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By: Thomas H.
Kelly, John C R Realty Inc
The apartments are well maintained and in a very safe complex. The staff does a great job of handling any questions promptly and going out of their way to make sure you're comfortable and satisfied. Never had or even heard of any complaints about their apartments or staff. This is by far the best realty company I've ever dealt with.
By: Sarah J.
Kelly, John C R Realty Inc
Terrible. Terrible and rude. Don't abide by the lease THEY wrote and don't fix anything for students
By: Paul H.
Kelly M J Realty
It took several months for them to fix a patio door that had a 2" gap in it, allowing for bugs to get in. While we were living in the apartment, I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau because our door hadn't been fixed in months. A couple days later I received a phone call from the property manager, Mike, asking if I wanted to be evicted; because of the complaint I submitted and posting poor reviews on websites Mike threatened to evict me. Being fearful that I would have nowhere to live I withdrew the claim and posted excellent reviews for him, now that we're finally free, I feel safe enough to tell the truth. After the contract expired and we moved out, we received a bill for damages for just under $1,000. We demanded to see the damages and upon doing a walk-through, none could be found. Upon leaving the apartment, which now had a new resident, Mike said we'd be getting something from him in the mail. My mother, who co-signed the lease for me asked what we could be expecting and Mike didn't raise his voice, he screamed MONEY MONEY MONEY! It took over a month for them to pay our security deposit back.
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By: Bob S.
Lobos Management
These guys are lying sacks of turds. The contract we signed originally had water included in the rent, but a few months in they changed the terms. Then the water bill steadily increased month by month until it was about $90 because there was a leak in another part of the building. They refused to reimburse any of the tenants for the extra cost due to their poor maintinence, and the rent never went down. Also as a matter of course they will take as much from your security deposit as possible, saying things need cleaned when they don't. They insist on charging tenents for carpet cleaning even though there had definitely not been any done when we moved in and I never saw any carpet cleaners the whole time I lived there. They just charge you with whatever they think they can get away with. F these A holes, please don't rent with them. They are rude when you talk to them on the phone once you are a tenent. They are the worst kind of exploitive scum, knowing they can take money from you because they have the power to hurt your credit score, they're smug about it and unwilling to be reasonable because of it.
By: Omer F.
Real Property Management Pittsburgh
Been working with RPM pittsburgh for more then a year now.Highly responsive, responsible, great attitude team.Happy to leave my review for this team.Keep on doing the great job!
By: maggiepeach
Lobos Management
I rented at Weber Apartments in Dormont for one year. I thought all the reviews calling Lobos "slumlords" was blown out of proportion. It was not. And I regret the decision I made to rent with this company.From an overall standpoint, the employees are rude and the maintenance is terrible. I hope some of the examples below highlight their business practices:Whenever I called Lobos for anything - not just maintenance - their employees were downright rude. I'd been belittled, hung up on, and made fun of while on the phone with them. Any phone call you make will usually be met with someone irrationally hostile.Before I moved in, I was told that they would install grounded outlets and smoke detectors. That didn't happen. They didn't even bother to clean the apartment. It took several weeks of phone calls and a reminder that grounded outlets were a fire hazard the tenant would not be responsible for before they sent someone in. When my ceiling caved in from the broken AC unit above me, I spent two weeks breathing in the exposed, leaking, rotting boards above me before they bothered to fix it. It made me sick for awhile, since I have horrible mold allergies.From an apartment-specific standpoint, I wouldn't recommend this building to even my worst enemies and unfortunately, I didn't learn about these problems until after moving in. Lobos' website advertises a washer/dryer in the building. There is none, so you have to walk to the laundromat. The mailboxes don't have working locks, so a lot of your mail ends up stolen. I had to start getting packages sent to my work after they were stolen 3 separate times from my doorstep. The building is poorly insulated so if you use their heaters (no thermostat - just AC wall units that double as forced-air heaters that smell like burning?) you pay an arm and a leg to keep it above-freezing (to keep my apartment at 65 degrees, it cost $270/month). As it's an old building, there's also zero soundproofing. Thankfully the tenant above me also woke up at 6am, because if my alarm didn't go off, I could wake up to the sound of hers. I could hear the 30yr old man who lives with his mother below me puking every Sunday morning after a rough night out. On the bright side, it made up for not having cable -- constant entertainment.The cherry on top was when we started getting rats in our trash cans. Luckily they're skittish, so if you make a lot of noises on your way to take out the trash, they would typically run away before you got too close.Lobos charges rent at either competitive pricing or just-below competitive pricing. And it's not even close to worth it. I'd rather pay an extra $20/month to be somewhere that I didn't have the consistant anxieties that Lobos caused. It's a wonder they're still in business... but I suppose slumlords can survive for awhile like that.
By: tsmeezy
Lobos Management
Please God do not even begin to think about living under a roof that Lobos Management represents. I lived with them myself and had a horrible experience. This is nothing compared to my sister's experience...She had black mold underneath her shower tiling and when she called ( after hours ) to have someone come out and look at it, the representative told her there was "literally nothing she could be calling about that would make an after hours technician, despite the reason, come check it out"Not only is this a potentially deadly environment, but the lady (representative) hung up on me, claiming she would sue for "phone harassment" when I called afterwards in her stead, claiming she had already "dealt" with this issue.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for your own sake...this is not a one time issue. DO NOT LIVE ANYWHERE WHERE THIS CORPORATION COLLECTS YOUR RENT. Not only will your apartment look like crap, you will be treated like it as well. There is a REASON this company has one star. PLEASE DO NOT LIVE HERE. THIS IS NOT OUT OF BITTERNESS, THIS IS BECAUSE I HAVE A BRAIN.
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By: consumersfirst
Lobos Management
Warning Military personnel -- do not rent from this company! BEWARE! They are making my enlisted son and daughter in law pay an extra month in rent because of a difference in 4 days between his verbal orders and his written orders. Terrible way to treat those protecting their right to run this company!Lobos Management --- Federal law is set out in the Servicemembers Civil ReliefAct, enacted in 2003 to amend the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ CivilRelief Act of 1940. It provides a broad range of benefits andprotections to service personnel including specific rights relatingto renting and leasing obligations.
By: Mike B.
Lobos Management
Recently graduated and was going to move to Pittsburgh PA, went on craigslist and found a place which was through Lobos Management for a place 2 months from today, I needed my Dad to be a co-signer and AJ was good with communication but we never signed the lease after my Dad looked online and saw the poor reviews, I told AJ we would not be renting the place but he will not refund the security deposit even though he initially told my dad that he paid the deposit the wrong way, my Dad paid with an eCheck and AJ wrote back and said they only accept certified funds for deposit/app fees. He said "You may NOT use debit, eCheck, cash or personal check." My Dad never got refunded the money even though AJ said they could not accept the method used, but once we decided not to rent, he is now keeping the eCheck, he said that in the APPLICATION, DEPOSITS ARE WITHHELD IF APPLICANT REFUSES TO ENTER LEASE AGREEMENT. LOBOS MANAGEMENT IS CROOKED AND THIEFS, BE WARNED.
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By: Marco C.
Siara Management Inc
This business has the worst customer service skills I have ever experienced, and I work in the automotive industry and have worked in the restaurant industry. From the Top, to the regional, all the way down to the complex managers they hire to run their buildings, I have experienced nothing but neglect, disrespect, and blatant disregard since I have started with trying to get an issue resolved. My apartment was damaged due to the facility's lack of attention to detail ( water damage, dust and dirt from brick pointing, dirt and grime tracked in from the kitchen makeover) then i was charged after I moved out for carpet replacement. After I refused to pay, it was turned into collections and has impacted mine and my roommates credit history severely. I have been able to remove this invalid debt from my credit history but my roommates have not been quite as fortunate and there has been no effort on Sierra Managements part to assist with the issues on the credit bureaus, even with paying this in full. I have been passed from person to person, I have been treated like a low class citizen, I have been laughed at, and i have not been called back after 6 messages and a verbal promise to get back to me from one of their executive positions. My time renting at Nob Hill Apartments, and my experiences with Sierra Management have been disgraceful. They don't even deserve the one star I was required to give for a review.

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