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By: pattyhesch56
Eye Physicians Optical
Dr. Kerr is wonderful. Professional, thorough, kind (handsome too)! Everything you would expect from an eye care doctor. He's been my Dr. for a few years now and my family has been with the group of eye Dr.'s at Shadyside Place for years and they are the best!!About 2 months ago I was having trouble with "black floaters" and a bright flashing in my left eye. Dr. Kerr thought it might be a detached retina. and it was! I was panicked with the thought of loosing my eyesight!!! OMG!! But he remained calm and concerned and answered all of my questions. He immediately sent me to a retina specialist and I was operated on the next day. My retina was successfully reattached. So don't ignore "floaters" or a bright flashing in your eye call Dr. Kerr.
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By: Krista M.
Pusz & Siegel Eyecare Associates
Today was my second visit. The first time was 2 years ago. It was ok. I walked out paying over $600 with insurance for contacts and glasses.(6 pairs of contacts/12 weeks) At that time I lived 3 blocks away and it was convenient. Very overpriced. I called a week and a half ago to make my appointment for today even though I now live 6 minutes away in Greenfield but work in Ohio and had to take a half day to squeeze it in. I arrived 30 minutes early for my appointment at 2:45, paying the meter the whole time and knowing very well that I may not get in until my scheduled appt. At 3:15 they decided to tell me the optometrist was running behind and it would be over 30 minutes before I'd be seen, I could reschedule if needed. I will be rescheduling at wal*mart over that.
By: Maureen N.
Chang Eye Group
My husband was told last Fall his cataracts were ready to be removed. He was scheduled for mid Feb for one eye and the beginning of Mar., for the second eye. The insurance did not cover his optic lenses. So $1700 out of pocket. Then a $200 fee, then another 175.00 again not covered. (These are for the first eye! The $$$ would not be as significant , but his first eye got inflamed. His second eye has blurry vision. We were told both of these are "part of the healing process". In addition, including an exam required before sugery by the PCP, there have been 11 visits to get this done! Another apptmt. still to come to get glasses! Good thing he is retired!
By: jholcomb
Gateway Eye Associates
I really don't understand the negative reviews on here. I have been to this eye doctor multiple times and every time they were SO professional, nice and knowledgeable and to be honest it's probably hands down the best eye doctor I've ever been to. Which is great given how convenient it is to my office. It sounds to me like these people have issues with their eye insurance policies - not this eye doctor. Maybe they should go complain to their benefits department at work. So don't let their posts sway you. They are fantastic, super nice, and knowledgeable, genuine and really seem to want to do an excellent job.
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By: Helen B.
Chang Eye Group
I too am very surprised by the negative ratings posted here, so much that I have to comment (which I rarely do). I have been a patient of Chang Eye Group for at least 15 years and have experienced nothing but professional, prompt and courteous service. I have recommended them to friends who also are pleased. My entire family of four are regulars, and between us we have experience with everything from ophthalmology to contacts. It seems a lot of the bad reviews have to do with insurance issues, in my experience vision coverage from any provider is notoriously poor. That's not the doctor's fault.
By: Nancy S.
Chang Eye Group
I am shocked to see the negative reviews! I've been a patient at chang eye group for years and have nothing but praise for the practice. The most important thing is the utmost concern for your vision. They are very proactive when it come to any future problems they may be concerned about. I was also very disappointed that Dr. Lishko left, but the care I've received since then has been top notch.
By: Mike I.
Gateway Eye Associates
The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. My dissatisfaction is with the never-ending emphasis on pushing clients to purchase lenses and frames (and procedures). What is supposed to be a medical exam always ends up feeling like a sales seminar. I understand that a large part of their profit comes from the sale of lenses and frames, but they don't take no for an answer; it's relentless.
By: Christine Y.
Davis Eye Group
I love star optical, and will always support that business. Rachel is the manager and is a super lady. She has a wonderful personality, makes you laugh, and smile, and makes sure EVERYONE has a good experience there. The doctor is very accurate with his exams too. Wish they had more designer frames though.
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By: Nance M.
Dr. Barton B Rack, OD
Dr. Rack is the best! He treats his patients with respect and professionalism, and a little bit of humor! He was able to find a very serious condition with my eyes that other eye doctors had missed. When he did, he sent me to a wonderful specialist, too. Dr. Rack is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!
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By: Stephanie A.
The Eye Guys Inc
That was the most conscientious,informative and thorough eye exam I have had in 40 years. Dr.Young and staff were extremely courteous and enormously helpful. My eye health has never been in more capable hands. Thank you. JE & SA McKees Rocks
Tips & Advices
While the first appointment is the most comprehensive, the majority of appointments with an ophthalmologist begin with a basic eye exam followed by a refraction to test if glasses are needed. Other tests might include an eye muscle coordination exam, a check of pupil response and peripheral vision, slit lamp microscope test to look at the anterior segment of the eye, and an intraocular pressure assessment.
Most eye doctors will charge different amounts for their services, but a basic eye exam with an ophthalmologist can range from $50 to $300. Additional tests and treatment will add to the price.
Ophthalmology subspecialties include strabismus/pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, retina/uveitis ophthalmology, cornea/anterior segment ophthalmology, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and reconstruction.
Ophthalmologists can diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, ocular albinism, vitreous traction, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, retinoblastoma, and many more.
The most popular ophthalmology procedures are cataract, laser eye treatment, and glaucoma surgeries.

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