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    2100 Bower Hill Rd


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    DeAnne has been grooming my two dogs for over two years. During those two years, I have found her to be very professional. In addition, DeAnne understands that I show my dogs in agility. As such De

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By: Debra H.
Pup Pup And Away
My little Maltese mix, Buddy, who is an 11 year old rescue from four years ago who had been terribly abused, had been rejected by every other groomer I've ever taken him to because he bites viciously when he's scared. So most of the time he has looked pretty scruffy. I informed them that this was an issue because I didn't want him to bite them. They assured me they would do the best they could and would call me if there was a problem. When I picked little Buddy up, they said he hadn't even tried to bite them and didn't give them any problem. To my surprise, he seemed very happy when I came to get him and he looked very cute and clean. I don't know what they did, but they must've worth some magic with him. Very happy with their service.
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By: Jeff H.
Three Dogs & A Cat Grooming Salon
I have heard the rumors about this place smacking around people's pets and I have seen the video of the woman confronting the owner and staff about smacking her dog, but I had not witnessed anything like this myself, until today that is.I just walked in to pick up Fred (our dog) and the other woman, not Jan (the owner), was smacking Fred in the face, screaming at him to the point she was out of breath, and generally roughing him up by the collar. Fred was very scared looking... I didn't say anything, but they were embarrassed and they knew I saw. The situation was very much like the video that was posted previously. I wish I could find it... I'm sure Fred was not listening and squirming around, but this lady was to the point that she was almost in a rage about it. I saw it first hand, this is not slander or gossip.We have been taking our dogs there for 15+ years, but we will never go back.
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By: Brent B.
Pet Stop
The staff upfront and the groomers were wonderful. But upon arriving home, the dog had obviously not been completely bathed, ears were dirty, he was shedding everywhere. And this was after a full groom. One of his nails was cut so short they were unable to shave it down, so it was easily caught while he was walking and cracked in half. He was bleeding for over 20 minutes and had to be tended to at a vet. But the reason for this review is the interaction my wife and I had with the owner, who hung up on both of us multiple times while trying to figuring what to do. She lied about my wife "screaming at that staff" while on the phone, which was not true because I was standing beside her while she was taking. She refused to refund and only talked about her "2500 loyal customers" and how she has never received a complaint. Please do yourself and your animal a favor and never go to this poorly run establishment.
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By: Chelse C.
Pampered Pet
Really good at what they do.. I wasn't sure what to expect. As I had never been to them before.. But they definitely exceeded my expectations.... I would recommend them to anyone.. You won't be disappointed..
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By: Vivian D.
Muddy Paws Grooming Salon
I have had nothing but good experiences with this groomer. My cat is a very frightened long hair and she always comes back to me just fine and beautifully groomed. Not many groomers do cats but I recommend this one.
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By: Jeffrey M.
Muddy Paws Grooming Salon
Don't take your dog here unless you're prepared to be berated by the owner.My dog was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism after seeing several vets. This caused some skin issues, which had been improving with medication when I went here. The owner asked me what kind of dog food I give him (how that is relevant to a groomer I do not know) and angrily told me that his food is causing all of his problems, and that I need to buy a brand that she recommends. I told her I wasn't interested and that his skin issues are due to his hypothyroidism and are improving, and she told me that her years as a veterinary technician make her an expert and it is all due to the food. Apparently she is more of an expert than the doctors of veterinary medicine that had seen him over the previous months.Later she angrily called me to literally scream at me for what she perceived as questioning her expertise, going so far as to insult my upbringing. I wish I were kidding. Avoid this place at all costs.
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By: gzaretsky
Animal Elegance
They made my Portuguese Water Dog look horrible. They actually sheared all the fur from my dog claiming that it was matted and therefore they had no choice. This isn't true as I personally brush my dog every morning. When I complained, the owner said: “But we did tell you that we will cut the dog’s fur short.” Yes, they did, and I thought that considering that the days are hot in August, they are proposing a little cooler grooming. I never expected them to just shear the dog to the skin. I think they did it because they are hopelessly irresponsible. Although they charged $70 for this brutally simple operation they have not even trimmed dog’s ears and tail. Consequently, the dog has disproportionately long hair on its tail and the ears. I used Animal Elegance for more than a decade. Long before current management took over. Over all these years I sometimes took in stride their occasional compromise of standards and always paid their exorbitant prices without complaint. However, this fragrant negligence, combined with their total disregard of the fact that I was an old and loyal customer did it. I will avoid this place from now on and would like to suggest that you do the same.
By: cockermom
Pup Pup And Away
I've been using Pup Pup and Away to groom my cocker spaniels since the 1980s and have nothing but praise for them. My pups always look great and love going there. The staff treats the dogs like they are their own pets. I give Pup Pup and Away a five star rating! They are NOT an assembly line groomer like Pet Smart or PetCo. They truly love their clients!
By: dobiemom
Pup Pup And Away
Have been taking my girls to Petco since I got them (wonderful groomer, Lauren has kept them looking beautiful!) but Petco has raised the prices of the services I get so I thought I'd try a local place. From the moment I walked in with my two (extremely mellow) dogs, I felt uncomfortable in the place. It is a small space with crates upon crates and the waiting area is also small. They had just groomed a Chow and had him in a (large) crate in the small entry way - he was barking his head off which scared my timid Doberman immediately. I called a few hours later to see how my girls did and the owner told me they did fine, except that the Doberman had eaten her leash! I asked how that could have happened and was told it was her policy to keep a new dog leashed in the crate. No one has ever done this to my poor girl before, and I had told them my dogs were mellow so I was quite annoyed that they hadn't told me about their policy before I left my girls with them. The owner took $20 off my my bill (which was pretty close to Petco's prices) but was not in the least apologetic. Back to PETCO and our friend Lauren for us!
By: marcy.lehman.7
Pup Pup And Away
My beautiful all white Egyptian Mau cat had an appointment at 9:00AM. She was to be done at 1:00. 2:00 came and still no phone call saying come pick her up, so I called. Rude person on the phone acted as if I was bothering her. People need to remember that the pets can’t talk, so you should be friendly when communicating with your paying customers! She came home and looks horrible ~ like she has no hair at all!!! And I don’t know what goes on there while she was locked in her cage for over 5 hours, but for the last 2 days, she is hiding and shaking! I have spoke to neighbors who have also had bad experiences there! I will NEVER take any of my pets there again!!!! They’re not fit to clean my cat’s litter box!!!
Tips & Advices
Many people fear that their pet will be injured at the groomer, but incidents of serious injury are infrequent. For minor injuries , it is appropriate the groomer pay the vet bill, and can usually be worked out between groomer and owner. For moderate to severe injuries, you can attempt to activate groomer’s liability insurance to cover medical expenses. However, be aware that most groomer contracts stipulate that the business does not assume responsibility.
Staff at groomers know that there is inherent risk when handling animals, and they are familiar with being snapped at or bitten. However, it is not a normal occurrence or something you should ignore. Many people choose to cover medical expenses or pay extra--at minimum, apologize and get the dog into behavior classes. It is a given that  you should sedate or muzzle the animal for all future grooming sessions.
It is always recommended to make an appointment to get your pet groomed. While some groomers, especially in the larger pet stores, can accommodate with short notice, popular neighborhood groomers are often booked out two weeks out or longer on weekends.
If your pet has sensitive skin, let the groomer know when you set the appointment. But be aware, all dogs have sensitive skin by human standards--their skin is much thinner. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for signs of sensitivity, and reduce it through regular grooming with gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner. Oatmeal shampoo is a favorite. Daily brushouts and omega oil supplements are recommended for every day at-home care.
For various reasons including insurance clauses and pet-owner relationship dynamics and behaviors, groomers prefer owners don’t stay with their pets while being groomed.

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