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By: Monique M.
Matrix Property Management
I have rented from matrix for about two years and did not have any problem with management until I informed them that I was moving out. At the time that I called to inform them of my move I did not have my lease infront of me. When I said I wanted to give my 30 day notice I was informed that it had to be 45 days. We caluated the 45 days together and I was told how much rent I would need to pay for that month ($329). When I paid the rent for the month I was moving I recieved a statement letter in the mail informing me that I charged a $50 late fee (for about 3 months ago) and was carrying a balance from August of 2014($110) that I was just being informed about, plus there was a charge for not paying the full rent for my move out month. When I called to see about the charges I spoke to the same lady that give me the amount of rent needed for moving out. she kindly removed the late fee I was not informed about and told me that she miscaluated the amount of rent for my move out date and that I would be another 80 dollars. By that time I had my lease and informed her that since my lease said I only had to give a 30 day notice, I would leave within the 30 days so I did not have to pay any addition rent. I also spoke with project manager and set a time of 5:30 on a Monday to do the walk through on the apartment. This is were things went wrong. The project manager showed up with out warning at my home and informed my friend that was at my home of things he would like to have done in order for me to get my deposit back. For example if a bind had a crack in it (not a missing piece or broken) it had to replaced or that would come out of my deposit. (so much for normal wear and tear). I called Matrix about this very upset. I like a notice before you come to my home and do not like my information given to just anyone. The project manager informed me that he just wanted to help me out, that he wasn't even sure if was still in the apartment, and that the guy that lived below me and left the apartment in a very bad condition and he wanted to make sure that I knew what needed to done to get my deposit back. I then explained that I understand he wanted to be nice, but i did not like him coming to my apartment when we had been talking on the phone for the past couple days and he knew that I was at work. Since I did not like him coming to my apartment with out warning he left me a message canceling our 5:30 appoitment on Monday stating it had to between 9 -5 where i would have to take time off from work to meet him. I am very upset and feel that this company will do what ever it has to do to keep your deposit and make it hard for you to move out. I will be taking pictures of everything when I leave and will post the result, (what Matrix feels I should get back and a deposit) when I get it.
By: Dale D.
Real Property Management Pittsburgh
My husband and I own a few duplexes and some other single family rental properties in Pittsburgh, and we have been using Real Property Management Pittsburgh for the past 2 years. We used another managemet company that didn't deliver on any of their promised services, so when we started using RPM, we were thrilled at how professional and efficient they are with everything we need them for.They help to make sure we get quality tenants by carefully screening them. We always get paid on time now, and whenever any issues arise—which as a property owner, they always tend to do—they are dealt with quickly and properly.Their maintenance services and accounting of all property activity on their online portal make sure that my properties are inspected and maintained regularly. We are able to keep a watchful eye on our properties without being there all of the time. Any emergencies with the property are dealt with quickly, and RPM uses vendor discounts, so a plumbing emergency or other issue won't sink our contingency budget for the year.Their staff is well trained, consistent, and easy to work with. We will definitely continue working with them in the future.
By: Brandon M.
Real Property Management Pittsburgh
I have a number of properties under management now, but I started with just one. At the time I was working in retail management. It was impossible to say up meetings with perspective tenants and keep them, especially since my rental was over 30 min away. I hired RPM after 3 month of futility and they were able to rent the place out within 2 weeks for $50 more than I was asking. The tenant has been in there for 2 years now and has been fantastic. Conversely I bought a multi unit in the same neighborhood that was fully rented. It's looking like I'm going to have 100% turnover in the first 8 months with tenants placed by the previous owner. The replacement tenants I've gotten so far seem to be a significant improvement and the rent is now up to where it should be. (which is good for me!) I've been happy with their tenant selection, communication, and their maintenance. So far they've been one of the best decisions I've made in "buy and hold" real estate investing.
By: nathaell225
Jj Land Co
I'd rate JJ Land a 4.5, but in the absence of decimal places I'll round up to a 5. For four years I lived in a JJ Land studio apartment in Friendship while attending grad school. Though it certainly wasn't luxurious, it was a good value in a good location, which was exactly what I needed at that time. I can't recall any significant negative problems or incidents caused by JJ Land while I lived there; maintenance requests were generally prompt, and the office staff was always friendly and fair. I was returned my full deposit upon moving out (albeit after a good weekend of cleaning). Though perhaps not the best company if you're looking for something fancy or luxurious, based on my experiences JJ Land seems like a good fit for someone on a budget who's looking for a decent place in the East End.
By: future_current
Rockwel Realty
Rockwel Reality was recommended to me by a friend, and I can say that their service lived up to their reputation. The apartments, I looked at, were well-maintained and cared for. Even though, for my own personal reasons, I ended up renting a different apartment, I want to commend Elisabeth Soose & Nick Didomenico in the sales office for their help. They patiently answered my questions and bend over backward to accommodate everything that I requested (fan in the bedroom; re-painting the cabinets; giving me parking space; putting up shelves in cabinets). They were willing to schedule extra showings at my requests. Such effort counts for something in my book, and I hope that others will recognize & can benefit from this excellent customer service when they rent from Rockwel Reality.
By: waja_wabit
Forbes Management
Please keep in mind that the majority of online landlord reviews are going to be negative because those tenants with grudges are the ones that take the time to write them.I've been renting from Forbes Management for 2 years now.They are good landlords. Not awesome, not spectacular. But I've been quite satisfied with them. When something breaks, they are very prompt to fix it. They've been nothing but polite over the phone and in person. They are fair. Nothing out-of-the ordinary incredible about them, but be assured that they won't try to take advantage of you. And, from what I've found in this city, that's pretty good.
By: Connie C.
Real Property Management Pittsburgh
RPM takes the stress out of property ownership. The staff is skilled at all the details of finding tenants, signing leases and property maintenance. They are responsive and respectful to tenants and owners alike. Above all, they are impeccably honest. They think of ways to save me money, taking extra time to find the right contractor for the job. RPM also takes the time to find really good tenants who respect my property and pay their rent on time. I really appreciate their detailed background checks which are especially thorough. I highly recommend RPM to anyone looking to make their life easier.
By: norrisah
Greve Charles J & Co
I have live in the apartment that I am currently staying at for almost 2 years. I have no problems with this company and they are very easy going as far as rent. I will probably rent from them again but just not at the same apartment because the location is far from my job. The only problem that I have is with maintence but who doesn't. I don't understand why people wrote horrible reviews for this company with no explanation as to why. They are very easy going and as long as you pay your rent (whether it's late or not) then they really don't bother you.
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By: Ange C.
Carmike Cinemas - Galleria 6
Ever since it has been remodeled its 100x better. My husband and I seen Les Mes before they remodeled it, and it was awful it was hot, the seats were uncomfortable, and the person next to me was basically sitting on top of me because of the lack of space. We had gone back to see Cinderella and the minion movie and the seats are so much more comfortable, there is so much foot room and space! The food they offer is better, as well as the variety of adult beverages! Now I refuse to go anywhere else besides this theater! I'm spoiled by it and I love it!
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By: Aida M.
Real Property Management Pittsburgh
Fantastic team! RPM manages our properties and they do an excellent job of listening to and addressing our needs. They always have a solution ready. They think "outside the box" to deliver services and provide value both for us (owners) and our tenants. My five stars are the direct result of my experience with Nate, Sarah and Colin. They consistently go beyond the call of duty and are efficient in all what they do. And last but not least: they are friendly and gracious. All in all, thank you RPM Management for your exceptional work!

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