By: Chris T.
Roof Repair Experts
I would like to strongly recommend the work of Roof Repair Experts! I had John and his team do a variety of work on my house throughout the past year, including repairing my roof and re-attaching a piece of siding that had become loose. Each time that I called John, I received same day service and the job was done right.Being that my roof was pushing 25+ years on a 30 year shingle, I knew exactly who to call to replace my current roof. John made the process super easy. Unlike other contractors, he didn't just drop off the quote and hope that you called him back to schedule the job. No, John made himself 100% available to answer any questions that I had and made me feel completely at ease. John was very flexible in customizing my job. My wife and I researched a number of shingle types but fell in love with the Owens Corning Devonshire shingles. These scalloped shingles fit the look of our house to a T! I was very pleased that John didn't tell me what shingle that I should install. Others dropped off quotes and suggested that I install a generic architectural shingle, which we didn't want at all. John's pricing was actually cheaper, believe it or not, for our higher quality shingle! To further illustrate John's flexibility to customize the job, I had him put an EPDM liquid rubber coating on my front flat roof, rather than silver-coating it. Occasionally, we will need to get on the rubber roof to hang items from the adjacent chair-rail. John and his team had previously never worked with the liquid rubber, but their application of the material has my front flat roof area looking amazing. They rolled it on perfectly and it has cured and looks wonderful. The EPDM liquid rubber came with an 8 year warranty on the material, but I bet it will last much longer. I definitely know who to call to have it reapplied down to the road, no doubt about it. John also installed a high quality Certainteed item called Flintlastic on my slightly sloped rear roof (which I thought was rubber, but ended up being only cheap rolled roofing material). The Flintlastic, like the liquid rubber, should be good for years to come, and was a great suggestion by John.As I said, I am thoroughly pleased with John and his team. I highly recommend Roof Repair Experts for not only roof repairs, but also new roof installations!
By: Brenda H.
Saraco Roofing And General Contracting
Sean and the SaraCo Roofing crew as I like to call them just finished our game room.I'm not big on writing reviews,this is actually my second one. I am just so impressed that I felt that I should voice myself. Our game room turned out better than we could have imagined, Sean is very polite and along with Sean, his employees are very professional. The game room was finished exactly when he said it was, which I didn't think it would be,because Sean had to take off a couple days cause of a personal matter.However his guys showed up everyday ontime and just did amazing work.It was just a true pleasure to have such a great crew of men that I could actually trust around my home, and know that my hard earned money is being spent wisely. Sean and the SaraCo crew did a roof for me not long ago, but then it was just Sean, his brother and a friend I believe. Of course Sean did a great job putting our roof on for a great price, or we would have shopped around a bit more than we did for our game room. To watch Sean put a roof on is amazing, as in how fast he puts it on. I would recommend Sean and the SaraCo crew to anyone looking to have home improvements. Trustworthy, polite,professional, and the best prices, that I promise. Anyone is welcomed to email me, for a reference. I can provide photos. Brenda and Mike Hugo, Fox chapel,Pa.
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By: Andrew M.
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
It is never a fun things to discover that the ceiling in your bedroom is leaking onto your wife's pillow. It's even less fun to wake up your wife to inform her of this fact. The flashing on my chimney needed to be replaced. Outside of that fact, I didn't know a lot about flashing. It turns out, I'm not alone in this. I had one contractor tell me he fixes flashing, "if it's not serious" and another literally Google flashing while I was on the phone with him before telling me, "Yeah...we, uh, do that." Thankfully, Joe not only knows what flashing is, his crew is actually really good at fixing it and the interior damage that the water causes. The weather caused the initial work to be delayed, but Joe was excellent about staying in touch before and after the job and was very quick to return my calls. Highly recommended.
By: Toni N.
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
We had reached out to Hickey contracting some months ago regarding a new roof project. They gave us an estimate that was pretty reasonable, my husband on the other hand decided to go with another company that was much cheaper. Needless to say the other company took our money and disappeared. I called Joe and explained my situation and within 2 weeks they were there to install a new roof. I didn't have to put any money down and they also let me split up the final payment in 2 . I cannot tell you how much this meant to my family to get out of a jam like that especially with an active roof leak. My roof looks terrific and the workers were absolutely great to work with. I'm very happy with this company.
By: Cort H.
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
I chose to go ahead with this company based on reviews and I wasn't disappointed. Joe had an estimate for my roof the very next day that I initially called, he brought roof samples over and really explained to me what was involved and how each step of the process was going to be. I have to say I learned a lot about roof installation as well as how many different products are out there. We received 3 estimates for our roof but this company really made the difference in how informative and easy it was to deal with a major home project. Also, everything was cleaned up perfectly and the roofing crew was very polite and professional.
By: Abby M.
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
stars all the way. Very happy to have called Joe at Hickey Contracting on New Years day when my bedroom ceiling was pouring water. I expected him to tell me that he could have someone there Tuesday like the other 2 guys I called. BUT... to my surprise he says "I'll have someone there in 2hrs" . They got there while it was still raining I might add and put a patch on my roof that stopped all of the leaking, the final price was extremely affordable for an emergency service on a holiday. I was beside myself with happiness. :)
By: denise.beasley2
I would recommend, and have recommended this company to several people. They did my and my neighbors roof about 5 years ago and I was very pleased with them. They came when they said they would come; they finished the same day; and they cleaned up extremely well; by the time I came home from work, there was no debris on my property. And even better, the price was excellent. I have not had any problems with my roof since; I am very pleased and so is my neighbor across the street who I referred to Royal Contracting.
By: Junior M.
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
Response time was awesome, very professional. The workers were extremely polite and kept everything clean, they went the extra mile to make sure everything was done to our specific plans. I've had problems with other contractors in the past and have been ripped off a couple of times and I have to say that this company made me feel comfortable through every turn of the project. And they're not a huge company that has a ton of overhead so they keep cost very very reasonable. Give them a call you will not regret it.
By: redcap76
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
I called 5 different contractors to fix my box gutters, 4 of them never showed up and the 5th one wanted an arm and a leg. I called Hickey Contracting and they were out to give me a price the next day, even waited on me when i was running late to get home from work. I told them exactly what i wanted and they made it happen. The price was very reasonalble and the guys that did the work were well mannered and courteous. My wife and I are very pleased and the house looks GREAT...
By: Lorianne J.
Hickey Contracting and Roofing
Recently had my roof done by these great bunch of guys. They gave me a very good estimate on my roof. They were done and all cleaned up in 1 day so I didn't have to miss much work. And my roof looks great I'm very pleased. Also have to mention how nice and polite the crew was. Looking forward to working with Liam and his crew for a future project. I would like to let everyone know that you should call Hickey Contracting if you need anything done on your house.
Tips & Advices
Roofers commonly use certain supplies to handle the task of roof repair. A scaffold or a shingle lift is often used to access the roof. Roofers wear hard hats, and they typically wear soft-soled steel-toed shoes that protect their feet and provide optimum traction. Roofers use basic equipment such as caulking guns, paint brushes, electric or cordless drills, wheelbarrows, pop-rivet guns, power brooms, power spudders, shovels, backpack blowers, and high-pressure washers.
Certain supplies are needed when performing a do-it-yourself roof repair project. Working on a roof can be dangerous, and a safety harness with a rope and anchor point is essential equipment if you want to help prevent a fall. You'll also need a ladder, roofing nails, a crowbar, a utility knife, a tape measure, a chalk line, and a hammer.
Algae-resistant roofing shingles are shingles that have been specially built to resist algae growth. A common method for accomplishing this involves including copper granules in the shingles during the manufacturing process. Algae growth can cause unsightly black streaks on your home's roof, and this may lower your property values.
It can take less than a day to put on a new roof, but it could take as long as several days if the roof is large and complex. Weather conditions will also impact the length of time required for this task, and wind, snow, or rain will slow the process.
In general, the average lifespan of a roof is 20 to 25 years. However, the lifespan of your home's roof will be closely linked to the roofing materials used. Roofing made with asphalt shingles can last 15-30 years, and a metal roof may last 30-45 years. A roof made with concrete tile could last 35-50 years.

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