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By: realposter
Southside Motors
I always take time to investigate a business before making a big purchase. I think I read 20 sum reviews on Southside Motors and could only find 2 bad reviews. I decided that after reading how this place helps so many people that this is the place I want to buy from. I stopped on a Sunday afternoon because I work all week and on Saturdays. I figured I would see what kind of cars they had and go in over my Christmas vacation. When I pulled into the lot there was someone coming out the door and he came over and said hello to me and ask if I had any questions. I told him I didn't want to bother him on Christmas Eve. It ended up being one of the owners and when he saw that me car had a bad inspection sticker he said that he didn't want me to get a ticket and he would help get a new car even though they were closed. This guy dropped what he was doing and spent a hour with me until I found the car I wanted to get. Ohhhh!!!! I did ask him about the bad review and he told me that the person was using there car as a taxi service and 3 different times did not have car insurance. After he told me about them using it for a taxi service I realized it was my EX brother in law because he got a car from this place also. I can tell you that Southside Motors worked with him on several occasions to get insurance and he never did. I know for a fact that he used the warranty 2 times and had no problems. One time after he had the car for 8 months the transmission went bad and the warranty paid for it and the next time after he put 14,000 miles on it the power sterring pump went bad and the warranty company paid for that to. Trust I know him and I'm glad he is my EX brother in law. Don't believe the scum ball this place is great and they really do want to help you. Not like most car places.
By: s.kennedy
Frenchy's Auto
I am what would be considered a very seasoned buyer. I am late in age and have been buying cars all my life. I usually prefer to buy private party, however in this case I needed car yesterday! I was left with only one option, a dealer. I looked for about 2 weeks at probably 7 cars I was very interested in. After my preliminary rounds I had it down too two dealers, one was Frenchy's Auto where I met Devin. The other I would like to remain nameless. Devin seemed to be an honest knowledgeable young man. He was very cordial with me even though I informed him I would not be buying that day. Long story short the other dealership had their lot attendant talking to be and he knew next too nothing about the vehilce I intended to purchase. I can honesty say that made me feel really uncomfortable. I decided Devin had earned my business. I went over that Sentra from top to bottom and the only complaint I had was the car was going to need a new inspection in only 4 months. Frenchy's agreed to give me a new Pa inspection. The skeptic I am, I deiced to have my mechanic go over the car after purchase. To my surprise not only was the inspection done properly, the car had new front end parts!( 2 tie rod ends, new CV axle and a new ball joint) I wanted to share my story with any person who is looking for a good used car. I know how hard the process can be. I had a great experience with them and I will send my family and friends! Thank you guys!!!
By: doughmaker
Southside Motors
I just got my second vehicle here last week. I bought my first one about 21/2 years ago and was so pleased with the way they helped me with the rent to own finance deal they have I decided to go back to them. I got a 06 Chevy Cobalt the first time and really didn't have any problems with it. The rent to own finance is only a 21/2 year term and after you make the payments you own it. I did have to pay around $200.00 to transfer the car into my name but heck I paid that with no problem. I gave this car to my girlfriend and went back in and told them I wanted to get a SUV this time. I ended up getting a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer. Now I know I'm paying more then if I could do reguar finance but I tried to get a car financed from 4 different places and they all told me they couldn't help me. I think I ended up paying about $1500.00 more but when you consider the fact that you get a 2 year warranty with it and the payment includes tax and everything. I'm pretty sure this is the only place in the Pittsburgh area that does the rent to own finance with no credit checks. This place has nice vehicles and decent miles on them and nothing over 100,000 miles on them. Most of the ones I looked at were around 50,000 to 70,000 miles on them. I would say if your having trouble getting a nice car or suv because of credit problems you should give this place a try.
By: honal123
North Hills Auto Mall
We visited other dealers before visiting North hills auto Mall. Each dealer we visited would tell you one thing and then after spending hours there, they would not follow through. It was (what we thought) the "typical" car buying experience. We found the car we wanted on line at North Hills auto Mall website and called and spoke to Jim, before we planned on driving down. He was very responsive and called us back within minutes to confirm the car was available. When we arrived we were greeted right away and everyone we saw asked us if we had been helped yet. Jim, was wonderful! He wasn't pushy, knew what we were looking for and what we wanted for our trade. North Hills Auto Mall gave us everything we wanted...the exact amount we asked for on our trade, a great deal on our pre-owned Altima and working with Jim made our entire experience even better. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is looking for a pre-owned car. He is very knowledgeable and will work hard to make you happy. We had to wait a bit for the bank to open, but Jim kept on checking with us and made sure we were doing OK. Overall this was the most pleasant buying experience we have ever had. It was worth the drive. We will be back when we are in need of another vehicle.
By: Amerika D.
Pittsburgh Auto Depot
Let me start off by saying i'm 18 years old. I've been planning to buy a car before the summer was out and thanks to Pittsburgh Auto Depot they made that possible. Once again, i'm 18, so therefore i've never been pressed to build credit, i carry everything in my parents name. But i thought a car could possibly be a start. When i first arrived my dad and I walked around the lot looking at some of the different cars they had. May i say, the selection was huge. I was supposed to pick out 3 top choices, and ended up picking out about 7 or 8. Once i walked inside, i was instantly greeted by Ed whom helped me get a car from there. We've spent a few hours getting paper work and things together and shortly before you know it the bank approved me for 2 out of the 3 choices that i narrowed down too. Finally i made my decision, gathered all the things i needed, completely my paper work and drove off the lot in my first car. A 2006 Chevrolet Impala. Thanks Ed, and Thanks Pittsburgh Auto Depot. I recommend anyone whom looking to finance a vehicle to go there!
By: Cami F.
Leopardi Auto Sales
I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Leopardi Auto Sales! I just recently bought my first car from them. I wish i would have stopped in sooner, i thought they only had high-end cars but i was wrong! they have something for everyone! the salesman were all very straight forward on what the best quality car would be in my price range. they didn't have the type of car i was looking for and the owner went to an auction and specifically bought it for me! I have also gotten details and minor work done on my car and couldn't be happier. If something was wrong, and wasn't within my warranty, they offered to pay for half (which i thought was very generous) I have referred multiple friends and family member who have also bought cars or have gotten their car serviced and everyone was happy with the services! I will definitely be returning to buy future cars! This is a family-owned business and you can definitely tell, they care about their reputation and customer satisfaction :)
By: lorijackson
Southside Motors
I read all these reviews on here and have to say that 98% of them are true. My father and I went here because after my divorce my credit went down hill. We were amazed at how many vehicles they had and that they didn't have over 100,000 miles on them. Every other car lot we went to that helped people with bad cedit had cars with over 100,000 miles on them. The vehicles we looked at all had newer inspections and were newer. We are so impressed with this place that we made up a little advertisement for our church members to see. When we told Southside Motors about advertiseing at our church they said that if anybody comes in and says they saw the advertisement at the church that they would donate $100 if they buy a car. So far 2 other people from our church bought cars from them and they sent the church $200. These people are so different from the other car lots we went to. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and just go to Southside Motors first...
By: samuell243
North Hills Auto Mall
We bought our 2006 Mazda from North hills auto mall and decided to shop other Honda dealerships up to 100 miles away when it came time to upgrade. But we came back to North hills auto mall because of the warm caring (I know) and friendly people that make THIS Honda dealership such a unique and special place. From the moment you are greeted and paired with your salesperson to the sales manager, and the finance manager you are treated as someone that truly wants your business. There is no phoniness here or high sales pressure. It may take some getting use to! I have purchased over 35 vehicles in my life and never have I left a dealership feeling good, weather a purchase was made or not before North hills auto mall. I traded in my wife's 2001 to purchase a 2006 and we are happy beyond belief with the total overall result. We will continue to recommend, North hills auto mall for people and friends that want a great vehicle purchase experience for a change.
By: pittguy
Southside Motors
I wish I went here before driving all around to 3 different places because they say you only have to put $499.00 down and they guarantee credit approval. The one place wanted me to get a 1999 Ford Taurus with 110,000 miles on it and put $499.00 plus tax and tags down witch would be roughly $1500.00 down. Then they wanted me to make 48 payments of $300.00 a month. I would have to be a fool to do that. I finally went to Southside Motors and found a 2005 Chevy Cobalt with 69,000 miles on it with only $2000.00 down and I got a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. This place didn't even do a credit check and I was in and out in about 45 minutes. I swear I sat at Pittsburgh Auto Depot for over 2 hours only to be told I could get a 1999 Taurus. I should of listened to my brother and just went to Southside motors first..
By: steelers7
North Hills Auto Mall
Went here to take a look at some cars and had a great experience. The sale rep that I talked to took me through the cars that were in my budget and what I was looking for and just gave me the keys and let me take them out. After I was done test driving several cars we sat down and went over what I liked and didn't like. Ultimately they didn't have anything that really suited my needs, and the rep was the one that even said "It doesn't look like we have anything that you really want." He said he'd give me a call if they got anything in that would suite me and gave me info on the cars I did test drive in case I changed my mind. Great dealership, no pressure selling and they were very informative.

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