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By: olechka86
Alvern Gardens
Small problems get fixed, while severe problems will be acknowledged but not addressed properly. There have been issues with our roof for about 3 years. The apartment across the hall had the ceiling in the bedroom collapse and leaked into the tenants apartment below. The apartment sat vacant for 2 years until a gentlemen moved in. He ended up getting out of his lease within a few month because of the same occurrence. Now the roof issue has progressed to my side of the building. About 2 months ago, we had a severe storm and I came home to every room in my apartment leaking as well as in the common hall area. There was a downpour of water out of both light fixtures and smoke detector. Even though the carpeting was quickly cleaned there still a distinct smell and mildew growth on the carpet. The light fixtures are still to be fixed. I work late hours, so there's times I'm walking into complete darkness. They are aware of the problem, yet there is no hurry to fix it unless I call down and make a ruckus. It took about two weeks for my ceiling to dry with probably 15 buckets scattered around my apartment. Which by the way, my kitten kept knocking over so I was left with gross, dirty water soaking into my carpet. I kept getting the run around about how the main issue, the roof, was going to be resolved. I emailed the downtown office of my concerns and received a reply that my email would be "put in my file." Nothing else. I came home a few nights later and there was another puddle in my living room. I decided to make a call to the borough building inspector, in the next few days there were workers on my roof and I thought the issue was resolved. I was also given $100 off my rent. Unfortunately, it rained last night (7/26/14) and now my ceiling is leaking, not only in the same spots but also in new areas. There is now another severe storm approaching and I don't want to leave my apartment because I know the worst is yet to come. There are so many issues I can complain about but I understand apartment living and am writing this review in hopes that my problem will finally be resolved. I'm sure I can get out of my lease but moving in not an option for me a this time. I wish the company, Prudential Realty, cared about their tenants and would reinvest into their property. How do you expect tenants to stay if the living conditions are unsafe?
By: Heather D.
Residences Of South Hills
At first I was excited about this apartment because it was the best I could find near my job that allowed pets, but now all I have to say is run while you still can. This place is not as advertised. The washer and dryer units are almost always broken and you have to call the company (not our maintenance) to get them fixed which can take up to a week. They will also show you a beautiful model of their apartments, but this is just a illusion. The paint job does not match and is patched up, the mock granite counter tops look anything but, I can see where they patched up a wall they knocked out in my bedroom, the carpets have bong stains from previous occupants, and the bathroom basin is so cheap that when my cat knocked my candle over it punched a huge hole through it. There is also a major bug infestation because of our lovely residents from Nepal leaving trash and food in the hallway and their children constantly breaking the windows and doors to the buildings. I have tried to be patient and I usually like learning from people of other cultures, but these people from Nepal that make up well over half our population here are simply appalling, sexist, loud, and messy. Don't even try to put in a noise complaint when they are celebrating from 5pm to 4am because management will do nothing. Another part of our population are drug dealers so I hope you enjoy fumes and sketchy people. Also while they advertise they no longer take section 8 I have to call that to question. There are cops and ambulances in my neighborhood several times a week. It is advertised as a nice wholesome community and looks nice from the outside, but don't be fooled. These are overpriced projects with a crappy attempt at a new paint job. My lease is up in August and I am relieved.
By: cutienut
Briaridge Apartments
These are great apartments. I have lived in my fair share of apartments in the Pittsburgh area and these are not only very reasonably priced, but also beautiful and well maintained. You get the feel of a suburban life while remaining within a 15 minute commute to downtown. The management is amazing and very kind. I've never had any issues with maintenance and when I need something fixed they are always prompt. When we moved in the apartments was absolutely SPOTLESS. I don't think I've ever moved in anywhere so clean and well maintained. We are moving in a month and believe me we are sad to go. If you are looking for a great apartment in the 'Burgh look no further. Seriously.
By: Wy W.
Charter's Properties
Not the best landlord in the world. The guy is maybe 80 years old, cranky and difficult to work with, dismissive of questions about the properties. He'll be rude to you if you give him anything resembling a hard time. Problems can take a long time to get fixed if the handymen he works with are neglectful, because he won't take the extra step and pester them and he won't hire someone else if they're not available.
By: Chelsea G.
Deaktor Development
Super place to live. I love my apartment and I am a very happy tenant. Modern, high end details. Spacious, and gorgeous. Security building situated in a safe Mt. Lebanon neighborhood. Professional population.
By: Chelsea G.
Deaktor Development Inc
Exceptional quality, beautiful apartment, clean building, professional staff. Offers 12 or 24 month leases. I have been quite happy here. My neighbors too.
By: Chelsea G.
Deaktor Development Inc
Exceptional building. Extremely luxurious. Exclusive client base. Management is professional. Staff courteous and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
By: norma.wagner.14
Etna Commons Inc

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