store. He takes the time to get to know his customers (go in the pharmacy and see for yourself how many people he greets by name!), makes sure he gets you the right prescription at a competitive price and makes himself personally available after hours for emergencies. How many other business owners can you name that do that? They call to let you know when you are due for refills and often fill them in advance so ll you have to do is go pick up your Rx.In a town where you seldom get a call back from business, Asti's is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended!
By: jencoli
Asti's South Hills Pharmacy
My experience using Asti's pharmacy was outstanding. I recently had some prescriptions sent there that weren't available at my regular pharmacy. I was concerned because the doctor told me one of my prescriptions was probably not going to be covered by insurance. This medicine is expensive and the doctor wasn't sure if it was even going to help my condition. When I explained this to the pharmacist, he gave me a few days supply to try to see if it would help me! He told me if it worked for me then he will try to convince my insurance to cover it or work with me to make it affordable if they won't pay for it. This would never happen at Target, Rite Aid, etc. Asti's clearly cares about helping their customers! I would highly recommend this pharmacy and I am so thankful for the help I received there.
By: mag4343
Asti's South Hills Pharmacy
in response to Murphy and her singles bar comment, live a little....its a joke, as another member on here said, he was prob trying to give you a smile for the day. I have been there when an entire string of people back to back came in and said "hi Cutie" "Hi Gorgeous"...etc and dan would reply "back atcha" or Your looking lovely or beautiful today...the comments werent said with any inappropriateness, just enjoying and having fun with his customers. Thats what makes your experience different than any old "robot" pharmacist Trust me, he wasnt sitting there drooling all over you, you got the once over and a wink at best with a comment...Lighten up, get over yourself and learn to take a compliment!
By: eazyrider
Asti's South Hills Pharmacy
I just wanted to respond to the lady who had a bad experiance (so she says) with dan. i never have been treated so kindly as i was when i switched pharmacies and went to Astis. He helped me out like i was a member of his family. thats the treatment others in business should display. Im a disabled vetern and dan personally went over all 20 of my meds i take to make sure i was getting exactley what my doctor ordered. We found that my other pharmacy had my meds all messed up. Dan called my doctor and got everything straight for me.Evertime I call he never says he is to busy to talk to me. I think this lady who complained needs to relook at asti pharmacy. you will never get better service than astis..and they deliver 7 days a week..
By: Megan M.
Asti's South Hills Pharmacy
I went to Asti's today for the first time to get my prescription filled. I'm on a schedule 2 medicine so everywhere I've gone they always give me problems or look at me like I'm a drug addict!! So I wanted to try somewhere new and I cant even get over the awesome customer service at Asti's! The owner/pharmacist himself came and talked to me, I've NEVER had a pharmacist do that. And he politely welcomed me and told me if I need anything that they are there to help me! I will never go to any other pharmacy ever again!
By: elixir11999
Rite Aid
HI, Last year I was in dire straits about a prescription on Christmas Day that needed refilled. Alas, not a pharmacy was open until I found a Rite Aid on Bower Hill Road near Pittsburgh, and near to my location in Carnegie, PA, 15106. I am thankful to this day I found them. They deserve a ten, for their service to the public. June Muraco
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By: Chris H.
Your Hometown Pharmacy
One of the best pharmacies ive ever been to. They make you feel welcome, & treat you like a human instead of someone just wanting meds. The owner mike is one of a kind, and does everything by the book. Its just a good place thats makes u feel welcome
By: Alisha G.
Amsler Pharmacy
I've been filling my prescriptions at this pharmacy for several months now and I have not one complaint. The staff are friendly, helpful and overall, customer service is awesome. I always recommend this place to family and friends!
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By: Antolina T.
Rite Aid
THE best pharmacists......professional , kind,go above and beyond....They phone doctors for prescriptions and at the same time field questions in person and via phone with patients in a calm ,caring manner.
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By: Brandi M.
Your Hometown Pharmacy
Mike [pharmacist] and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly and super quick. I've been going there for years now and would never considered going elsewhere.

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