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  • 1.Century Motors

    2718 Route 66


    20.32 miServices

    Founded in 1949, Valero Service is a family-owned automobile dealership that offers automotive repair and maintenance services for cars and trucks. It operates a service facility that stocks an invent

  • 2.Century Motors

    1206 S Main St


    24.34 mi

    BBB Rating: A+
  • 3.Century Heavy Hauling

    210 Washington Ave


    8.47 mi

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By: Daniel H.
Car Xpress Auto Sales
Bought another car from here. Guys were great car is great. We are on our 5th car from these guys. Very happy thus far thank you car Xpress.
By: Thomas K.
Southside Motors
I decided to go here cause I went to a few other places that said guaranteed to get everyone financed and lied to me. I called these cats and told them my situation and they said they would be able to help me. My past is pretty bad due to a couple bad jobs so my credit is horrible. I just picked up my 2013 Ford Explorer yesterday and I'm loving it. Don't fall for the other dealers BS about guaranteed you will get a car. This is the only place that really took the time to help me..
By: David M.
JD Byrider
DO NOT GET A CAR FROM HERE!!!!! HORRIBLE! The whole experience with this company has been awful from the start. You got to do ridiculous paperwork to "qualify". Then we get the car at midnight after the first wanna be sales rep screwed the paperwork up. All you gotta do is figure out people's spending income with a bogus questionnaire and he was too worried about stuffing his face with pizza. Get approved take a look at the selection which was awful. Old cars WAY overpriced and over 100,000 miles. Pick one and out. Then non stop problems which started one week into having the piece of junk. Been in the shop twice in 4 months $900 in work this year alone not including going to an outside mechanic because what JD wanted was too much. They put in crap parts. The service rep today said quote unquote "This isn't a normal dealership. You want that, go to one. Read your contract. We don't have to put in good parts." NOT AFFORDABLE NOT RELIABLE NOT DEPENDABLE THEY DO NOT CARE! This last week alone my car stalled out in the tunnel with my child in the car. Today go walk down since they don't offer their "cared for customers" diddley squat after being told the car was ready to be LAUGHED AT while they said "What you doing here your car ain't ready" REALLY?!? THEY OVER PRICE CRAP OLD CARS HIGH MILAGE AND GET PEOPLE WHO CAN'T AFFORD A NEW CAR AND SCREW THEM! BEWARE!! LOOK INTO OTHER PLACES, THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!!!
By: Ma A.
Noble Auto Sales
I like the people who work there, they're professional and they always direct you to choose the best car. I am thankful for their honesty :)
By: A K.
Double Take Auto
!! SHADY BUSINESS !!This place is shady... I paid $400 cash for a detail and tint. The detail was an ok job. I was told that they would get minor scuffs out, then after Lyme t they were still there. Only good thing was the clean interior. I asked for a receipt and was told I don't get one with cash payment. Then when I looked at the tint, it had bubbles on back windshield and the guy filmed over a dirt spot on my window! Some of the edges on my windows weren't even touched. When I asked to have it redone, I was told to take it somewhere else. Stay away from this place. Poor service and horrible customer interactions. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, nor will this place get my business ever again!
By: Jennifer L.
Brady Auto Sales
My husband and I bought a van from Brady the other day and I am really happy with the experience I had there. I needed a large vehicle because of my large family and most of the ones I've seen on the used car lots are pretty worn out looking probably because they were owned by a family with lots of messy kids like mine!! The cars and vans on Bradys lot are clean and in good shape. So far I am excited and so happy I am back on the road. Oh and all the people were nice.
By: Gwendlyn C.
Fellinl Auto Sales & Svc
They are con artists. They posted a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse on offer up, description said " runs awesome, no engine/tranny problems" they said it had just been serviced.... On the way home the car did not want to go, almost got hit on highway. So i called and texted shawn and kept getting the run around, i took it to a local shop and they said the brakes are not safe, needs brakes and wheel cylinders all around, needs a knock sensor, plug wires because the plugs were changed but the wires were not, needs a whole new exhaust and that was with just a quick look at it. THEY RIP PEOPLE OFF AND LIE. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!
user avatar
By: Jennie R.
Pittsburgh Auto Depot
Joe farrah and his brother was awesome people to work with they made my car buying fast and easy they were super nice guys and worked really hard on getting me in to a car i would def recommand going to see the brothers at pittsburgh auto depot
By: Carrie L.
Southside Motors
Don't be fooled by the places that say everyone approved. Southside Motors was the only car lot with decent vehicles that was willing to help me. I got a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee with only 68,000 miles with a 2 year warranty. This place doesn't even do a credit check and you don't need to prove your income. I have had my Jeep for almost a year and haven't had any problems. Another year and it will be paid off because the Rent To Own program is only a 2 year term.... I love these guys..
user avatar
By: Brian P.
Frenchy's Auto
I bought a 1997 s-10 in 2009 . It had 67000 miles on it . I just got rid of it . Best truck I ever owned . The salesperson could of been a little more professional but I paid 7500 for a truck that was reliable and besides regular maintenance and a starter had no major issues. That was almost 8 years ago . Guess I got lucky. Idk
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